Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UMNO MP and Illegal House on a Bad Feng Shui Plot

From The Star 31st October 2006:
"He was tight-lipped on the issue but said: “I’m not arrogant, and it is unfair for people to brand me that way.”

I told him that it could be the Gucci sunglasses that he was photographed with when he met Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on Saturday that could have portrayed him as being a hostile person. Zakaria said: “I wore the glasses on that day because an insect entered into my eye a day earlier and the eye was watering.”

I opened the subject of Vasthu and offered to give Zakaria my analysis on his problematic house, work on which has stopped.

I drew the flag-shaped plot where his new house was being built and pointed out the faults. One major affliction is the main entrance located in the south-east and facing a road spearing into his house, which is very inauspicious in Indian feng shui. I told him that he was already experiencing the effects of the defect and such an unfriendly plot would invite unwanted trouble and would defame the owner. He nodded his head in agreement and when I told him that his present east-facing house, although small, was better, he agreed.

The only way to correct the T-junction fault is to disallow traffic from using the road, as there is no other remedy. Zakaria appeared worried and scratched his head and offered me black coffee.

Kampung Idaman was an unheard of village two decades ago and since Zakaria rose in politics, his presence brought development, including a community hall and the construction of a welcome arch."

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/newsncom.php?itemid=413


First of all, I would like to highlight that developing a village/community is the JOB of an MP. They are paid salary by the Rakyat to do it. If the MP did not do their job, they should be fired.
Abuse of power and rights is Immoral in any country. Doing something against the Law is Prohibitted in the Constitution of any country. Prinsip Rukunegara: Kedaulatan Undang-undang.

Not only MP, but even the normal Rakyat should not do something which is Illegal.
If a person breaks the law (e.g. MP), He/She should not only be fired from his post. He/She if found guilty should be penalised (jailed, fined) according to provisions in Malaysian Law.


I am wondering what points "The Star" are trying to emphasize here?

1) The Islamic MP is experiencing Bad Luck because he did not build his "Illegal" House according to Indian Feng Shui? Is The Star trying to say, if the "Illegal House" is built according to Vasthu, it will not invite trouble because people will overlook or take it for granted?

2) The MP is not a hostile person?
a) even though he looks intimidating with the Gucci glasses?
b) even though he has a bunch of followers who behaved violently during the infamous gathering?
c) even though Klang people in general regards him as BONGKAK and rude?

What is The Star trying to do? Anyway, who is the LARGEST SHAREHOLDER of The Star to allow them to write such story? Weird isn't it?


God-In-A-Box: Religion, Institution and Prophets

Comments based on discussion of "Do You Believe in God" topic in Malaysia Today.

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/reports.php?itemid=110

Religion is an Institution to put God in-a-Box. We categorise God, we say our Institution is the Best, the other Institutions are Not Praying to God.

The truth is No One will know except God Himself.

We use God to justify our actions. We may use God to make money, we may use His Name to condemn others by hiding behind our Institution.

However, "How Deep is Our Understanding of God?". "How Worthy Are We in the Eyes of God to Condemn Others, to make decisions in His Name?".


Prophets merely describe or write down their encounter and understanding of God.Even Buddha did not seek people to pray him as a God. He describes himself as a teacher.

There is only so much limited that can be spoken with words and writings. I believe understanding of God is complex as it deals with our spiritual/sixth sense. The understanding is hard to be conveyed with speech, what more through the writing interpretations of age-old mere mortals in the past.

Their mortal followers institutionalise it and set about standards, rules, way of life and approaches according to their own common human understanding.

If knowing God is so easy, this world would definitely be a much better place to live in, don't you think?
Besides that, isn't that what your Religion told you?

So, I believe God is a personal communication that can only be understood by personal means. No one is worthy to judge, control the faith of others. No matter what title you claim (priest, monk, mufti), you are only mortals in seek of superior knowledge from God.

Do you believe in God?

Comments based on a discussion in Malaysia Today.

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/reports.php?itemid=110

I do believe there is God.

I believe it connects with us through our sixth sense if we are willing to listen.

I believe it connects with us by method of sixth sense whether something is right or wrong, good or bad. but sub-consciously. It may seem illogical at times, sometimes not easily explainable by Science but you would understand the concept when you are able to link.

I believe, No matter what religion you are, it it is a personal communication that can be understood through derivation, through personal means.

Prayers and praisings are to open the mind, open the sixth sense, open the soul to establish the personal connection/communication with God.

He can help us when we are sick, soothe us when we are sad.

This is my understanding of GOD, the Almighty. I, personally believe, it is the Concept. You may disagree with me, but reflect upon the God of your religion, isn't that what all of you are practising?


Culture of Malaysia: Rots and Scandals

In a Malaysia Today newspage, a person by the name "aa" said: "U dont expect everybody in UMNO to be clean. In any pertubuhan there is bound to be some suckers/cheats. So dont blame the whole UMNO just because there are a few rots inside it....the party should purge these rots and retain its relevance... "

This is my reply to "aa":

Well "aa", the problem is with the CULTURE. Look at the CULTURE that UMNO is purported to be practising?

