Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Poem of Keris Silau, Salary Naik, Barang Naik, Income Tax Naik Juga?

Keris Silau , the pemantun blogger has written a latest entry on his website about the recent civil servants 35% hike and civil pensions raise (highest in 15 years time).

Question: Are we supposed to be happy with this?
Answer: YES and NO (I'm 110% sure, hehehe.... 110% = bullshit...)

Gaji Naik

Senyum dari telinga ke telinga
Hari ni semua mereka gembira
Dari peon hingga anggota tentera
Dari guru hingga professor madya
Dari polis hingga pegawai istana
Dari hakim hingga pegawai penjara
Dari buruh hingga Menteri Kerjaraya
Terkilan pekerja-pekerja swasta
Mereka pun akan bising meminta

Namun janganlah terlalu happy
Cukai pendapatan tak boleh lari
Tak bayar tak boleh ke luar negeri
Begitu juga dengan makanan asasi
Gula, tepong minyak masak dan roti
Semua akan naik tak lama lagi .....

View the rest of this pantun in the Gelanggang Keris Silau .

The Happy Hike Poem by Sagaladoola

I shall translate the bolded words of the 'pantun' into English according to my understanding:

Surprising raise, civil servants salary
Today, they are VERY happy,
Non-civil ones are "NOT" unhappy
Will ask for raise too, predictably

Salary raise is dandy actually
Cannot escape Income Tax, put it blandly
Do not forget staple food, basically
Sugar, flour, oil and bread category

Let me add my own words:

Children love sweets and candy
Chocolate and cake, oh so tasty!
Tastes as good as raised salary
Can get their "support" quite easily
No bread, eat cake, said Queen Marie
Bread and cake need flour, became costly
French became angry in history

Goodnews from the Fat Lady
Country improved in productivity
Year by year increase steadily
More work, more money, logically
Is there any use of raising salary?
When everything becomes so pricey?

One hand, hike salary to give money
Other hand, raise tax to take money?
Plus minus times divide frantically
Losing more than we get, initially?
People scratch head terribly
Asking "will that happen?" with curiosity.

This is super crazy, I mean, really
Having money feels like "No" money
People ask "what kind of economy?"
Administration always feel sleepy
Sexist and racist remarks a plenty
Can we say "sleepy" not seditiously?

Are we supposed to feel happy?


On one hand, I think the civil servants should get the raise. I congratulate them. On the other hand, I am unhappy because of the potential "issues" that lies ahead. I hope you catch the drift.

Please read Jeff Ooi's aptly titled General Erection and Shagadelica's Fingers of Fury to get a list of items going for the hike / increase / raise.

Thank you (Terima kasih) Keris Silau, you have been a good inspiration. Keep on writing... cyber warrior. At least this keris is put to a good and noble use than somebody waving it around in meetings like a barbarian.


Anonymous said...

Hahas I think that raise or no raise, the government should ensure that there are no corrupt officials (although if they have higher salaries, they wouldn't be dat greedy anymore. Or is it?).

The Drifter said...

Oooo.....very nice poem.