Monday, March 31, 2008

Controversial Fitna and The Boycott on Dutch published Mahathir: Boycott Dutch products but what not Coca Cola . Malaysia Today republished it with comments from its readers. Malaysiakini should have its own entry as well.

Accordingly, our ex-Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir called for a boycott on Dutch / Netherlands products in protest over the film titled Fitna .

For those not in the know, Fitna is created by Dutch legislator Geert Wilders. It is a 15 minutes short movie that cited verses from Quran, matching them with video clips of shocking statements from radical clerics. Furthermore, among the images being displayed are the Sept 11 attack on the United States, the 2004 commuter train bombings in Spain and the murder later that year of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh on an Amsterdam street. Related controversial headlines of newspaper cuttings from European nations are in the film as well.

For more information on the movie, please visit the link in wikipedia.

It is not a movie for the faint-hearted and certainly it does not do justice for Islam as a possible religion of peace. However, bear in mind that the images and speeches are real. It should not be dismissed that certain Dutch people may be concerned with what is happening around the world concerning certain (not all) practitioners of Islam.

I think calling for boycott of this movie and Dutch products will not bring in any good results. It is as if subconsciously "indirectly" giving support to the film. I personally think it is not the problem with the religion Islam. It is the actions of certain (not all) Muslims that should not be agreed upon.

I think the Muslims should condemn this movie and casting it as a misrepresentation of Islam. Certain people preaching in the video who called for any form of violence should be condemned as well.

I think using this method, the religion's way can be made to be understood better.

In my opinion, any form of religion has its share of violent content and means to justify or achieve certain ends. If you choose peace, you get peace. Violence begets violence.

It is not only Malaysia that needs change. The method of Muslims on handling such criticism should change as well. It may be a long journey but perhaps it is high time to start now.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Of Dust and Million Ringgit Libel Suit on RPK, PKR Sites

2008 Dust Still Lingers
It is a messy day for me after reading a number of news and blog entries on Malaysian politics in Malaysiakini and various news spots . It seems like the 2008 election dust has not settled down.

There is nothing really profound to read upon, only a massive messy state of affairs. Most of the state governments have been installed but as for the plans and mechanisms on respective states, everything is still in a blur, except for Penang and Kelantan.

As for UMNO, the main event being discussed is the internal polling. The latest official date reported is December. Unofficial sources rumoured April. Whatever that is, we shall see a big showdown on Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and changes to the party itself. It was also rumoured that all party posts could be contestable.

Million Ringgit Libel Suit
Meanwhile, as a blogger, I feel a certain amount of distraught and displeasure over a case of a million ringgit suit against Raja Petra Kamarudin, the web owner of Malaysia Today and Suara Keadilan. According to the post, Online writer, opposition paper slam libel verdict , University Utara Malaysia and its vice-chancellor Nordin Kardi had filed a lawsuit against Raja Petra Kamarudin, who runs the popular Malaysia Today website, and Suara Keadilan, the newspaper of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), over a piece that alleged Mr Nordin had plagiarised an article. The High Court in Kedah ruled on Wednesday that Raja Petra must pay RM4 million (S$1.8 million) for publishing the defamatory article on his website in 2006. The court also ordered the PKR newspaper to pay RM3 million for reprinting the same article.

There is a lengthy and detailed explanation from the blog Muhtar Suhaili As-Sarawaki. The current stand of Raja Petra and PKR on this matter is "civil disobedience".

Opinion on the suit
Let's take a look at the meaning of Libel according to Wiktionary.

libel (plural libels)
1) A written (notably as handbill) or pictorial statement which unjustly seeks to damage someone's reputation.
2) (uncountable) The act or crime of displaying such a statement publicly.

It shall be made clear the common reason for the initiation of a libel suit by a prosecuting person is to protect his/her reputation or any associated parties. Most of the time, if the libel has become widespread, famous and obviously talked about in many places by many people until it gives an impression that the libel may be real and only then the person affected will consider making a case out of it.

Honestly, I did not know who is Dr. Nordin Kardi before this. Neither do I know he is associated with UUM or the existence of such alleged libel. I mean, for God's sake the article was in 2006. Today is 2008. It's been years. I have been surfing Malaysia Today for many years, never stopped since 2004 and I can't even remember such article even after the suit is being filed.

Personally, I think this libel suit is certainly "interesting" because it made me pay attention on Dr. Nordin Kardi, UUM and the article mentioned. Ironic, isn't it?

