Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bangsa Malaysia: One Nation or One Race?

Comments based on article in Malaysia Today:
M'sia's continued survival hinges on Malay Agenda
Article describes: "Rioting erupted because of the imbalance economy due to the divide and rule policy by the British before independence and led to formulation of the NEP in 1970. "

I hope that UMNO will take a mirror and reflect it upon themselves. The Eyes of Truth looks back at you. Aren't UMNO applying the "divide and rule" policy on us, the Malays and Chinese as well?

Article describes: "The constitution only mentions the Malay race and other races and does not say about the creation of one race called "Bangsa Malaysia"."

I HOPE THAT UMNO WILL STOP SPINNING THIS WORD. Do they know what they are REALLY talking about?

Bangsa Malaysia is NOT THE CREATION OF ONE RACE. It is the creation of the mentality of ONE NATION.

A Nation where races can integrate seamlessly (according to personal choice) without unnecessary hassle and the revoke of unfair standards that have, by now "divided" Malaysians and "ruled" by BN/UMNO.

I am talking about standards that is benefitting only UMNOputras while the rest of the poor Malays, Chinese and other races feeling marginalised. Hence, Bangsa Malaysia (One Nation, not One Race) is only but a fairy tale ...

Bear in mind that ONE NATION and ONE RACE concept differs. America is an example of ONE NATION with many races and religions living together (plural society) in a country with standard practises for all.

It is true that the Constitution did not state the creation of one race, but every race being citizens in a single country is binded in the "ONE NATION" concept automatically.

Every nation AUTOMATICALLY has its own "bangsa". In United Kingdom, there must be a "Bangsa British" while "Pelbagai keturunan/kaum" can be maintained. Likewise in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world. The difference in Britain is, there is no unfair standards to differentiate the race of its citizens. Hence, people will think of British first, then only their own race.

In Malaysia, The NEP was made by UMNO to be an unfair standard benefitting only UMNOPUTRAS while Malays are still poor. It began as a policy, but it has turned into a standard. A "double" standard which cannot be changed to really help the bumiputras.

It began with good intentions to help the MAJORITY (the bumiputras), but in return, with poor implementations, only the MINORITY (UMNOputras) benefitted. In fact, MALAYSIANS as a whole (that includes Malays, Chinese) are not getting anything good out of it, ONLY ROTTEN FRUIT AND BITTER FEELINGS.

Perhaps with so many negative connotations, such unfair standards must now decidedly be scrapped.

Yes, Malays must be brought up, but using other NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICIES or EXTRA QUALITY EDUCATION to bring them up. This should be the basis. Giving them "Unlimited Free Food" is not the way. In fact, they don't even get the food. UMNOputras and Ali Babas got it. Is this good and fair?

Without the concept of "Bangsa" mentality (Nation, not race) embedded in the mind of the citizens in relation to their country, the country is Weak on its foundation and will not be able to move to a better stage. The country without such concept will not be able to become a FIRST WORLD, FULLY DEVELOPED NATION. It is a first step that cannot be skipped.

So, ladies and gentlemen, is UMNO sincere in its intention of developing the nation? Perhaps, partially yes. Perhaps, it is somehow or rather a tiny little bit sincere, but its MEMBERS ARE TOO BACKWARDS IN MENTALITY that IT IS NOT CAPABLE of seeing the big picture and formulating plans around it.

Can we depend on such person to lead the nation towards prosperity? Is this their fault?
Maybe not, after all, we are the ones who voted them into power. Grow up, will you ...
Special Regards to "Task Force 101"

Monday, November 13, 2006

Outstanding NST report: Mongolian Model Murder Case

Comment based on article from NST: Love Affair That Went Horribly Wrong

Link: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/nst/Saturday/National/20061111094053/Article/local1_html

To quote from Screenshots: "Is this NST reporter, and the editor who cleared the copy, worms in the analyst's intestines?"

Link: http://www.jeffooi.com/2006/11/prejudice_subjudice.php

1)"They were in love but the woman, Altantuya Shaariibuu, wanted a lasting relationship. She wanted him to marry her. She wanted him to take on a second wife. "

- Wah, NST reporter, who told you this? Altantuya or Abdul Razak? Other related people?