There are SCANDALS about Politik Wang, Politik Ugut, Abuse of Power, Abuse of Bumiputra Rights, Disrespect of Human Rights, Cronyism, Nepotism, Freedom of Press Suppression, Misuse of ISA to Silence People, Bribery, Racism, Religious Discriminations, Ali Baba, Incompetence, Defying Law and Order, Unfair Court and Election System, Misuse of Islam, Disrespect towards Sultan .. the Cultural list goes on...

We all know culture runs for generations. Culture is taught and handed down to the next generation using various means. We all know, culture gets richer and thicker as time goes by. The older the culture, the more ingrained it is.

If the culture is of good nature, then it should be encouraged. If the CULTURE IS BAD, we should not let it ingrain into A MASSIVE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CRUSH SYSTEM, don't you think?

Everyday there is negative news regarding BN members and you still think there are JUST ONLY A FEW ROTS? It is hard enough to persecute a Small-time So-called Rot in UMNO (look at the most current scandal), what can we do with the Big Rots? Even now, the System is already quite tough. Its workings simple but stealthy.

What kind of cultural values are they going to pass down to their/our next generation, their/our children? What will these people teach them? Will this bring about A DOOM TO THE MALAY RACE having such ROTTEN LEADERS? Where will this bring the non-bumis, may I ask? Do you think the non-bumis WANT TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY TO ITS DEATH? Do you think everyone can or wants to leave Malaysia?

Let me tell you... NO, As Malaysians, we all stay and FIGHT TILL THE END!


Plant a new one. May suffer a while, but better than preserving a poisonous tree that is leading us to ETERNAL DOOM.

MALAYSIANS WAKE UP. See you next election !!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Australian Mufti Issue with Cats and Rapists with Uncovered Meats

Comments based on article in The Autralian (News site):
Mufti's Remarks Totally Unacceptable

Link: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,20647684-1702,00.html

COMMENTS by Australia's Mufti blaming immodestly dressed women for sexual assault have been branded as "totally unacceptable" by Treasurer Peter Costello.

Mr Costello wants Muslim leaders to condemn the comments by Sheik al-Taj al-Din al-Hilaly, disassociate themselves from them, and pull their leader into line.

Sheik al-Hilaly's comments were delivered in a Ramadan sermon to 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, The Australian newspaper reported.

He blamed women who "sway suggestively" and who wore makeup and no hijab (Islamic scarf) for sexual attacks.

"If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat," he said.

"The uncovered meat is the problem.

"If she was in her room, in her home, in her hajib, no problem would have occurred."


Poor example... Cats are animals, they do not have religion and LIMITED intelligence. They did what they had to do. They eat the uncovered meat to survive. Besides, the tomcats do not simply rape pussycats? Well you see, the cats are not dressed in any clothes. (The last two statements are placed in intentionally .. :-D )

Human are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT CREATURES. They can think and perform magnificent works unachievable by cats or dogs. They have religion. If an intelligent human saw an uncovered meat, they will first think why the meat is uncovered. For Islamists, they will think whether the meat is pork. If they feel it is pork, they will refrain from eating.

Human have a mind of their own. They can choose to refrain from doing bad things which is against their religion. If they cannot resist temptation, who do you think should be blamed? They themselves are supposed to be blamed, or the temptation factor itself?

For example, stealing is a crime and abhorred by all religions.

If let's say there is RM10000 placed on on a table uncovered. As a human being, when you are tempted and take the money, who is to be blamed? Do you blame the money? Ustaz oh Ustaz, can you say, yeah it is the money's fault to be uncovered. I steal it, it is not my fault? Who ask the money to be uncovered? Is this the right way to justify your action?

And, please, God DID NOT SAY that uncovered money can be taken. Similarly, God DID NOT SAY women who do not cover themselves can be RAPED.

If you cannot resist the temptation, it is your own fault, don't blame others or simply use God's holy name to justify such immoral criminal actions.

You do not deserve to be ustaz. Many will be misled by you to succumb to temptation (against Islamic teaching).

Please resign, you are not up to standard!


Comments based on article in Malaysia Today:
The “Ugly Malays” becoming the norm

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/guests.php?itemid=379

There are non-Malays that
1) support Ali Baba-ism, "Makan Suap",
2) support corrupted ways of getting licences and projects by trading in their community rights,
3) challenges the special position of bumiputras and Sultans,
4) have ideas of making lots of money by all selfish means and leave for other countries, letting Malaysia rot to its own doom (such irresponsible unpatriotic act, good riddance),
5) think that a USA direct control of Malaysian economy is good for them,
6) curses, disrespects and steps on Malays, their culture and religion,
7) have idiotic notions of voting only for their own race in elections can save the nation and community.

Let me assure you, these "Ugly Non-Malays" with the above criterias are not representative of the entire non-bumiputra race. They are also somehow partially responsible for the mess in Malaysia today.