I could not recall the so-called libel before this libel suit. Now everybody knows. Do you feel it is a much talked about affair in blogs today (after the libel) rather than in the past? Ironic, isn't it? Smells strange, doesn't it?

I leave it for the readers of this blog to think about this.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SEACeM : Malaysia CyberActivist Clinic

I received an e-mail this morning describing this interesting activity.The Southeast Asia Centre for e-Media cordially invites Malaysians to participate in the 2008 CyberActivist Clinic. The objective of the CyberActivist Clinic to identify and develop new and potential bloggers to champion various governance issues Malaysia.

Date: 5th and 6th April 2008
Venue: Malaysiakini Office, Bangsar

1. Must Not have any Blog
2. Having working knowledge of Malaysia politics

Therefore, this clinic is not for a person like me as I am a blogger myself. However, for those who have interest and trouble using the blogging tool Wordpress, perhaps you can try attending and get some training. Blogging is a proactive way that you can contribute to the nation. By writing on socio-political matters, you will automatically make yourself aware of current issues and it is also a way to convey your message to interested parties. You'll be hooked even before you know it !

Guess what, the best things in life are free. Well, this course is FREE, so you stand a better chance if you have good writing ability.

Please visit SEACeM's site for details and registration contacts .

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Defenders of Malay Race, Derhaka or Setia, Sultan and MB Terengganu

NST report published in Malaysia Today : PKR lodges police report against PM, DPM, 23 reps for disrespect against King .

Excerpt 1 :
Faris later told reporters that the police report was made against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the 23 assemblymen who objected to the appointment of Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said as Menteri Besar by the Terengganu Sultan.

Excerpt 2 :
The 23 state assemblymen, especially, have gone overboard in showing disrespect by going against the Royal Regency Advisory Council's decision in the appointment of Ahmad as Menteri Besar, he said.

"The palace institution must be respected and all subjects must show loyalty," he said. "The actions of those involved were a blatant disregard of loyalty to the Rulers."

Malaysiakini reports Ahmad to start work as MB tomorrow (meaning this morning, 25th March 2008).

Excerpt 3 :
Opposition party PAS today fully supported the move by the Terengganu palace to appoint Kijal state representative Ahmad Said as the new menteri besar of the state.

Excerpt 4 :
In a sudden turn of event, it is reliably learnt that 13 out of 22 BN state representatives who initially supported Idris are now backing Ahmad for the post.

Meanwhile Lulu Thinks Kerismuddin Should Go On Holiday/Be Unreacheable Just In Case The Press Ask For His Reaction On The Terengganu Issue . It was said that initially 22 persons would boycott the swearing-in ceremony of HRH Terengganu's choice of Menteri Besar - Ahmad Said. Abdullah's choice is Idris Jusoh. PAS and PKR has stated that they support Sultan Terengganu.

Previously, Utusan Online published a news on the Perak MB selection issue, where an Menteri Besar from PAS (Nizar) was selected although the majority of Perak state seats belonged to DAP. The title was : DAP biadab -- Arahan pulau majlis pelantikan MB Perak dianggap hina raja Melayu (DAP impolite - Order to boycott the swearing-in of Perak MB is considered as insulting the Malay king).

However, it was clarified that DAP did not intend to boycott the ceremony. DAP only intended to endorse an MB from PAS because the Central Committee originally did not endorse it. DAP did not boycott the event after all that. The swearing-in went smoothly with the blessing of the Perak royals. DAP Perak was present to support the event. In my opinion, Nizar was chosen because he is the highest qualified of the candidates given to HRH Perak for selection. An overseas graduate who can speak Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Tamil and English and had experience handling many engineering projects overseas and local, he would be the best person to lead the team. After all, DAP has the most number of excos to ensure all the development work and requirements of the citizens are being fulfilled.

UMNO Information Chief said this, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd. Taib :
“Saya percaya dalam hal ini bukan sahaja saya, tetapi puluhan juta lagi rakyat menjunjung kasih dan mengucapkan syabas ke bawah Duli Tuanku Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah kerana terus menegakkan peruntukan Perlembagaan,” katanya.

("I believe, in this matter, it is not only me but tens of million citizens would accept and congratulate His Royal Highness Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah for upholding the Constitution," he said)

UMNO Youth Chief, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said :
“Niat memulaukan istiadat pelantikan juga menunjukkan mereka hanya gilakan kuasa sehingga sanggup membelakangkan kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

("The intention to boycott the swearing-in ceremony shows that they are only crazy for power until the extent that loyalty to the King and Nation can be disregarded," he said in a statement today.)