2) "Faced with her insistence, he decided to end their affair last March.
And that was when the badgering began. He was flooded with text messages and e-mail."

- Goodness, who told you that? Did Abdul Razak Baginda tell you this? NST reporter, do you have special access to his e-mail account or something? Otherwise, how would you have known?

3) "Then, he changed his mobile phone number, Investigators believe that this led the Mongolian beauty to visit Malaysia "

- Wow, NST reporter knows the number change is related ?! FROM SOME ASSUMPTION or FROM SOME RESOURCES? How do you know that Abdul Razak Baginda change his number because of her? I mean, it could be of other reasons like he does not like the current telecommunications company, or he wants a more "auspicious" phone number.

4) "The alleged harassment from Ms Shaariibuu, however, continued. In one of her telephone calls, she masqueraded as his daughter's friend, claiming she had a parcel for him."

- Seeee, does the police investigation unit knows about this too? How does this NST reporter know? From what I gather disclosing evidence or making up stories regarding a person is punishable by Law the last I recall.

However, with very high confidence, (I am not sure why I am imbued with this strong unparalleled feeling :-D ), this NST reporter is abiding the Malaysian Law and will not do anything against it. After all, I am very sure NST is very professional, anyone disagree with me? No, right?


5) "He did not want them to know what was happening."

- Wooi shoh, NST reporter, seriously how do you know that? Did Abdul Razak or someone told you Abdul Razak's decision?



Another serious note, aren't those information CLASSIFIED INVESTIGATION INFORMATION? Classified means it cannot be exposed? Can legal action be taken by the court if this is found against the Law?

I am impressed... NST reporter, by the wealth of information provided.

How do you know so much? Who are you?

Anyone here knows?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 PERHATIAN dan 7 JANGAN untuk Malaysia

Komen berdasarkan artikel
Ekuiti korporat bumiputera melepasi 30%

"Nampaknya kalau boleh, pemimpin-pemimpin Umno termasuk Perdana Menteri mahukan DEB diteruskan sambil bila-bila.

Jika DEB diteruskan, kaum Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan dan Iban di akar umbi akan terus di pinggirkan."

Dipinggirkan = Marginalised. So, to all of you Malaysians out there, we are in the same boat. So, please do not condemn each other. UPROOT THE ROTTEN TREE/CULTURE.

"Ia suatu rahsia terbuka bahawa pemilikan saham hanya tertumpu di tangan segelintir kecil, kelompok Umnoputera.

Kelompok Umnoputera dan kroni-kroni mereka tidak boleh dibiarkan memunggah kekayaan negara untuk diri mereka sendiri dengan alasan perpaduan nasional."

Orang Malaysia, tolonglah berpadu secara nasional, jangan hentam kaum lain. Kita dalam satu bot. Undilah kerajaan yang akan mengagihkan kekayaan negara untuk rakyat sekalian.
Undilah dengan betul untuk masa depan negara yang cerah.

JANGAN undi kerajaan yang konon berjuang untuk bangsa, tapi sekadar CAKAP, tapi TAK SERUPA BIKIN.

JANGAN biarkan parti yang mengamalkan "DIVIDE AND RULE" tetapi dalam akhbar kata menggalakkan perpaduan kaum.

JANGAN biarkan budaya buruk yang guna nama Melayu untuk Tipu Melayu, guna nama Cina untuk Tipu Cina, guna nama India untuk tipu India. "Ali Baba" semua tu jangan sokong. Kata juang untuk kaum, tapi guna nama kaum untuk kepentingan diri sendiri, jangan sokong.

JANGAN biarkan pemimpin yang tidak mematuhi PRINSIP RUKUNEGARA untuk memberi pengajara kepada anak anda yang bersekolah untuk mengikut prinsip Rukunegara. Bolehkah orang yang tidak mendaulatkan undang-undang, tidak taat setia kepada RAJA (SULTAN) dan negara, tidak luhur kepada perlembagaan, tidak sopan dan tiada kesusilaan. Boleh tak kita harapkan pagar kalaulah pagar itu makan padi? Eh, parti manakah yang tak ikut undang-undang?

