Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Two Cents Argument with Sipuntum on 'Apa Khabar Orang Kampung' Ban

Previously Amir Muhammad's latest documentary-movie about Malay Communists were banned by the Malaysian Censorship Board due to 7 reasons

Amir Muhammad had just submitted a letter with 14 reasons to explain and to counter the 7 by Malaysian Censorship Board.

A blogger had posted this:
Sipuntum wrote:
I watched his short films overseas before. my two cents, government is quite right to ban this film. Most of his films are not suitable for general audience in term of script and I can't see any 'good' moral behind it.My advice to filmmakers, when you make a film, you need to think what is your contribution to the society? Can the society get your message? It's so unethical to make the film just for money, or kind of your 'art work'..end of days, the society become even more's your two cents anyway...
27/02 16:02:18

Below is my comment in the Malaysia Today article "Amir appeals against 'Apa Khabar Orang Kampung' ban".

Dear Sipuntum,

Argument: "Most of his films are not suitable for general audience in term of script and I can't see any 'good' moral behind it."

1) Not all stories released by Malaysia censorship has "good" moral. Therefore your argument that "not having good moral" type of story should be banned is invalid. Furthermore, this movie is for age 18 above viewers, not for general viewership.

Argument: "My advice to filmmakers, when you make a film, you need to think what is your contribution to the society?"

2) Knowledge is a form of contribution to the society. Society needs to know the truth, opinions and listen to both sides of story on independence. "Apa Khabar Orang Kampung" is to detail what the Communists think about their homeland and struggle. Therefore it is ethical and useful to Malaysia.

Argument: "It's so unethical to make the film just for money, or kind of your 'art work'"

3) "Lelaki Komunis Terakhir" was a critically acclaimed movie. Expectedly, it failed to succeed commercially in a big way (not the big money-making type). As for the "art work", I do not understand how you can describe it as unethical when it is just filming down what people think about certain incidents?

Argument: "end of days, the society become even more's your obligation"

4) If the society becomes more confused, it would mean there are certain parties twisted the truth about the independence. Maybe what you read in the text book was twisted. Maybe the people in the movie twisted the stories? However, that does not mean we should believe only one side of the story, which is the text book and disregard the other.

IT IS AN OBLIGATION FOR ANY FAIR-MINDED INDIVIDUALS TO ALWAYS SEEK THE TRUTH than being spoon-fed and accept whatever materials that one party gives.

IT IS AN OBLIGATION FOR an ethical filmmaker to seek the truth and contribute it to the society, which I think Mr Amir Muhammad is doing quite well.

My two cents worth is, please, think from a big angle. Do not narrow your perspective. Do some research before giving any two cents worth of opinion. Try to do some research before coming to a conclusion. Do not smear someone without any proper points.

Thanks and Regards..

Feel free to post comments....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corruption: Culture, System, Norm, Human Nature?

This is my comment on Malaysia Today for the article The trouble with the word "culture"?

It is not human nature at first, but when one does something too often it becomes a culture.

From Culture it becomes a System. The intricacy and strength of the system depends on how long it is practised.

The longer it gets, the deeper it becomes, the harder to get rid of it.

With the Depth of the System, it becomes a Norm or a Requirement. That would mean if you do not practise it, you will be considered as Out-of-the-norm or Abnormal. Society will look at you as an Outcast, a Pariah because you do not what they normally do.

Reasons of executing certain actions is no longer important because it has become a Norm. You just have to do it. Do it or you are considered against the society.

Some intellectuals may question the Norm and try to remove it if it is bad for the society. However, it will be dealt with much challenges from the public and in some cases a lot of death to remove this Norm.

So, if corruption and bribery is a culture, and it becomes a norm with system and procedures governing it; YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED AS ABNORMAL if you do not practise corruption.