So Speaketh these so-called Defenders of Malay race. However, DAP did not boycott the ceremony. DAP eventually endorsed and accepted the choice of Sultan Perak. The Perak exco and MB has already been sworn-in. The rest of Barisan Rakyat ( PKR-DAP-PAS ) states ( Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan and Penang) had already established governments with the consent of respective Sultans. There were no boycotts or members of constituents threatening the palaces with resignations. The only pending states without fully-functioning governments are Barisan Nasional-held states - Perlis and Terengganu. Isn't it ironic?

Indeed, one of the 5 principles in Rukunegara is "Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara" (Loyal to the King and the Nation). The opposite of the word "Setia" (Loyal) is "Derhaka" (Traitorous). As the Minister of Education and logically reading his statement, it is almost clear that he is aware of this principle.

In the Terengganu fiasco, if the reports gathered are accurate, isn't it obvious that there were threats of protest resignations over the choice of the palace? Isn't it perfectly clear there were intentions to boycott a swearing-in ceremony should Ahmad Said be made MB instead of Idris Jusoh? Going by Hishammuddin's logic, wouldn't it be right to say that the people who wanted to do all that as "Derhaka" (Traitorous)?

Isn't it glaring that Muhammad Muhammad Taib has yet to repeat his statements on "Sultan upholding the Constitution" by insisting on HRH's own choice?

Isn't it glaring that Hishammuddin has yet to speak out on any "disloyalty to the King and Nation" should the boycotts and protest resignations be launched?

Isn't it glaring that the Sultan of Terengganu is symbolic of the Malay culture and the people involved in the "drama" are members of the so-called United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) in a Malay-majority land?

Shouldn't these "Defenders of the Malay race" protect the interests of the Malays signified by the Sultan and his choice in tandem with the words of its communal leaders Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Hishammuddin Hussein?

Where are these people who spoke loudly against the non-BN leaders when you need them to speak on the Terengganu issue?

One has got to practise what one preaches. Otherwise, would it be fair to name people who do not do as they expect of others as Hypocrites, "No Credibility", False Defenders for the Malays, Double Standard Practitioners?

It is not the role of this blogger to make a conclusion. These questions should be conveyed to Muhammad and Hishammuddin to answer. This blogger believes Malaysians are intelligent enough to uncover the truth.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Analysis on Cabinet 2008

Malaysiakini had published the Full list of 2008 cabinet .
For a free viewing of the cabinet list, you can go to The Malaysian Insider

I received an e-mail today. It is an analysis of Pak Lah's new cabinet.

Dear All,

First of all, I would like to congratulate Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi on his re-appointment as Prime Minister along with formation of his new cabinet.

Nevertheless, I am quite disappointed with this new formation of the cabinet and my voice speaks out to the whole nation. After losing the heavy battled election, Pak Lah should realize by now (a Chinese proverb saying that a man will be wise once he is older), that change is needed. He needs to get the support of people who are good in the art of government to back him up if he intends to further his political career and at the same time safeguarding the interests of Barisan Nasional, the governing party in Malaysia.

I love Malaysia and I do not want to see our country falter. The again, we should not fall behind due to the incompetency of our government officials. All we have is Malaysia Hope, Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Harmony and Malaysia Economy. As a nation, this is all we have. However, with the newly announced cabinet lineup, I fear that we are heading towards failure. Hope is all we have now:

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak – Deputy Prime Minister, Unfortunately, the ministry under his charge was implicated in a case of national, international and world-wide attention- and this case is still brewing with intrigue and scandals. Considering that the case is still unresolved in the Court, it is only prudent that he should not be re-appointed Defence Minister nor even Deputy Prime Minister. The C4 bomb in question in the case was used in the murder of Altantuya.

Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim – He is a newly appointed senator and has been involved in politics since 2000. Previously, he was the BN Member of Parliament of Kota Baharu in the state of Kelantan. However, the experience in governing is important because it sets apart the politician and the public administrator. Appointment in government as a full minister, is absolutely mind blowing. Everyone seeking an office as a Minister should go through the proper steps, firstly by becoming a Senator in the first term in the Dewan Negara, then Deputy Minister and then finally Minister.

Datuk Amirsham Abdul Aziz – I would give the similar reason and analysis of Zaid Ibrahim to this appointment. What is fascinating is that how does a banker get involved in the Prime Minister's Department of the Economic Planning Unit. He should be involved in the Ministry of Finance as they would benefit from his experience. Otherwise, he should be appointed Deputy Minister of Finance. Let's face it, he is more of a banker than a politician.

Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said – Her experience is managing the sports industry as a government portfolio rather than tourism. As such, she should be retained to continue the good work she has done thus far as Tourism Minister. The tourism industry in Malaysia has taken a hit from tourists preferring to go to Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore respectively. What Pak Lah should do is to bring someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in the tourism industry rather than someone who is more well versed in the sports industry.

Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib – With his previous charge in Australia, should we not be concerned with his integrity? I guess I would not want him as full fledged Minister but rather a Deputy Minister, push comes to shove. However, if Pak Lah insists it, then so be it. In addition, there is the concern is that as a fully fledged minister, one does wonder if there would be any swindling or breach of trust issues going on.

Datuk Liow Tiong Lai – Here is a person who is not a doctor, yet is appointed as Minister of Health. He has not a single prior experience in the healthcare industry. The Malaysian medical fraternity may question the issue of his appointment due to his lack of exposure in the healthcare. I do not think he is suitable yet then again, there are no qualified doctor cum politicians who is either an MP or a Senator.

Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique – Do we still need a Federal Territories Minister and considering that only 2 MP seats out of 12 are from BN? With 10 MP seats gone to the opposition there would be some policy making gridlock. I would suggest simply closing down the ministry as it is a waste of public funds.

If Pak Lah has any intelligence left, he would choose a minister with experience. The person should have experience in public administration affairs or an industrial background experience related to a particular ministry. We all know that a tiger eats meat, but now it seems that a tiger eats vegetable also.

Let us not forget that the economy has gone sluggish and crime has increased significantly since Pak Lah's ascendancy as Prime Minister in 2004. Let us all hope that this shrunken cabinet truly represents the peoples' interest.

Article by Steve Peter H S Kok

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cabinet 2008 Hot Seats

Malaysiakini had published the Full list of 2008 cabinet (Malaysia)
For a free viewing of the cabinet list, you can go to The Malaysian Insider

In my opinion, these are the hot seats extracted from the full list. Hot in the sense saddled with job-related problems or personality issues. Barisan Nasional is forming the government with a simple majority.

Minister : Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz
(Yes, he is still here. Let's hope there are less screams of Racist! Racist! Racist! and Bodoh! Bodoh! Bodoh! in the parliament)

Minister : Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Minister II : Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
(Oh dear, he is still here too. I am extremely worried now)

Minister : Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed
(Finally Samy is gone. My guess is there will be request to open up the accounts books. And we know BN is no longer 2/3 majority. Good luck Zin... hehehe)

Minister : Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek
(No more BN propaganda in MainStream Media, please. The people removed Abang Zam from the Ministry. So, please do your job well and do not make the public call you Minister of Mis-information)

Minister : Datuk Liow Tiong Lai
(Is Datuk Liow a doctor? I am not sure whether it is necessary for one to sit in here but I think some knowledge on clinical stuff may help. This department is normally besieged with big problematic issues. Good luck. Certainly not easy. Dr. Chua Soi Lek did it ok but I heard his job in this department was unfortunately limited by many red tapes)

Minister : Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen
(Lucky for the windfall. Luck in circumstances. I would prefer Shahrizat than this lady. Anyone still recall what she said about the intention of importing maids from China ? How about her remarks on the nude squat ladies? Not forgetting about Belly Dancing. Yeah, that is all I know. I'd be clear on this. I do not like Ng Yen Yen.)

Minister : Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique
(This is a case of one man, or rather two against 10 or so? As far as I can recall, only Putrajaya and Labuan were won by Barisan Nasional. Hahaha, good luck Zul. Tough days ahead. Real tough. Sleep well.)

Rafidah does not have any position. Samy will not be in the Parliament because he lost in Sungai Siput after these decades. Not a single person from Gerakan is appointed as Minister. I am writing the comments above based on personal opinion anyway. Can't wait for Parliament to start presiding.

Picture from . Jed Yoong wrote about the "Prestation" of Muhd. Muhd. Taib, new Minister of Rural and Regional Development Minister.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Last Sensible Man from UMNO (Yes, There is Such A Thing)

Yes, the kind is rare. Endangered species. Certainly worth to make a mention. Malaysiakini posted Zaid: Stop pitting Malays against non-Malays by Nash Rahman & Chan Kok Leong on Mar 14, 08 4:33pm
Important excerpt :
" Former Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim has called on politicians - both government and opposition - to stop fueling racial sentiments in the wake of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition's unprecedented election setback.

“The political landscape has shifted so much and it's a dangerous time for mischievous people and racists in this country to exploit,” he told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview.