JANGAN biarkan orang-orang durjana yang tidak CEMERLANG dalam tugas, tetapi GEMILANG dan TERBILANG dengan skandal-skandal yang memang TEMBERANG berkuasa. Eh, parti manakah yang cakap tak serupa bikin?

JANGAN biarkan pihak penipu yang tidak MESRA rakyat, tidak CEKAP dari segi pemerintahan dan tidak AMANAH dengan duit dan tugas. Eh, parti manakah yang cakap tak serupa bikin?

Amat penting untuk kita tahu siapa penipu. Penipu ialah orang yang selalu cakap sendiri "bersih" tetapi sebenarnya "kotor". Cakap "Tak Tau" tetapi sebenarnya tahu segala-galanya. Cakap-cakap tetapi tak serupa bikin.

Bersatulah Berjuang untuk Malaysia yang kita cintai. JANGAN biarkan budaya ini berlarutan sehingga memusnahkan Malaysia DAHULU, KINI DAN SELAMANYA.

Jangan, kawan-kawan, oh jangan.
Yang di petik dari artikel yang asal hanyalah pandangan penulis itu sendiri. Adakah Barisan Nasional bertindak dengan tidak adil?
Saya tidak mahu memberitahu anda. Fikirlah mendalam. Fikirkanlah dengan betul sebelum mengundi sebarang parti, tak kira pembangkang ataupun BN.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poor Classification Method: What is Bumi Company and What Isn't?

Comments based on article posted on Malaysia Today:
Govt reveals how bumi share is calculated

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/newsncom.php?itemid=597

"Opposition Democratic Action Party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng criticised the use of par value calculation and said market value gave a more accurate picture. "

In economics, par value would mean the original price of the companies.

The value of a company fluctuates according to the market value.

Normally the par value of a company is very Low.

As business production of the company increases over time, the market value of the shares and profits increases, therefore this should be the basis of calculation.

"As for GLCs, he said shares held by the Employees Provident Fund, Khazanah Holdings and Minister of Finance Inc are not classified as held by any particular ethnic group."

MAS, Telekom, TNB etc. not considered although more than 60% of its shareholders are BUMI companies, more than 60% of its board of directors are BUMIs, and I personally believe maybe 50% or more of their staff are BUMIs? Aren't they private companies?

Maybe EPF and Minister of Finance should not be counted.

What makes Khazanah different is, it is created to fully function as an investment arm. However, Khazanah is not classified as held by any particular ethnic group, it is true, but maybe we can check, how many per cent of its shareholders, Board of Directors and staff are Malays? Can you believe this?


My goodness, this is what we call the Malaysian governance.

The government has very poor Classification method. Perhaps they should come out with a Standard Classification of what is deemed as Bumiputra company so that the public can view and discuss it.

Maybe they are right, those are UMNOputra companies, not Bumiputras. We are not sure but the government can be sure of that.

Given 20 years and with huge amounts of money from Petrols and Foreign Investments, this government is still unable to bring up the BUMIPUTRAS. Perhaps, as a Malaysian, I think it is high time to change. Ask yourself, Malaysians, what is it that make the country suffer. Ask whether it is because of Corruption? Whether it is because of incompetence? Whether it is "Harap Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi"?

This is the government you want to vote?

Think about it dear BUMIs and NON-BUMIs. Think of your children and the future of your motherland.
And I meant it for both Malays and Non-Malays.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Isytihar Lah! Apasal Tak Boleh? Tak Logik Ni

Petikan dari Malaysia Today: "Tidak perlu keluarga saya isytihar harta"
Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=471

"Menurut Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, tidak timbul soal keperluan bagi ahli keluarganya mengisytiharkan harta kerana beliau sebagai perdana menteri tidak pernah menyalahgunakan kuasa bagi kepentingan keluarga."

Ohh, logik yang dipakai Abdullah tak betul ni!

Pengisytiharan harta adalah untuk membuktikan sama ada wang yang diperolehi adalah melalui cara yang betul atau tidak betul (mengikut undang-undang).

Malahan, dalam konteks etika, ada dinyatakan yang Rakyat Biasa juga mesti mengisytiharkan harta dan pendapatan masing-masing. Kalau seseorang dapat harta secara haram, boleh dihukum.