Let's say, for example, Corruption is a Culture in Malaysia. If you are not Corrupted, you are not normal, then you may be considered as not a Malaysian.
When we practise a Norm for a long period of time, it will turn into Human Nature. At this point of time, if one does not do something according to Human Nature, he may become mentally unstable.

Are we there yet, fellow Malaysians? I hope we are not in trouble with the word "Culture" and "Human Nature"

Interesting Bangkok Local Snack

I visited Bangkok and visited the Sukhumwit area. There are many stalls by the road side and we chanced upon one that sells some local delicacies snack.

Do you see something that resembles your Twisties, Cheezels or Pringles? Hehehe ....

Let's see, in the middle, the one with the long legs is actually "Something" that resembles a small frog. There is a cricket, a cocoon or a worm, a mini lizard and of course the locust.

All of them fried !!!

Me and my friend actually wanted to buy the locust only. The seller asked us whether we wanted to mix. As it was night, and we were a little drunk, we agreed.

Question, did we try any of those? We tried the locust. It is crunch, something like eating a crunchier version of french fries. The taste is okay only. As for the rest of the snacks, we were not adventurous enough, especially when it concerns the frog. We can still see its eye and face.. hahahaha.. imagine putting that thing into your mouth ..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

NST is Right !

Below is the comment that I have posted on Malaysia Today. The article is titled "Hello Mr. NST, that’s a bloody cheap shot!" by Biggum Dogmannsteinberg .
NST wrote an article that made Biggum not very happy.

Dear all,

I think there is nothing wrong with NST posting this article.

If you read the words carefully, they are only highlighting certain usages of the blog.

They say blogs are good for advertisements and it is free. They even put it in the "U Buy U Sell" page.

So, from a logical point of view, I would recommend to all bloggers to tell the readers of NST to post all their advertisements online to save money. Even NST said blogs are great for that ! NST is right !

From what I gather, when NST put up that advertisement in "U Buy U Sell", that is what they are trying to do. Informing their readers of a better advertising avenue.

So, bloggers, from today onwards, I will not waste money by paying for advertisements in printed press like NEWSPAPERS.

Moreover, why post in CERTAIN newspapers that CHEAT, LIE, PLAGIARISE AND PROVIDE LOPSIDED news. Why give money to a newspaper that is NOT ETHICAL in journalism?

Whoops, NST, you are an ethical newspaper right?

Hahaha, yeah right. Hmmn, right, yes, yes, yes ok, good ahherrmm.. (Cough cough, sneeze sneeze) .. sorry i gotta go to the sink to spit (Ptui, ptui)

Just make them go broke. We all post online.

Thank you NST. What a sound advice you have given. You are right. Government is right.

Pak Lah never tell any lies, yeah, hmmn, ahherm, yeah, that's right, my throat is itchy, gotta go to the sink again. I drank a cheap shot of alcohol last night. This is the result.

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Apa Khabar Orang Kampung" Banned !

Finally the ban has come !

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You can read the 7 reasons given by Malaysia Censorship Board for banning this film.

You can view the trailers in Da Huang Pictures and Amir Muhammad's Blog

Apa Khabar Orang Kampung Blog is here. Seems that Berlin Film Festival and Singapore will be running this. Fret not, my dear bloggers, we can always purchase the DVDs in Singapore. This is not a surprise considering the fact that we do not get to see certain U-Wei's Cannes award winning films in Malaysia.

Let me repost what I wrote on 19th December in Malaysia Today, here:


It is true that some Chinese fight against Communist too but not all Malays are not communists!
However, please bear in mind there are CHINESE COMMUNISTS who are still living:
(Lelaki Komunis Terakhir)

There are also MALAY COMMUNISTS who are still living:
(Apa Khabar Orang Kampung: Sequel for Lelaki Komunis Terakhir)
(Malaysia Kini description on the sequel)

They are staying in Ban Chulabhorn Pattana 12 or the 12th Chulaborn Development Village, not far from the Narathiwat-Kelantan border.

