Monday, May 14, 2007

JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Should We Accept JJ's Apology?

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Perhaps, Jamaluddin Jarjis used the wrong words to highlight that the government will only help the 'poor Indians'. We can never be sure about that.

However, we can be sure it is definitely wrong for a minister to generalise based on fairness of skin colour.

Was Jamaluddin Jarjis's apology sincere? I do hope so.

Least of all, he is one of the very few ministers who apologise. He made an apology in front of 500 students.

In the very least, he sets a good example (only for the apology action) that these people should instead follow:

1) Bung Mokhtar and Mohd. Said (Batu Gajah 'bocor' every month),
2) Hishamuddin Hussein (keris waving),
3) Tengku Adnan (8000 bloggers are unemployed women),
4) Samy Vellu (publicly announce someone to "Go To Hell')
5) Khairy Jamaluddin (Chinese will make demands if people do not support UMNO)

Of course, there are those who so-called 'apologised' many times but still repeat similar offensive remarks. I am sure the apologies are not sincere:
1) Badruddin Amiruldin (keling jual roti, keling botol, "I talking about Muslims, not keling")

For the time being, regardless of what it is, I will accept the apology and as a Malaysian forgive Jamaluddin Jarjis for the blunder.

At least, he is a 'real man' (who admits that he is wrong) and not a 'pussy' like SOME PEOPLE who always claim they are 'misquoted' or 'misunderstood'.

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