Adakah ahli UMNO atau Perdana Menteri akan mengamalkan kod etika? Perdana Menteri boleh menyuruh sesiapa sahaja di Malaysia untuk mengisytiharkan harta secara sah. Siapa pula yang boleh menyuruh PM secara sah? BPR? Rakyat? Sultan?

Jadi adakah terdapat apa-apa sebab yang lebih munasabah Pak Lah tidak mahu mengisytiharkan harta?

Mulut Rakyat ternganga. Sama-sama kita renungkanlah.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Polar Bear and Walking Sticks Story: Am I Guilty? How Can That Be?

Original Mandarin text from Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily

Translation based on Bahasa Malaysia text from Malaysia Today:

"Adakah saya bersalah? Bagaimana pula begitu?"

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=434


Am I Guilty? How Can That Be?

"I am not the person behind the 'Clone AP'. Maybe my son did it."

"Besides, I do not think it is possible for my son to be behind the 'Clone AP'. He is not intelligent enough. He does not learn from me otherwise I would have given him a few tips."

Those are the statements of Senator Datuk Muhammad Abdul Ghani.

There is truth that 'Clone AP' comes out from the Senator's company. However, he claimed that they had nothing to do with it based on the reason that the company is managed by his Son.

So with that, is it true that his Son is responsible for all the 'Clone AP'?

The senator denies, saying that his Son does not have the skills to do it.

So, does that mean all this disgusting business means have nothing to do with both Father and Son?

Are they guilty? How can that be?


Member of State Parliament (ADUN) Zakaria Md Deros had built a palace for himself on a low cost housing area.

It covers more than 40,000 square feet land there, which is worth about RM1.5 million in the market. Zakaria had bought the land through special connections on a price of a few hundred thousands ringgit only.

Without a plan of the building, the construction cost can been estimated as much as RM8 million to RM10 million.

Local and state government had seen the house being built from the first floor to the fourth.
Zakaria and his family also hold three positions in the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

Their appointment is based on the recommendations of the party, the MPK president told.

Is he guilty? How can that be?


Member of Parliament Jasin Mohammad Said wanted the custom officers to "close one eye" regarding his mistake in importing Logs.

He had admitted that he had done it. In fact, he had sent SMS to the custom officers requesting them to release him

Is he guilty? How can that be?


Have you all ever heard of the polar bears?

This is the way the Eskimos use to catch a polar bear.

They kill a sealion and take its blood. Then, they place a knife in the pail filled with the blood. Due to the low temperature, the blood will freeze quickly with the knife in the middle, creating something similar to ice-cream.

Polar bears like blood. When a polar bear sense smells catches the blood, it will come and lick the ice-cream.

As soon as the polar bear licks, its tongue will start to become numb. With every single lick, its tongue gradually turns more numb. However, that will not stop the polar bear. Not long after that, the blood becomes more and more appetizing, what more, it is hot. So delicious!

What the polar bear does not know is the blood it is tasting is its own.

That is because the hidden knife in the frozen blood had sliced its tongue during the licking. Due to the numbness of the tongue caused by low temperature, the polar bear does not realise that its tongue had been hurt and was oozing blood.

It continues to lick and consume its own blood.

Not long after that, the polar bear faints because of blood loss and Eskimo hunters will drag it to their home.

Is the polar bear guilty? How can that be?


We had seen people crying openly and said: "citizens must learn how to be independent and not rely on help."

In the beginning, probably you will be touched with such episode. First step for someone to move towards excellence is by realising his/her own mistake and the problems faced by himself/herself.

However, as time goes by, you will realise that the "walking sticks" can still be seen in various places. Some "walking sticks" have been too accustomed to their Masters until they can replace the real legs of their Masters. Meanwhile some sticks have become so automatic, they can bring their Masters to wherever their Masters desires quickly, even defeating the pace of wheelchairs. In fact, there are some "walking sticks" that gleam with diamonds while their bodies covered with gold and silver.

You will find yourself feeling curious, asking: Didn't they say that they want to be free of "walking sticks"?

Am I wrong/guilty? How about that?