“At this stage, when it's still a very volatile, (with) our ethnic relations not good and national unity non-existent, both sides should avoid political grandstanding and emotive outbursts.”

Zaid, who was not picked to defend his Kota Bahru parliament seat, revealed that he had received a lot of SMSes lamenting that the Malays had lost political power.

“And the mainstream media are not helping matters either when they say that the Malays have lost the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. We've just lost an election, for God's sake. And there is another election coming.

“Don't get emotional. We've another four years. If the Barisan Nasional does its job then we can win again.” "


Now read these other posts on Zaid Ibrahim :
1) Haris Ibrahim : YB Zaid, you don’t belong in UMNO!
2) Rocky's Bru : Zaid Dropped

Yup, I am as shocked as Haris Ibrahim. According to Rocky's Bru (Ahiruddin Attan) post, Zaid Ibrahim , previously a Member of Parliament was dropped from contesting in Kota Bahru in the recent Election. Come to think of it, could this be a blessing in disguise judging by the poor performance of Barisan Nasional this time around (denied 2/3, lost 5 states in Election 2008)

Perhaps, it is true that Malaysia is experiencing brain drain. It is only time before he moves on. Barisan Rakyat should absorb him (provided they don't self-destruct). Otherwise, would he be good on the other side of the fence, UMNO to speak up and balance off all the keris-wielding , amok shoutings of supremacy ?

One would never know. Until Barisan Nasional changes its stance, my opinion is Zaid will forever be placed in the underdog category for his non-racial stance and intelligent debates on national issues. We have lots of Hishamuddins and Nazris type in UMNO but certainly not Zaids.

Rare species, endangered. May be extinct soon. Preserve while alive.

Criticising DAP

This blog will return to the state of neutrality. It is high time for that. Why?

Being a supporter of the unofficial opposing front of Barisan Rakyat ( PKR-DAP-PAS ) , I find it disheartening to read about the blunders made by all these parties specifically DAP.

In order to make things work and not waste my four years of hope of forming an alternative front to have a check-and-balance governance, I think I need to do my part to remove all sorts of chauvinism , be it from the religious (Islam, Christian, Buddhist) or racial (Malays, Chinese, Indians) point-of-view.

I hate to do all these but I think it is necessary because over the past 5 days, I have been reading all these stupid actions which is totally absurd. If one wants to be a Government, one needs to act like a Government. One can't do it as if one is still an Opposition party !

The very first party I would not like but have to criticise is the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Issue 1: Perak MB and Excos Dispute
First of all, just when I thought the Menteri Besar Perak issue was over and by 4 or 5 p.m. the swearing-in would take place, I reached home from work only to check out Malaysiakini and found the ceremony cancelled !

Now, the main reason for Perak MB's swearing-in put off is because of another disagreement on top of an earlier one on the appointment of a PAS MB instead of a DAP MB (who holds the most seat in the state)

According to Malaysiakini :
" But in another twist of never-ending problems, PKR today issued a statement threatening to pull out from the state administration on hearing that eight of the 10 executive council posts will go to DAP while the remaining two going to other parties.

Originally it is believed that an agreement was made whereby DAP would get six exco posts and two each for PKR and PAS.

However, there was a last-minute change where DAP was given eight seats in the exco, while PKR one and PAS one. "

Now, who is that "brilliant" person who suggested DAP to take eight seats? I cannot conclude if it is DAP is the one who insisted but looking at the situation, the party that would get the most advantage is DAP with an increase of 6 excos to 8 excos .

Okay, regardless of what it is, we should all not harbour that kind of greediness ! The most that you should take is 7. PKR should retain 2 and PAS 1. No more 8-1-1 . That is very unfair to PKR, who is holding the second highest number of seats.

Why can't these parties discuss before doing anything like deciding on a swearing-in ceremony? DAP, now tell me what the hell are you doing? First, because you were not careful, words said about DAP CEC not giving mandates to PAS MB is damaging the unity of the PKR-DAP-PAS loose coalition, giving a leverage to mainstream media for a happy moment of criticising. Then, whoever that greedy person is , 6-2-2 becomes 8-1-1 . Now, that will be a second set of bashing. Goodness gracious !

