Monday, May 14, 2007

Malays and Muslims Should Make Noise if Non-Malay or Non-Muslim Ministers Make Racist Statements

This is what I commented in Raja Petra Kamaruddin's "Of Pariahs and Pan-Asians" in Malaysia Today.

Today’s Blogs to see how everybody; Malays, Chinese as well as Indians; insult not only Malays but Islam as well. And while this alleged insult of the Malaysian Indian student in the US is splashed all over the newspapers and websites plus raised in Parliament, do you see even a minute squeak from anyone when Malays and Islam are insulted?

To be fair, I would say there is truth in what you wrote.

It is pretty obvious here in Malaysia Today.

There are extreme non-Muslims and non-Malays here in Malaysia Today itself.

Instead of promoting the spirit of understanding, they see this as an opportunity to hit on other people's religion (Islam) or the Malay race.

They fail to see that, while they label Malays as racist, they are being racist themselves by making such stereotype. Horrible and insulting names were given. They fail to see that some Malays call for reforms and they forgot that they are posting in a website hosted by a Malay Muslim.

A person who has good parentage and educated does not go to another's home and insult the owner's ancestry and faith.

Such action is considered 'kurang ajar'. One can criticise but should not offend using 'uneducated' ways (calling certain races as pigs, cursing, etc.)

If there is any Malay or Muslim feel that he/she is insulted by politicians, MPs or Ministers, it would be good that he/she bring this up as an issue and cause a ruckus in the parliament. It is the right of every Malaysian to do that.


mob1900 said...

Agreed whole-heartedly.
It works both ways.

A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

Agree with you, mob.

Racism can be in said or unsaid form. Better described by the malay term, tersurat atau tersirat.

But racist remark actually hides a bigger problem. The environment is racism.

I remembered this. A Kadazan friend of mine - Christan and non Malay Bumiputera, called me from somewhere in Sabah one day. Yes Sabah a country of interracial and interreligous integration (not just tolerance).

He was at that time looking at an employment signboard saying not just requirement for Mandarin speaking but "Only CHinese Can Apply". It is no more subtle is it.

The insecurity of not just Malay, but also other non Malay races, on CHinese economic domination is real. They work hard but sometimes they do not play fair.

Lets be real. Economic domination will just require time to sip into total domination. Money makes the world go round. And money buys influence. Money can change things for the capitalistic class ie owner of capital. The owner of capital are Chinese full stop.

The big noise on affirmative action maybe overly done. Affirmative action can be changed. Capital domination cannot be dismantle easily.

mahaguru58 said...

Well said Brother,

We all know who spews forth such racist and religiously offensive venom in MT and other websites.

We know them by their choice of disgusting low class words that portray the hatred and ill will corroding their mindsets.

Problem is, the MP's from both the BN and the BA almost always end up creating a ruckus over petty issues and seldom do justice to their presence there in Parliament.

No integrity at all to legitimize their warranting to address themselves as 'Yang Berhormat's.

It is repulsive to watch such lamebrains waste away their time and our's as well.

The one's who speak so dastardly castigating other's race and faith are only the scum of human society being allowed to rant and rave in MT by RPK solely for the reason that he does not want to be seen as exercising censorship whereas it is his right and responsibility to do so in MT!

There must be a sense of decorum in a public forum for if allowed to just curse and insult others as one pleases leaves the very bastion of freedom of expression to be a most distasteful area of human debauchery, unfit for decent beings to remain and be amongst such vermin.

You have spoken rightly! Good for you sir.

The Malaysian. said...

You're absolutely right and it's a good point that you have highlighted.