Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Royal Commissions of Inquiry should inquire the Right Thing : Death of Beng Hock !

This afternoon, I was a just a little relieved thinking that some senses finally came to the ministers, knowing from internet news the formation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry pertaining to Teoh Beng Hock's Death .

Hell, I should have paid attention to details .. !

Yes, it is an RCI of course but according to the few blogs below, possibly only to investigate MACC procedures !

Lim Kit Siang : Teoh Beng Hock’s death – Cabinet decision on Royal Commission of Inquiry falls far short of public expectation, unsatisfactory and unacceptable

Haris Ibrahim : Cabinet oks Royal Commission : Hold the champagne, folks

Nathaniel Tan : Royal Commission established only to investigate “MACC procedures,” NOT Teoh’s death!! >:(

Now, I can imagine how this so-called RCI will be played up in mainstream media.

I believe the public wants a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate THE CAUSE OF TEOH BENG HOCK'S DEATH, especially what transpired in MACC not only MACC procedures.

I am disappointed with this decision.

Will this Royal Commission end up like the Royal Commissions on VK Lingam and the IPCMC? We should not be given an orange when we requested for an apple.

Justice for Beng Hock Petition

There is an online petition going on ... Justice for Beng Hock !

Please sign the petition !!!!

To date : 7968 signatures .. Please tell your friends about it .. Make it 10000 and more !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock's Funeral, Vigil and Public Concerns

On 21st July 2009, Teoh Beng Hock , the political secretary who went into MACC building alive and came out as a corpse has laid to rest in Semenyih.

His funeral is attended by many Pakatan Rakyat politicians as can be seen here in . Certainly, it is not strange, considering that Teoh Beng Hock is a political secretary to an Exco of Selangor government Ean Yong Hian Wah of Democratic Action Party (DAP). One can't help but wonder if there were any Barisan Nasional politicians present to pay respects.

Sivin Kit posted pictures in his blog : Justice for Beng Hock . Generally, Teoh's mother, in-laws and would-be-wife cried over Teoh's departure. Who wouldn't? The death is so sudden and too mysterious and justice has yet to be seen.

Firstly, it was said that there are several media somewhere pointing out that Pakatan Rakyat is making this a racial issue. This is somehow surprising because I was there at the Kelana Jaya Stadium on 20th of July, listening to speeches from MPs such as Husam Musa (PAS), Xavier Jayakumar (PKR), Lim Kit Siang (DAP), so on and so forth telling the attendees of the Memorial Vigil that Teoh's demise should not be placed in the racial perspective.

I can remember clearly that it was mentioned that regardless if Teoh is a Malay, Chinese or Indian, Malaysians should stand together as one to ensure there is justice served to another Malaysian, Teoh Beng Hock himself. That includes Kugan too. In my honest opinion, perfectly sensible. Shall we say that is what 1Malaysia should be all about?

Secondly, I find it strange that somehow somewhere Somebody described the speculations surrounding Teoh's untimely demise to be motivated by politics. We must be clear about a few things.

Why are people speculating? Probably, there is disbelief among the masses that Teoh had committed suicide. It is hard for the public to stomach the reason that a man with a promising career in politics, a father and husband-to-be (Teoh was supposed to get married soon with his pregnant would be-wife) would be suicidal (bear in mind, that this blog is stating the nature of his death is inconclusive. Hopefully, a Royal Commission of Inquiry would be formed to investigate the nature of his death).

The information given to the public is just too little. Take for example, the public does not even know who were the interviewing officers etc. etc. When there is too little information, people tend to guess using their own version of logic and perspective. I am not in a position to say it is right nor wrong.

Teoh himself was in the political circle, it is not surprising that his colleagues, particularly the Pakatan MPs would speak about him in public. Even blogs write about Teoh, Malaysians talk about Teoh in coffee shops. Therefore, this issue is no longer simply motivated by politics.

It is a serious issue with social concerns. What else is going through the minds of the public concerning MACC and this incident? MACC is a powerful and important commission. Its positive image and public confidence are important. Malaysians are also concerned with bigger alleged corruption scandals. Are Malaysians concerned about their own security as well? What are the SOPs of MACC? In my opinion, it will be terribly unbelievable if SOPs are not clearly in black-and-white, authorised.

Federal and Selangor State MPs, NGOs irregardless of political affiliation (BN or non-BN) should address and discuss these issues in Parliament.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Must Speak Out for Teoh Beng Hock !!!!

The Nut Graph : What happened to Teoh Beng Hock?

I have not been blogging for a while, due to tough working conditions. Much has transpired since October 2008.

However, none of it is as shocking as what I have just recently read. The DEATH OF TEOH BENG HOCK !!!!!

The poor 30-year old man , who is a political secretary to one of the n0n-BN parties, getting registered for marriage with his pregnant soon-to-be-wife the next day if he was still alive was found dead near MACC building.

It was reported , Mr. Teoh was being interrogated past one day at the building !

His death is mysterious ... As can be read here :

Although the above cannot totally be held as truth, but indeed, Teoh's death is indeed puzzling. And as a Malaysian citizen, I find myself very dissatisfied with the authorities explanation on this issue ...

How should anyone know that Teoh jumped out of the building? A marrying man, an expecting father would do that? If Teoh had really jumped, why? How can a man full of hope for a future with a family would want to do that?

On Haris Ibrahim's question "Will you continue to stand on the sidelines and just watch?" .. My answer is a definite NO !

A man had died near MACC building with such a big looming mystery. Reading the blogs and online vox populi at which somehow mirrors a part of the public view and news, such an incident could seriously affect the image of MACC.

I am terribly unhappy, displeased and angry. I feel for Teoh and his family ....

It seems that there is a Justice for Beng Hock Memorial Vigil at Stadium Kelana Jaya, 19 July 2009, Sunday 4.30pm. I would probably be attired in Black.
Condolences, it is 1 black day for Malaysia. We need a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate this issue.
Citizens, we must all be concerned with this Terrible Incident !