The 10th Regiment Leaders are Shamsiah Fakeh and Ibrahim Chik. Their memoirs were published by penerbit UKM website before:

Picture taken from Penerbit UKM. There are some description for the "Memoir: Shamsiah Fakeh" book.

Picture taken from Penerbit UKM. There are some description for the "Memoir: Ibrahim Chik" book.

There was some mention (not sure how true it is) that the books were eventually "frozen" by Penerbit UKM although the books were not banned by Internal Security Ministry:

SO, as much as there were Chinese Communists, THERE WERE MALAY COMMUNISTS TOO.


Additional notes of personal opinion to add (23/02/2007):

1) By fighting against the Japanese TOGETHER, Malays and Chinese Communists actually made Malaysia independent from foreign powers. The communists were praised for the resistance.

2) British came back after the Japanese left. They wanted this land for their own. Communists go against the British. British labels Communists as villains. Wiping out process begins.

Doesn't this strategy sound familiar?

3) So, what is UMNO's role in fighting against Japanese and British for this country's independence? How much have they contributed? This questions leaves much to your own research and imagination for answers.

4) Try to grab a copy of December 2006 "The Edge" Magazine (not newspaper). The mentioned copy has Muhiyiddin as the cover boy. There are pictures of the Malay communists as well as some of their opinions inside.

I have bought it and shall try to search for it. If I still have it with me, I shall scan the pics and put in on my webpage.

5) The English translation for "Apa Khabar Orang Kampung" is "Village People Road Show". The Bahasa Malaysia title is named after Sudirman's famous song.

6) Zainuddin Maidin tried to play racial cards on the so-called "Chinese Communists" last year. Please do not do it again here. Read what he has said and what I have commented


Life's Like That: Thieves Catching Thieves

This is my comment to the article Life's Like That in Malaysia Today. The Malaysian government is getting more and more ridiculous.

(Datuk Abdul Azeez picture retrieved from

This is the latest undisputably stupid idea where the chief of Umno Putera, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, said the Mat Rempits will have to arrest at least 30 snatch thieves to win a motorbike. On top of that, gang members will also get RM50 for each bag-snatcher caught.

Perhaps this is one of the plans that Datuk Abdul Azeez has in order to change "Mat/Minah Rempits" into "Mat/Minah Cemerlang"

The strange thing here is, Mat Rempits are actually the snatch thieves. How do we expect snatch thieves to catch snatch thieves?

Ladies and gentlemen,

May I present to you ... (drum rolls)



Applause, cheer, people... Good luck !!!

These are the Questions which I have for Putera UMNO. Will try to send it to them by mail:

1) Since Putera UMNO take in Mat Rempits who traffick their women and snatch bags for money, will we, one day see them become our leaders?
2) Will they one day snatch our money only on a bigger scale? Traffick our women and land on a bigger scale? All in the name of UMNO?
3) If this is a good solution to crime, will we, one day, get to see thieves catching thieves, robbers (penyamun) catching robbers (penyamun), Corrupted (Rasuah) catching Corrupted (Rasuah) etc.etc. Is it already happening in Malaysia. Is that why the crimes are still persistent if not more serious?
4) Article in "Life's Like That" describes:
Since UDA introduced the concept of Ali Baba about 35 years ago it has gained popularity amongst the Malay businessmen and many have found that it is more lucrative and less risky to just sell off or rent out their business premises, contracts, licences, permits, etc, to the Chinese instead of actually doing the business themselves where there would be no guarantee they would actually succeed and make a profit.
I hope Pak Lah will answer my questions. Will UMNO sell everything to Singapore and USA ? Wouldn't it be more lucrative this way isn't it?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Silky Smooth Gem: Giulietta Simionato

This morning I discovered a "Gem" by the name of Giulietta Simionato while listening to a fairly-priced CD titled Favorite Opera Duets . Bought it for RM 21.90 from Popular Bookstore.
On Track 11, she was duetting with Franco Corelli (a dramatic tenor) in the song "Si la Stanchezza...Ai Nostri Monti" in the Opera "Il Trovatore" Act 4 written by famous composer Verdi .

