Monday, May 07, 2007

The One and Only Ultimate Solution: Outlaw the Internet?

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin intend to classify bloggers.

.... said bloggers would be labelled professional or non-professional to prevent the misuse of blog sites, since professional bloggers would ensure their web content was based on truth.

Since the past few months, Abang Zam Zam Alakazam likes to joke, especially with Malaysians. This is the latest from Abang Zam. He plans to go further with it by creating a plan out of the joke and finally implement it.

It is not unusual for MPs from the ruling party to joke. In fact, months back, a Minister made a joke concerning bloggers.

During the "International Women's Day", press reported this Minister (not Abang Zam) stated that bloggers are liars of which 80% (8000 out of 10000 of them) are unemployed women.


There was a massive outcry and condemnation from the media, citizens and international organisations. The response is far from surprising considering the fact that women were actually insulted on a day that was supposed to commemorate their achievements.

When this particular minister was terribly bashed by words in the media, he immediately claimed that he was misquoted (a favourite word of the ruling party). Literally, his mother was being dragged into the picture. Alibi was given that he wouldn't thought of offending women (from his misquoted words) because his mom is a woman.

That is so lame... Such a funny alibi....

I am not sure whether his mom was in the "employed" category or otherwise. However, I am very sure that a true blue gentleman will always account for his own mistake and apologise. Gentlemen (not an effeminate) treat ladies or women with respect. Gentlemen do not run to their moms when they are scared.

I have wandered too far from the original story. Let's analyse the original content. In my opinion, The Star, Utusan, NST, press and people who are somehow directly or indirectly controlled by the ruling party will be shortlisted as so-called "professional" bloggers.

No second guesses in this area. I believe this will be the implementation.

More questions arise. Will such classification instil trust and confidence from the citizens on the news provided by these so-called "professionals"? Will these press, bloggers and people controlled by BN not persistently spin and twist the truth (cheat) the Malaysians?

Will BN play fair and allow bloggers who speak against certain ineffective unproductive ruling party politicians to be treated as "professional" bloggers?

Apparently, these questions would be too simple to answer.

I am sure God Almighty knows the answer well. I trust that Malaysians understand what is actually happening in their own country. Think, Malaysians, think! The answer is just too easy. We know what the ruling party always do.

Abang Zam, for your information, we are now living in the digital and information technology age. Communication, information distribution and the internet are ubiquituous. Technically and socially, these elements cannot be controlled !

There will only be one solution if Abang Zam still insists upon controlling the so-called "lies" on the internet. Remove the problem. BAN IT AND OUTLAW INTERNET. Remove Dr. M's IT development policies.

After the removal, "rumours" and "lies" will not exist anymore. It is strange that many of the so-called "rumours" or "lies" were able to translate into "truth" in reality given proper time.

I think, Pak Lah, the Chief of Hadhari will not object. After all, he announced the green book project. Malaysia is to become an Agriculture nation.

The last time Malaysia experienced an Agricultural Age was during the 70s, before the advent of the Industrial Age and its subsequent Information Technology (IT) Age.

In the 70s, there were no internet. We are moving two Ages back. Fasten your seatbelts. The engine is running fast. Go astern, 'gostan'. Here we go back to the 70s where internet does not exist.

That is Pak Lah's 'gostan' plan. What can we say?

Haih.. Abang Zam, your jokes are no longer funny. You gave many ideas but it seems not a single one is workable. Those ideas are actually 'mind-boggling' (hehehe, I can't stand it, I have to use this word). Perhaps I should put it bluntly; your ideas are ridiculous.

Abang Zam, if you can't perform effectively, I would recommend that you stay silent. Take a sleep just like those guys from the previous UMNO general assembly meeting. We know sleeping in your job is not the right thing to do. Malaysians dislike such attitude but are used to it.

If you can't sleep, I suggest that you resign if you can't take the heat. There is a limit to absurdity and non-implementable "mind-boggling" ideas. There is a limit that the citizens can take regarding a Minister's incapability ini his job.


Anonymous said...

What can you expect from someone like Zam who is indeed THE SCUM OF THE EARTH to be our information minister.The fact that he gets to his position by not only carrying, but also licking the balls of AAB, speaks volumes of his character. An information (I would say DIS-information) minister from the realm of journalism who is despised and spat on by his former colleagues in Utusan Malaysia will confirm the utmost contempt one has of this, well...MOST DESPICABLE SCUM!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the PM is not doing anything about it.It is certainly a disgrace having such a fellow in his Cabinet!