Issue 2: Short-Sighted Demonstrators
Furthermore, Malaysia Today reported in the article Yellow card for the opposition :

" Supporters of Teng Chang Khim, Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu are locked in battle. Each has their clique that wants to see their candidate installed as the Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. But there is no Deputy Menteri Besar post and His Highness the Sultan of Selangor will not appoint one. So why bother to squabble over who should be the candidate to fill a post that does not exist? Yesterday, Teng's supporters held a demonstration to demand that their man gets appointed as the Deputy Menteri Besar. In spite of the announcement that there shall not be any Deputy Menteri Besar, today, they plan to hold another demonstration and MCA and Gerakan are going to send their supporters to help Teng mobilise a crowd of 10,000 to prove that his support is overwhelming. Can we please remember this name and come next election we send him to where Zakaria Deros now resides? "

Well, is that really necessary? That is so ugly. First, such position does not exist. Second, I am sorry I have to be rude, not to the MPs but to the supporters : Are you mad, stupid or something ? You are demonstrating for a position that does not exist. Third, another question to the supporters : do you know that your actions are not doing any good to the name of the party as well as the members? I thank God that His Majesty, Sultan Selangor is polite and understanding enough not to shout away the demonstration. Fourth, do you have brains? Oh great, now MCA and Gerakan are helping you. Do you think they are helping you to achieve your goals or to highlight your insolence? If you said it is the former, I will not be surprised.

I am sorry but I have to say this. I think a portion of DAP supporters are out of their mind, think only of themselves, short-sighted and do not think of the bigger picture before they act. Likewise, please take out all that primadonna attitude. It is really sickening.

Issue 3: Insensitive to Malays
DAP has to know that it is now A GOVERNMENT in two states. Frankly, I do not like the idea of the early announcement of the NEP abolition. PKR has an alternative Agenda Baru to assist the poor of all races. No one would be marginalised. Why can't the Penang GOVERNMENT announce the abolition of NEP coinciding with the launching of Agenda Baru ? Why can't it be announced after a new solid coalition between DAP-PKR-PAS is formed? Why should the announcement be premature?

DAP has to understand its success in 2008 is through the support of many Malay comrades. The community had shunned DAP for so many decades until the overwhelming internet campaigning and spirit of nationalism make them give a chance to the party. It is a chance of a lifetime. When you speak or do something, you have to think of the Malays as well. DAP can't use the "MP being jailed for championing one Malay girl" issue forever as a justification for their effort.

It is about the way you speak and the timing planned. DAP has to be pragmatic. DAP has to read "The Malay Dilemma" by Dr. Mahathir . Yes, you may not agree that he is a good guy and you may not want to view the affirmative action section but there are many other points that you need to read in order to understand how the Malays feel. Therein lies the secret that you can vest to help the people and gain their permanent and not temporary support.

DAP MPs have to be careful with the words used to describe matters of Islam and issues related with Malays. This is not about racism but the method of communication. Remember, DAP is a political party. MPs are politicians. Politics is all about perception. Your choice of words will affect perceptions. Every culture has their own flow of thought.

updated 16 March 2008 2.22 a.m.
The Star had just reported Penang CM did not say he would do away with NEP, says DAP chairman

He said Lim’s statement on March 11 after being sworn in as Chief Minister, that he wanted to run the state government administration free from the NEP that breeds cronyism, corruption and systematic inefficiency, does not amount to sedition.

Malaysia Today reported
21 NGO Islam puas hati penjelasan KM P.Pinang mengenai kedudukan Melayu dan Islam (21 Islam NGOs are satisfied with the explanation of Penang Chief Minister on the position of Malays and Islam)

I still think that Lim Guan Eng should be careful on the usage of words as there are many people out there who wants to see the failure of a non-Gerakan governance in Penang therefore would engineer an oust.

DAP has to wake up. I would like to see Barisan Rakyat to be succesful but everyone has to tolerate and collaborate.

If one wants to be a Government, one needs to act like a Government. One can't do it as if one is still an Opposition party !

P.S. Sagaladoola is not associated or a member of any political organisation. Sagaladoola is still a supporter of Barisan Rakyat for the time being. Sagaladoola would not like to be placed in a position for running a massive "Criticism Campaign" on Barisan Rakyat. Please do not put him in a spot.

Next : Criticising PAS, PKR

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barisan Rakyat Coming Into One Piece ?

Husam Musa wrote in his page Tiada rundingan dengan BN - Husam (No discussions with BN)

Excerpt (in Bahasa Melayu):
TIADA sebarang rundingan diadakan dengan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk membentuk kerajaan campuran tegas Naib Presiden PAS, Dato' Husam Musa.

Beliau juga memberi amaran akan mengambil tindakan termasuk dipecat dari menjadi ahli PAS jika terdapat individu yang cuba untuk membawa PAS menyertai Umno.