Syabas, Kerajaan: Air Mula Mahal, Saya Masih Bingung, Rakyat Kena Fikir

Komen berdasarkan artikel Malaysia Today:

Harga air naik 15%, kerajaan masih perlu bayar RM125 j

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=428


Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

Pertama sekali, ingin saya katakan, Kerajaan adalah dipilih oleh rakyat, untuk rakyat.

Sebagai orang Malaysia yang menggunakan air dengan JIMAT serta membayar cukai, saya merasakan diri saya ini sungguh bodoh dan bingung dengan pelbagai kejadian yang menghairankan baru-baru ini.

"Menurut Lim, jika kenaikan tarif bermula November tahun ini, kerajaan perlu membayar Syabas RM125 juta pampasan. Jika ia dimulakan dalam bulan Januari tahun hadapan, pampasan menjadi RM152 juta."

Ada beberapa soalan yang ingin saya kemukakan supaya rakyat Malaysia sekalian boleh sama-sama berfikir dan berbincang tentang penjelasan yang saya memang tidak faham-faham ini.

Perlu diingatakan bahawa, pada bulan Februari 2006 (tahun yang sama), kerajaan BN telah menaikkan tariff airnya sebanyak 15%.

Link: http://www.jeffooi.com/2006/02/post_5.php

Link: http://www.nccc.org.my/

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=255

Alasan yang diberi pada masa itu:

"Menteri berkenaan juga mengatakan kenaikan tarif pada ketika ini adalah wajar kerana Syabas berjaya mengurangkan ‘Non Revenue Water’ (NRW) daripada 42% dalam tahun 2004 kepada 37% dalam tahun 2006. Keuntungan Syabas juga menunjukkan kenaikan dari RM900 juta ke RM1.1 bilion."

Soalan (1): Pada bulan Februari, "Ia amat pelik bagi Syabas menaikkan tarif air sedangkan keuntungannya sudah bertambah dan NRW sudah dikurangkan dengan begitu ketara. Apakah kadar keuntungan bagi Syabas jika ia tidak menaikkan tarif air?"

Ok, yang penting sekali, kita lihat di sini yang tiada unsur "Pampasan kepada Syabas" yang dibangkitkan.

Namun, pada bulan November, tahun yang sama barulah isu "Pampasan" dibangkitkan untuk menaikkan harga sekali lagi sebanyak 8%.

Yang menjadi persoalannya:

(2) Mengapakah isu pampasan tidak diambil kira/dibangkitkan oleh kerajaan BN semasa kenaikan harga pada bulan Februari tahun ini?

(3) Mengapakah dengan kenaikan harga bulan November, kerajaan perlu lagi membayar pampasan RM125 juta? Perlu kita ingat di sini, sebahagian duit yang kerajaan guna untuk bayar adalah duit hasil kutipan cukai pendapatan rakyat. Duit hasil kerja susah-payah.

(4) Mengapakah kerajaan tidak mengambil kira pampasan dalam Perancangan (bulan Februari), di mana salah silapnya?

Bahagian (4) yang membuat saya bingung tak sudah-sudah.

(5) Bolehkah kita kata ini adalah kesalahan Perancangan Kerajaan? Kita tahu, yang sudah pasti kena tanggung ialah rakyat sendiri. Yang bertanggungjawab pula siapa? Menteri, Kementerian atau syarikat air?

(6) Dengan semata-mata terus-menerus memberi alasan yang sebegitu tidak cukup. Akaun-akaun yang JELAS, TERPERINCI dan boleh dikaitkan antara satu sama lain DENGAN LOGIK patut diberikan untuk tatapan umum. Adakah kerajaan mengamalkan dasar "Transparency" dan "Accountability"? Untuk soalan ini, tidak payahlah jawab secara terbuka. Jawab dalam hati. Tepuklah dada tanya selera. Hati tahu, perut faham.

(7) Kalaulah ini adalah kesalahan perancangan, adakah kerajaan BN boleh menjanjikan yang rakyat tidak payah menanggung pampasan hasil kesalahan tersebut pada masa akan datang?

Rakyat sekalian.. Fikirlah sejenak.. Kita cintakan Malaysia.. Janganlah kita bingung, janganlah kita bodoh.. Kita perlu mencari jawapan. Kita perlu mencari penyelesaian yang hakiki.