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Poor TM Customer Service: My 45 Minutes 'Interrogation' Experience to Lodge a Simple Report

The blogger A Voice was dissatisfied over the bad customer service and slow yet inefficient turnaround of TM when his phone line was not functioning for a week. Trying to lodge a report and getting it solved feels like living on a small deserted Pacific Island with no food and slim hope of getting saved.

Telekom, Does It Have To Be Sooo ... Complicated?

Upon reading A Voice grievances, other bloggers share their own dramas of their calls to TM customer hotline.

Complaints about TM is nothing new. Since its privatisation about 10 plus years back, their level of service is generally terrible. As for TMnet, users have to pay a hefty price (more expensive than First World) for using a poor Third World facilities.

I had several experiences that Streamyx isn't working. Each time i have to spend at least 2 calls.
First call, they will request you to check the Splitter (telephone and modem splitter). That is the tiny box that allows you to use the phone and modem at the same time. To do that, you will have to disengage the current call. Test the modem without the splitter.

Remember to plug back your splitter, otherwise you have to make a 3rd call.

2nd call is done when you realise your splitter is not spoilt. 5 TO 10 MINUTES to reach the operator, another 45 MINUTES to 'follow instructions' from TM. Almost one hour there.

Among which,

"Have you made sure the cable is plucked into the correct hole."

"Are you sure your network card is working? Explain why you think it is working, technically."

"Are you sure your configuration is correct?" I had to perform reconfiguration on the spot to prove it. Have to explain how I can be sure my reconfiguration is correct, technically. In short, I have made the troubleshoot on the spot.

"Are you sure your firewall is not blocking?" You have to explain to them why you are sure your firewall is not blocking technically.

By this time, you can almost sense that TMnet has placed a 'BIG FIREWALL' in their customer service and call center. Almost impenetrable. Pun intended, literally.

"Are you sure your modem is still working?" You have to explain why you think your modem is not spoilt. "How do you prove it? Which light is blinking and not."

"Are you sure your cable is not spoilt?" That you have to tell some lies because it is ridiculous to prove it on the spot

"Are you sure your all devices are configured correctly?" Prove it! I will tell them that in the device properties, I get to see the phrase "Device is working properly"".

I thank God Almighty that they do not ask me how sure am I the phrase "Device is working properly" shows that the device is really working ! I mean that is a Windows message. I can't do the work of an EnE (Electrical and Electronical) engineer.

Of course there are a lot more questions that I can't recall already.

That is to 110% ensure that it is not my computer and line's problem so that they can lodge an official report with a servicing level authority of 3 days. Note that I am using "110%" instead of "100%" to illustrate my point. Guilty customer until proven innocent.

As you can see, I will normally get the appropriate report after the ALMOST ONE HOUR "INTERROGATION". That is because I work in the IT line.

I know it when my modem is not working. When I call, I can be sure that the network or line is down.

As for my friends in the music, arts or other lines of work. They are not so lucky. I mean it to both sides of the operator and the caller.

When faced with such questions, they will Scream. You are asking someone from the Music line to do those IT stuff?

Well, sometimes, my friends request me to make the call. It is lucrative you know. I will normally ask for a treat.

Many dread the number 1300-88-9515. I don't even have to search for this number on the net, it is all in my head.

This is my experience.

The confirmed thing is after 3 working days, the problem will be solved (only for Streamyx). A call will be made to inform me.

Hahahaha, Good luck people. Happy calling TM.

Besides, do you have any other companies as choices if they give you such poor service?

No, right? Well, you have no other companies, but you have the other 2 choices. Use it as shoddy as it can be or be totally disconnected. Pick one.

I wouldn't blame the operating staff answering the TMnet customer calls. I tried to be patient, because I work in the "Operations" area of IT. There are well-defined standards and procedures that Call Center staffs have to abide. The method of asking was defined by the management.

Therefore I understand their position and took pity of them and with my maximum capability followed through the "interrogation" process.

If I were to scream, I would make those small salary earners suffer for procedures they themselves may even detest.

The problem is with the management. How could they let this happen? How could this happen (Taken from the article above):
"Those days one team can fix some 40-50 house a day. Now the Telecom team can only do at best 20 a day. We contractors just take orders when called on." He continued.

As usual, in any corporation, these executive staff will be unfairly "penalised".

Time to change the poor management !

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Gallivanter said...

Poor management indeed. Wait for WIMAX. I think though the questions are dumb, there are a lot of non-IT people out there, so I guess they have to do that.