Giulietta is described as the most universally recognised best mezzo-soprano in Great Singers homepage.
From the track that I have listened, her voice is beautiful. What sets her apart from the other mezzo-sopranos that I have listened to is the vibrancy of her voice.
Her chest voice is very stable. In my opinion, her voice is quite big compared to mezzos like Joan Sutherland or Marilyn Horne. You can feel the smoothness of the voice as she moves along the lines, be it high or low notes. Not an amount of friction, jitter or sudden rough sound.
While most sopranos have very sharp voices, another feature that set her apart from them is hers having a rounder and fuller feature.
For me, this is High Art. Silky, Beautiful, simply beautiful !
I did not see any of her CDs in Tower Records KLCC, probably because she is not as famous now as she used to be many decades ago. Her career actually started in the 30s and ended in 1966.
You can visit this Blog to view many of her recorded performances. Thanks to Miss Felipe Cunha from Rio de Jainero, Brazil that I am able to appreciate this Silky Smooth Gem

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bloggers United: Support Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan

Raja Petra wrote in his Malaysia Today:
See you at Wisma Denmark, Jalan Ampang, at 2.30pm on Thursday, 22 February 2007. The New Straits Times and four others are suing two Bloggers, Screenshots and Rocky's Bru. Please turn up in full force as a show of solidarity.
Timestamp: 20/02/2007 13:16:37

The owner of Screenshots ( ) is Jeff Ooi, a freelance journalist and Rocky's Bru ( ) is Ahirudin Atan, a former editor of The Malay Mail before a major restructuring coming from the direction of New Straits Times.

For those not in the know on why they were sued, view here:

There are links right after the article. Read what other Malaysian bloggers have to say about this suit, which is first in Malaysian history:

As a blogger myself, I will be there to show support in tandem with the official statement from "Bloggers United" here:

Please be there, do not let Suits silent us.

Malaysia Today First Get Together

Below is a posting from the blogger Confuseus in Malaysia Today. A Get Together has been planned. I am interested to participate.
MT refers to Malaysia Today.
RPK refers to Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the owner of MT.
Confuseus wrote:
Dearest MT Bloggers,

Based on popular request, we have planned a get together with all interested MT bloggers to have an audience with YM RPK, our beloved MT editor. He has given his concurrence. The event will be as follows:

Event : An evening with YM RPK

Day/Time : Saturday evening/ 8pm – 12 midnite

Date : 10 March 2007

Place : A hotel in PJ

Target audience : 50 participants

Agendas: A get together for intellectual discourse, clean food and a little bit of Saturday nite fun.

Closing date: 27 February 2007

Dinner will be served at RM 55 per head (Buffet inclusive of private function room, door gift, lucky draw and best dressed award for male/female)


Soup: Seafood Tomyam, Bread & Butter

Salads: Coleslaw, Malaysian Salad, Tomato with Cheese & German Potatoes

Dressings: Italian, French, Thousand Islands

Hot Dishes: Steamed white rice, Fried koay teow “ Penang Style”, Ayam Masak Kari, Pan seared Dory with garlic herb sauce, Braised lamb with potatoes, gratinated potato gratin with button mushroom,

Desert: Assorted Malay/ Nyonya Kuih, Tropical fruits platter and Fruit Cocktail in Winter

Drinks: Cordial drinks/ Coffee/ Tea

If interested and for any other suggestions, please email to:

To those who have responded, we thank you for your inputs in making this event a reality.

Thank you fellow bloggers. We shall CONVERGE!!!!!