There is no discussion being held with Barisan Nasional (BN) to form a mixed government, Vice President of PAS, Dato' Husam Musa stated.

He gave a stern warning that actions will be taken, which may include membership cancellation should any individual is found trying to bring PAS into joining UMNO.

That is a good effort from Dato' Husam Musa. This is what I consider as leadership with clear direction. It is good that the Vice President can look ahead and see the bigger picture.

This is a good sign for Barisan Rakyat. PKR and DAP have to be cooperative as well. reported Malaysia: I Never Think Of Joining Other Parties, Says Anwar

"Yes, there are parties asking their people came and lobbied me to join them. I met them with an open-manner. I am willing to exchange opinions with them. But I never think of joining other parties, UMNO or Barisan Nasional forever and ever," he told reporters in a press conference here, today.

"I never think of it and I never think of joining UMNO or Barisan Nasional (BN)," he said.

Anwar Ibrahim is the representative from PKR.

Meanwhile Malaysiakini reported that Ramasamy was sworn in as deputy Chief Minister in Penang . This is the first time an Indian has been awarded such a high post in Malaysia.

updated 3.27 p.m.
Read Nat Tan's Have a little faith on the words of PAS on the Menteri Besar Perak items. It seems that there is no major disagreement yet between PAS and DAP . A praise for PAS on being gentleman and understanding (especially Dato' Husam Musa). This will encourage more trust from non-Muslims on PAS . Now, who said PAS is extreme? UMNO is extreme but not PAS. At least PAS doesn't wield keris and shout on the Perak MB issue.

updated 11.55 p.m.
Disagreements appeared. Lim Kit Siang posted No DAP CEC mandate for PAS Menteri Besar in Perak after Malaysiakini announced PAS' Nizar is new Perak MB . However, commenters in Lim Kit Siang's blog claimed they are willing to look at a greater picture and cause and able to accept the fact that the new MB of Perak would be from PAS. Bear in mind that the choice of PAS is made by the regent.

Which Toyol Paper-Shredded Selangor State Files?

Susan Loone's blog reported destroying state files is a crime!

However, Bernama posted Khir Speaks Out After Four-day Silence :
At the press conference, Mohamad Khir also refuted allegations that the BN government had destroyed important documents before handing over the government leadership to the coalition government.

Nothing to hide, I’m very transparent. Don't create nonsensical stories, everything is in order," he said.

Previously, BN @ Barisan Nasional was the government of the state of Selangor. After the 12th General Election, 50 years after independence, BN lost Selangor to the coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS .

In the aforementioned state, BN is now the Opposition and PKR-DAP-PAS is the Government . Md Khir Toyo was the previous Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor and the place where the documents was shredded was his old office.

The 2nd picture above reveals a stack of files. The labels on the files consistently have the words "Mesyuarat Majlis Kewangan" (Financial "Group" Meeting) printed on them. The years written there are 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 . Those are the years that you were working in Selangor as a Menteri Besar.

So, Md Khir Toyo, if it was not you, the ex-Menteri Besar, then which Toyol destroyed those papers? Who will be disadvantaged by the content of the documents if it was not you? Another question, is your name in any of the documents shredded? Khir Toyo, don't you think an investigation should be made to clear your name and the misunderstanding?

Hmmnnnn .... ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zakaria Died !

Malaysiakini reported Controversial politician Zakaria Deros dies on Mar 11, 08 10:30am
Former Port Klang assembly person Zakaria Md Deros died early today after suffering a heart attack.
-> Heart attack the cause
-> Dropped for election

Malaysia is never short of shocking news these days ! There was the sex scandal and as if the 12th General Election is not shocking enough, the latest says Zakaria Deros of the infamous Istana Idaman in Klang controversy died !

Right after the announcement of election results, my friends and I were talking about launching investigation on officers. Someone mentioned the name Zakaria and his Istana Idaman. Everybody seconded that would be the best and prominent name to start. Other Malay, Chinese and Indian friends said the same but who would have thought this .........

Anyway, condolences to the family of the deceased.

What kind of news will come next I wonder. The new Members will preside in Parliament tomorrow. Certainly interesting, with new faces like Sivarasa Rasiah, Tian Chua, Jeff Ooi, Gobind Singh Deo and Hannah Yeoh. "Bocor", "Bodoh", "Kera Jantan" would be there too minus "Zam Mamak", "Badutdin" and "Monyet".