After all, for "makan suap" to work, require 2 parties. The person who "makan" and the other who "suap". They condemn others of nepotism, but some of them practise it as well. Of course, there are those who "makan" alone, but this category includes all Malaysians.

Such "Ugly non-Malays" are also fast becoming a norm in Malaysia. Self-centred and egoist, they do not view things in big picture but think only of themselves and their race, disregard who they are going to leave behind in the development of the country. They do not care if Malaysia will be downtrodden and people of their own race that is still in Malaysia will suffer because of their own attitude.

However, the non-Malays also have their own fair share of the hard-working, progressive and dynamic, the tolerant and respectful, the honest and concerned. Disregarding the fact that some "Ugly Malays" may treat them like foreigners, they persist and fight for the nation. They love Malaysia as their own, and they know, they must work together with the "Progressive Malays" to weed out these "Ugly Malays".

They know, with the Culture of "Ugliness" permeating in Malaysia, the Malay race will stay at its status quo of being trampled upon and they themselves will forever be treated as foreigners.
Therefore, Mr Bakri Musa, it is good to acknowledge weaknesses and do the best in seeking of ways to improve one's race. It is our duty as a Malaysian to educate and campaign for the best interest of the Nation.

Thank you Mr Bakri Musa, together with the Sultan, the Progressive Malays and fair-minded Non-Malays AND ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS, it is our responsibility to clean up this ROTTEN MESS...

I feel it is in the best interest of the Nation to change a government if it is incompetent and saddled with continual scandals of promoting an "Ugly" culture.

We shall not let any PARTY which encourages "Ugliness/Rottenness" in moral values to destroy our beautiful Malaysian culture of respect and deep sense of togetherness. Only with such culture, Malaysia will be able to grow from a country of nothing to a prosperous, significant and developed nation.


Komen berdasarkan artikel Malaysia Today:
29/10: Isu Istana Zakaria : Tuanku murka, rakyat marah, Khir Toyo celaru

Link: http://malaysia-today.net/blog2006/beritankom.php?itemid=366

"Baginda menerima aduan dari orang ramai bahawa Zakaria selaku pemimpin adalah seorang yang bongkak, angkuh dan sering menganiaya dan menyakitkan hati dan perasaan orang-ramai."

PARTI MANAKAH yang kebanyakan pemimpinnya berkelakuan sebegini, BONGKAK , ANGKUH , ANIAYA dan TIDAK SENSITIF?


"Kata pemimpin Umno nombor dua di Pelabuhan Kelang itu, bukan beliau sahaja malah ramai lagi ahli majlis di MPK yang membina rumah mewah tanpa kelulusan MPK! "

PARTI MANAKAH di mana ahlinya boleh MELANGGAR UNDANG-UNDANG TANPA DIDAKWA? Adakah orang yang TAHU UNDANG-UNDANG tetapi melanggarnya hanya disuruh untuk letak jawatan dan kemudian bebas dari segala tindakan mahkamah? Apa itu bersih, cekap dan amanah?


"serta perlantikan beliau anak-beranak sebagai ahli majlis MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Kelang)"

Adakah apa-apa SISTEM "TRANSPARENCY" yang boleh membuktikan anaknya dilantik dari perspektif meritokrasi, bermaksud BERDASARKAN KEMAMPUAN? Kalau bukan atas dasar tersebut, apakah dasar yang diamalkan?

PARTI MANAKAH yang mengamalkan dasar NEPOTISME?


"Tidakkah itu 'DURHAKA' dalam bahasa istana? Takkanlah MB yang duduk bernaung di bawah istana tak tahu? "



"Sebelum ini akhbar melaporkan Sultan Salangor dilaporkan murka kerana Zakaria, enggan mengadap ke istana bagi menjelaskan isu berkenaan terus kepada Tuanku."

PARTI MANAKAH yang lebih berkuasa dari Sultan? Semua pegawai yang bertugas mesti menghormati dan mengikut arahan Tuanku sebagai taat setia menurut Perlembagaan Malaysia.

PARTI MANAKAH yang tidak luhur perlembagaan? Adakah "Keluhuran Perlembagaan" salah satu ayat dalam prinsip Rukunegara Malaysia? Dalam konteks PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA, ada dijelaskan, Sultan adalah Ketua Negeri masing-masing.


Kalaulah kita melakukan segala-galanya yang bertentangan dengan agama kita, adakah kita masih percaya kepada Tuhan.

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, adakah kita mahu anak kita mengikut teladan yang tidak baik? Fikirkanlah sejenak. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, PRINSIP RUKUNEGARA ADA 5 BARIS, pergilah tengok dan KIRA berapa prinsip yang dipatuhi dan berapa yang tidak dipatuhi. Cakap serupa ke tak serupa bikin, sendiri renung je lah...

PARTI MANAKAH yang tidak patuh kepada PRINSIP RUKUNEGARA? Apakah itu Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan?

Diharapkan kerajaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional akan bertindak ke atas Parti yang tidak ikut undang-undang ini... hahahaha......