Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stop the Hassle, Zainuddin Maidin ! Enough is Enough !

Zam said: Few people read blogs. Zam is Zainuddin Maidin, Malaysia Minister of Information. The Star writes.

He made a SURPRISE claim that there are ONLY 20,000 bloggers in Malaysia !

“Only that number out of the 11 million Internet users in the country are actively involved in political blogs. The political bloggers just write for each other to read; they are not a threat,” he added.

This is certainly a mind-boggling figure ! I thought Tengku Adnan (Ku Nan) said it was only 10,000 people, liars (in his exact words), of which 8,000 are unemployed women ? You can read it in a Malaysia Today article dated 13th March 2007.

That, at the end of the day Ku Nan claimed that he was 'Misquoted'. For your information "Misquoted" or "Misunderstood" are two popular words used by Malaysian Ministers. Sometimes it is surprising whenever the press was unanimous and display similarity in their "Misquoting". A problem of the information-giver or those who quote? An issue of misquoting by the press or misINFORM by the ministers? I am sure Malaysians can decide themselves on such matters.

So, who misquoted this time around? Ku Nan (10,000 bloggers) or Zam (20,000 bloggers)?

Coming back to the original story, Zam further stated that bloggers should not try to incite to disintegrate national unity. So, now bloggers are being told not to incite? Previously Ku Nan said bloggers are liars.

Zam, if you intend to maintain harmony, try to INFORM people like Hishamuddin to stop waving the keris around and the Son-In-Law to stop giving controversial remarks. These are public figures. Their words and deeds are more significant.

Judging by this situation, I would conclude that the Administration likes to create a hassle over trivial matters. 20,000 compared to the 22 million population is but a small fraction of the population. Not to mention, Zam even added that bloggers only read about bloggers as if the rest of the population will not view their articles.

If that is what you think is right, I will take it. So, Zam stop hassling bloggers.

So, please do not create a Mountain out of a small Molehill?

Stop saying that you want to "Control" the Internet because of Bloggers!
Stop saying that you want to Register Bloggers
Stop saying that you want to Classify Bloggers as "Professional" or "Amateurs"

Most of all,

Tell all ministers to STOP harassing bloggers by saying they are liars, inciters etc. All the attempts above are technically impractical.

STOP ALL THAT. Stop pulling the bull to shit all around since this is a trivial matter.

A blog is like a personal diary. Some bloggers write about daily life, cooking, gadgets, sharing pictures, their views on socio-politics. Do you seek to "control" 20,000 people's opinions and diaries that share among themselves? Is it worth "controlling" people over such matters?

It is high time for Malaysians to read and think for themselves. Stop pushing people around and tell them what to think. Aren't we living in a democratic country?

What are you afraid of Zam? Why are you so frightened? Is there anything wrong?

There are more pressing issues that encompass the whole nation, such as Corruption, Transparency, Accountability, Economic Improvement Plan, Eradication of Poverty.

For your INFORMATION, Zam, you as an INFORMATION MINISTER should know that the Administration had promised (at least four years back) to solve those issues? Time is running out. Someone's got to walk the talk?

Corruption is still rampant. Transparency is poor. Accountability, talk to "Semi Value" and Kak Fidah. Economy has stagnated. Poverty is at large. Cost of Living is going up. Zam, why didn't you talk about this?

Why do you not give attention to these?

"Cakap ada Serupa Bikin kah"?


The Drifter said...

First off it is already a wonder how they even managed to count the amount of bloggers in Malaysia.

The second wonder is how in the world can they make such a claim that only bloggers read each others blog.

I think we have to right mind to send them an email....oh..if they even have one.

Assumptions, assumptions...tsk tsk...

alliedmartster said...

Go figure.
The BN Govt seems to be more concerned about:

2.Jumping off aeroplanes and climbing mountains
3.Giving payrise to their staff
4.What the foreign press (indon) says about the Tourism Ministry and VMY2007

rather than..
1.Shoddy workmanship from most Govt approved projects
2.Increased cost of living for the rakyat
3.Ineptly managed Municipal COuncils
4.Discriminating Ministers and State representatives alike
5.Suspiciously lop sided agreements

and many more that I can point out...and so can you, you and you!

freethinker said...

He's afraid that his job is at stake.. in a department that runs the "Information".. bloggers seem to have the extra bit than him and obtaining it faster than he can defend

BlogDirectory said...

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