Monday, May 21, 2007

"NOT" Unethical Pictures of Car Accident from Kenny Sia

Some Commentators asked:

When you are dead in a car accident, do you want pictures of yourself taken and published in a blog? Pictures of everything, your leg, your car, your blood. Everything but not your face?

Ask Kenny Sia, he and some of his supporters said it is NOT unethical to do it. Does 'NOT unethical' means 'ethical'? Close but not really the same.

Read his account and comments:

He was there during this accident:

For Example, I would assume that if I were to (touchwood, only an assumption, example) see them (Kenny Sia and supporters) involved in an accident, they would not mind their photographers being taken and put in a blog for everyone to see (provided they are dead and cannot be saved).

Would you mind (the photos and blog) if that happened to you?

Would you mind being photographed like this and published in a blog?

Please view the picture above before proceeding. He equate himself to the China Press journalist. Kenny Sia is a celebrity blogger in Malaysia.

It seems China Press only have photos of grieving members of the family and POST/AFTER ACCIDENT scenes. Kenny Sia has the live photos of the event. Taken when live saving is critical. Did China Press provide photos such as the above?

That is the difference.

Quotes from Spider-Man: With great power, comes great responsibility.

I say: With great authority (Technorati's words)/popularity, comes greater social responsibility.


KY said...

this is not the first time he did something that appears to not be particularly smart.

Wahlau.NET said...

i think you have a point here, it shouldn't be there. But there is no picture of any people being dead, therefore I think it is fine as newpaper would also take those picture and publish them

Sagaladoola said...


Maybe you can view this first?

That's a dead person, right?

Would you like to be photographed like that?

mooiness said...

@ky: it's been "not the first time" for him many times liao. I wonder why it's taking him so long to know where the fine line is.

@sagaladoola: agree with your post, though it was his reactions to the criticisms that were more telling of his character.

NickTay said...

A journalist Creed.

BlogDirectory said...

What was those photos compared with those horrible accident victims photo that JPJ or PDRM display to the public whenever they held an events?

those even post the face of the victims CLEARLY that they died horribly. I doubt they really got the permission to post such photos from anyone, correct me if i'm wrong.

Sagaladoola said...

Well blogdirectory,

1) Those photos are used as evidence and public reminders (this is what we are called ethical), not for consumerism (blogs) and increase hits number.

2) PDRM and JPJ are authorities, not journalists or bloggers.

Gallivanter said...

I don't read his blog, but looking at this, yes, it's rather unethical and distasteful.

The Drifter said...


I don't really think he does when it comes to serious issues like this. It is also surprising that he did not learn from past experience. Probably his popularity ego has gotten to him.


Nicely said albeit a little nasty :) You might want to go easy on him.

Carol said...

Interesting point. I'm quite torn to take sides at this moment. I just want to send my sincerest condolences to the family of the victim.

Andi Smidth said...

I am always saddened whenever I hear of fatalities on the road. Much more when there are pictures attached. I guess what's more important is the message it brings to the public. Perhaps, having their faces blurred could give them and their families privacy while the lesson of the incident remains.