MCA members Never Reject, They Only Accept

The comment below refers to the article 'MCA always open to criticism and feedback' in Malaysia Today.
For your information, OK Thing is the nickname for Mr. Ong Ka Ting, the President of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). He is called so because he will say "OK" to everything that UMNO said even though there are racist rethorics or unfair policies being implemented.
The article is a transcript of an interview between a New Straits Times reporter with OK Thing. To read the entire interview, please access this link:

OK Thing said:
Anything that can help to alert and create an improvement in ourselves, we are willing to look at to improve our position. I feel we cannot just reject everything that is not in our favour.

OK Thing also said:
"From there, we will have to work hard, strategise and go deeper into understanding the whole political atmosphere, find out what had made the respondents feel that way. We will face it and not brush it aside."


My opinion:
Well, the problem is MCA will not reject. They will just keep in quiet, when "everything that is not in their favour" occurs.

Ohh yeah, by the way, isn't keeping quiet on critical issues equals to "not facing the issue" and "brushing the issue aside"? Is that a lie from OK Thing or a contradiction or both? Take your guess.

For instance, when UMNO members talk "RACISTLY" in their general meeting, MCA did not reject (maybe only Mr. Ong Tee Keat), but kept quiet. In cases as such, later, MCA may "accept". In this case alone, MCA said they accepted Hishamuddin's Keris Wielding episode as "Not Racism". MCA said it is OK. Yes, "Semuanya OK" !

They say that even though almost all Malaysian Chinese except for MCA core administration say it is "Racism".

I know the word "RACISTLY" does not exist in dictionary, but I find the word RACIALLY is too polite, too tame to describe UMNO's statements.. need to be direct for all to understand

Malaysian Chinese jaws dropped nationwide, surprised at how MCA still unashamedly claimed they represent chinese, adding more kerosene to the already brightly burning fire. The fire of immense anger and hatred.

So, tell me, when is it that they every REJECTED? They have always ACCEPTED or KEPT QUIET. For me, silence means agreement. Keeping quiet/mum basically it is the same thing as acceptance.

I think he is still sleeping in his job, just like Pak Lah.

If the whole nation can feel so angry, and you still do not know, it means you are sleeping.

Let's talk about maturity. If someone can think a few birthday greeting cards can reduce the amount of restlessness on the ground, the maturity level must be very low.

Birthday greeting card is cheap. Talk is cheap, OK Thing. You can talk, bullshit, lie, spin but it is still cheap. The extent of restlessness now is even the uneducated Malaysian Chinese do not believe your stories anymore.

They know Rights are "expensive". The Malaysian chinese have paid for it badly through stupid MCA with its poor selfish management for decades.

So, it is time for you to get lost. I can assure you many feel the same as what I have described above.

I hope appropriate actions are taken to get rid of these useless people in this useless party.

Having a label "Malaysian Chinese" as the name of your party does not mean anything. It is just a screwed up advertisement. Advertise using the head of a "Cow" but you are actually selling "Dog" meat.

If there is anyone that destroyed the image of MCA, it is MCA itself.

Ptui.. Pui (spitting sounds), rubbish... Nuff said.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Day Special: Some Imams went against Islamic practice by misleading Muslims, twisting the Truth

I have made some comments on Malaysia Today based on the issue "Muslim authorities decry Valentine's Day celebrations in Malaysia, Brunei".
Some Muslim authorities in fact claimed that Valentine's Day is against Islam. In my opinion, the claim is totally senseless and illogical.
Below is the reply I have posted to a few bloggers who supported the authorities. I have provided some solid arguments against their claims. Hope it will be able to change their mind to view things in a bigger picture !
bru99 wrote:
I agreed fully with the writing of Pak Maun. Time stamp: 14/02 16:11:03. Its our islamic duty to tell to all what is an islamic practise and what is not.
15/02 08:38:47

I agree with you that Valentine's Day is not an Islamic practice. It is definitely a role of a Muslim to inform another on it. It is also a duty for a Muslim to educate the other that one should not indulge in promiscuous activities. It is also a duty for a Muslim to educate himself and do not let himself succumb to TWISTED TRUTH (A LIE)

However, let's see. Let us read what some IMAMS say:

" Muslims should not "follow Western cultures in the name of modernization without knowing that such culture is AGAINST the Islamic teachings," the message added. "

Extracted from:
My conclusion:

Some Imams told the Muslims that Valentine's Day is AGAINST the Islamic teachings. Refer comment above.

