Friday, May 18, 2007

Racial Riot 13 May 1969: Personal Experiences, 513 Book Appetisers and Declassified Documents

The Star Online reported that Deputy Insternal Security Minister Fu Ah Kiow claimed the 'illegal seizure' of the book 'May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969' )written by Dr. Kua, published by Suaram) from MPH Mid-Valley was for the intention of 'studying' whether it would cause disruptions to social order.

Whoi, pay for the books lah! If you are supposed to study the book, you should buy it formally instead of 'illegally confiscating' 10 books. MPH is running a legitimate business for your information !

Why do we term it as 'illegal confiscation'? Does that mean the book is 'illegal'? Hell, no. The book has a permit. Any stores, person or organisations can sell it legally. Only banned books are illegal. The book is not banned. Dr. Fu Ah Kiow can stop pulling the bull around.

This is a poor justification from Dr. Fu Ah Kiow's side. Rumours circulated that MPH was told not to sell that book as well. Why Dr. Fu? Is that how a 'study' should be conducted? Hell, no !

After all these years, freedom to speak and write is still very much limited in Malaysia. Pessimistically, I would say the government would eventually ban this book.

There is a press statement by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee on book confiscation

I am a third generation Malaysian. Much had been said about May 13, but all were one-sided stories. I really want to know. I mean there are MPs from UMNO like Badruddin_Amiruldin who brandished another book on May 13 incident while declaring, "if it were disturbed, these hornets will strike and destroy the country," receiving what one observer described as "rapturous applause" from the assembly.

I need to learn. I really need to know.

How can I be sure that this books is not lopsided? I am not sure. It is said that the "declassified documents" reproduced were written by British High Commission and foreign press. I am sure there should be a certain level of truth in it.

Prior to this, Malaysia Today published some articles. Readers shared their experiences. Some sent letters to Malaysia Kini. The blog Malaysian Unplug have summarised them with reference links. Appetisers to the content of the RM20 book is available as well:

Read them. If you try to look for the books in major bookstores or Suaram in Malaysia, your effort will be wasted. The first 1000 copies were sold out in a mere 2 days after launching. The publishers are frantically doing a reprint before an official ban, I believe. You can try your luck by ordering online here:

I am buying one. Try to learn up about May 13 so that some 'culprits' in the Parliament cannot use it as a basis for intimidation anyone anymore.


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