They twisted the truth. It is true that Valentine's Day is not an Islamic practice. It is neither a Christian/religious practice. However, Valentine's Day is NOT AGAINST ISLAMIC PRACTICE ! Notice the difference?

Let's evaluate:

1) Valentine's Day is not a Christian/Religious festival, therefore it is NOT AGAINST Islamic practice.

2) Valentine's Day main theme is for us to express grattitude and love to people who we treasure, by giving presents and various means. It is NOT AGAINST Islamic practice to express love. If anything, if Islam encourages expressing gratitude/love, then Valentine's Day can somehow or rather considered to be helping Islam.

3) Valentine's Day is not for sex, making it NOT AGAINST Islamic practice. Valentine's Day is not created for people to engage in promiscuous activities.

If you want to blame someone for promiscuous activities, it is ok. If that person is bad, he will engage in such activities at any point of time, "Prophet Muhammad's Birthday", "Hari Raya"; Not necessarily Valentine. Blame the person but do not misinform / mislead the Muslims on the facts.

Lying and misleading (menyesatkan) Muslims is an offense under Islam, I am very sure of that. Lying and misleading is AGAINST Islam. Valentine is not.



Why can't those Imams say this instead? Why do they have to lie and mislead Muslims into boycotting Valentine's Day? Isn't that against Islam?

The Muslims surprisingly follow the Imam blindly. Why can't all of you research and think? If Imam says that his neighbour (whom he does not like) is against Islam and order you to do kill that person, you will follow blindly is it?

Our faith and loyalty is supposed to be for God, not for the Imams. An Imam is a human. A human may be biased. There are people and practices that he likes and does not like.

The Imams above refers to "Imam Sesat" that mislead the Muslims and give the wrong information and lying, saying "Valentine's Day is against Islamic practice" even when it is NOT !!!


As for the Imams that caution the Muslims to avoid promiscuous activities ONLY, I would like to give my SINCERE THANKS to you. You have done your RIGHT duty as a religious leader to give the RIGHT information and remind your people to avoid promiscuous activities. You are exempted from the message above and may God bless you and the people you lead ...

Hari Valentine Bukan Pesta Main Seks

Komen ini adalah berdasarkan satu artikel di Malaysia Today yang bertajuk "Muslim authorities decry Valentine's Day celebrations in Malaysia, Brunei".

Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Malaysia, ia berbunyi "Ketua-ketua agama Islam membantah sambutan Hari Valentine di Malaysia dan Brunei".

Ketua-ketua agama Islam berpendapat bahawa perayaan ini akan menggalakkan orang-orang Islam berkelakuan sumbang dan tidak senonoh. Sehubungan dengan itu, ada juga ketua yang mengatakan Muslimin dan Muslimat langsung TIDAK BOLEH menyambut perayaan ini.

Sememangnya, seorang blogger telah memberi komen yang bersifat hasutan. Saya berfikiran logik yang diketengahkan untuk membantah sambutan Hari Valentine ini adalah tidak betul dan wajar walau di sudut agama Islam.

Berikut merupakan apa yang telah saya tulis di

hantu suci wrote:

"apa la ada dengan valentine ni. . memang tak salah pun bagi org kristian berzina. .dah ajaran bible dia macam tu,jgn lupa bawa pastor korang sambut skali k, mana la tau nafsu seks dia berubah."

SOALAN: Adakah ajaran Islam suruh orang berfikiran begitu? Tidak menghormati penganut agama yang lain?

hantu suci wrote:
"daripada sambut valentine's day ni bagus sambut pesta jesus kena bunuh. . ok apa"

SOALAN: Jesus ataupun Isa adalah dianggap sebagai NABI dalam konteks Al-Quran (Islam).

Adakah ajaran Islam menyuruh umatnya merayakan PEMBUNUHAN, terutamanya NABI ISLAM sendiri?

Rupa-rupanya orang Islam Sesat (macam "hantu suci") yang tak sambut Valentine hatinya lebih jahat daripada orang Islam yang sambut Valentine.

Perayaan PEMBUNUHAN kau sokong tapi Perayaan PENGHARGAAN kau tak sokong. Sesatlah tu. Saya harap kau ni bukan dari Golongan HadHari.

Maklumlah takde orang bagi hadiah pada dia waktu Valentine. Bagi alamat, nanti aku kirim. Kesian engkau.

Valentine's Day bukan pesta untuk main seks, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Valentine's Day ialah hari untuk kita menghargai cinta kita terhadap ibu bapa, kekasih, kawan atau cikgu kita.

Adakah Islam menghalang kita merakamkan penghargaan kepada orang yang menolong dan mendidik kita?

Adakah Islam kata kita tak boleh bagi hadiah dan belanja kekasih, ibu bapa kita makan? Tidak bukan?

Setahu saya, Islam kata kita patut menghargai orang yang berbudi pada kita. Perayaan ini pula tidak berkenaan dengan penyembahan mana-mana Tuhan. Walaupun Saint Valentine seorang Kristian, tetapi adakah hari Valentine dicipta untuk menyembah Kristian/Jesus/Isa? Tidak.

Hari Valentine dinamakan sedemikian kerana orang yang memberi idea ini bernama Valentine. Macamlah kereta Ford dinamakan berdasarkan nama penciptanya Henry Ford. Takkan itu pun salah?

Macam Hari Kemerdekaan, ia tidak berkaitan dengan agama tetapi ia adalah satu perayaan untuk mengenang askar-askar yang terkoban demi mencapai kemerdekaan.

Kalau kita nak halang Valentine, maka Hari Kemerdekaan pun kita kena halang? Harijadi Kekasih, Ibubapa semua pun kita halang? Fikirkanlah sejenak...

Tiada unsur seks yang dilibatkan oleh Saint Valentine dalam konteks perayaan ini. Yang melibatkan seks itu bukan kerana perayaan, tetapi hanya mengambil kesempatan, itu pun kerana penganjur (manusia) itu sendiri.

Kalau anda orang Islam yang sejati, sekadar beri hadiah ataupun mengucapkan terima kasih, saya berasa tiada apa yang tidak betul.

Yang penting kamu sendiri tidak pergi berzina, itu saje. Jangan salahkan perayaan kalau penganut agama pergi berzina. Perayaan Valentine bukan pesta Main Seks. Salahkan orang yang berzina itu sendiri. Kalau anda sendiri yang berzina, salahkan sendiri.

Bukankah Islam kata kita patut mengawal nafsu kita sendiri?




Inilah masalahnya, sebab ketua-ketua agama kat Malaysia dengan Brunei tak pakai otak .... Sesatlah umat Islam ....

deviantART - where ART meets application

Just discovered a new art page called deviantART:

Discovered it in "Men's Health" magazine for the month of February (2007). The one with Sean Ghazi as its cover boy/man. Surprised that "Men's Health" would have such a thing in its pages.

It is a great site, with all sorts of popular art such as:
1) Photography
2) Digital Art
3) Artisan Crafts (wait till you discover the Culinary Arts subcategory)
4) Flash
5) Designs and Interactives etcetera etcetera.

The subcategories are even more interesting. I mean, look here, for example, we have Culinary Arts, Body Art, Textiles and Pumpkin Carving.

The site is updated periodically. When you reach the page, it will show you the latest posted art.

Not to mention, if you like certain works by certain people, there are links for you to access that person's page.

So, for artistes-wannabe or art-lovers, Enjoy and introduce it to your friends !!!