Bloggers would be very happy to see the disappearance of "Zam Mamak" from the Parliament. Wonder who will take over the Information Minister role. "Kera Jantan" ? All of a sudden, I feel cold and my hair stood up.

Pragmatism, Chinese, Barisan Rakyat Unity

Election 2008 : History And Voting Style
Election 2008 had just completed. Barisan Rakyat, in which the civil organisations and certain citizens term the PKR , DAP and PAS parties managed to deny Barisan Nasional two-third majority for the second time since 1969. The success is more pronounced with 5 states falling into the hands of Barisan Rakyat. Now, this is happening for the very first time in history. In 1969, only 2 states were taken by non-BN parties.

There must be some reasons that Barisan Nasional had lost so many seats. The main reason is, of course, as everybody knows, the "no confidence" in the Pak Lah Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Hadhari Administration. This guy here created two major historical moments in Malaysia within two terms of his leadership.

1) Biggest win for a single political coalition (BN) in Malaysian history : Election 2004.

2) Biggest loss for a single political coalition (BN) in Malaysian history : Election 2008.

Other than Pak Lah's poor performance, is there any other reason? I would say it has something to do with the citizens. In 1969, seats were cut out in the form of racial proportions. Malay areas would have PAS contesting as opposition. Non-Muslim areas will see Gerakan (opposition back in 1969) or any other non-Muslim parties contesting. Victory was easily assured because of such grouping in constituents.

After 1969, most constituents have a somehow balanced racial distribution due to government's plan execution of integrating the Malaysian community. However, this posed a problem for parties with ethno-centric outlook. Barisan Nasional looked better for having all parties representation with all sorts of ethnicity within its coalition. If there are three-cornered fights, it would be easy for Barisan Nasional to win. Such scenario was common. Yes, it was, until 2008.

Barisan Rakyat made sure each seat will only have one representative from the opposition party. People have woken up. They have discarded the divisive racial and religious mentality and collaboratively opted for the opposition parties during election. People have realised that they need to do something useful to save the nation.

Minussing PKR, which is a multiracial party in its outlook, 2008 witnessed non-Muslims voting for PAS and Malays voting for DAP. Previously, such an incident somehow looks taboo and unable to happen. Perhaps, I have underestimated fellow Malaysians. It is time for the Malays, Chinese and Indians to hold hands and work together. Blaming each other's religions and races will bring us nowhere. We have to sit down and talk and kick out anyone or any parties that seek to use divide-and-rule strategy on the people. Question the leadership.

Breaking Barisan Rakyat Unity Using PAS
Malaysiakini posted PAS wins big with gentler image: analysts . I would believe this as true. Some important excerpts to justify :

a) Hadi Awang said there would not be any dramatic changes for non-Muslims in the new PAS-ruled Kedah, unlike when it took over Kelantan in 1990, and it intended to respect minority rights.

b) "Whatever we (restrict), it will be in consultation with the various races living in these states," he said. "Whatever is allowed by their religion we will not interfere in but what is banned in Islam, we will forbid for Muslims."

c) "Being the party of Islamic scholars, PAS will now have to tread a much more moderate line in ensuring that they can form a coalition with the DAP," he (Husam Musa) said.

According to Malaysia Today, someone has started to spread rumours to break the newly-found Barisan Rakyat unity. I have heard from somewhere that certain mainstream media lapdogs machinery have started to function. Yet again, will Malaysians be divided?

In The aftermath of the 'bloodbath' , Raja Petra wrote this piece :

Now, with regards to the talk floating around that Tok Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang has announced that Kedah is going to introduce Hudud laws; this is not true. Tok Guru confirmed he never made such an announcement. The trouble is, many of you wear these 'boycott the mainstream media' T-shirts yet you still read and believe what the mainstream media spins. Would you become terrible offended if I shout 'Bodoh punya orang!'? I really don't know what else to shout under these circumstances.

Let me repeat what I have said many, many times in the past. PAS does not have 150 seats in Parliament. In fact, PAS, DAP and PKR combined do not have 150 seats in Parliament. Read my lips. “PAS NEEDS 150 SEATS IN PARLIAMENT TO CHANGE THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY OR OF THE STATES!”

Anyway, 150 seats or no 150 seats, PAS does not intend to introduce Islamic laws, PERIOD.

Pragmatic Should Be the Word
For those not in the know, PAS only contested in 60 parliamentary seats, of which, not all were won. That is not even half of the two-third majority (150 seats) needed to form a government.

I believe PAS understands that it has to work with other parties (DAP and PKR). PAS is pragmatic enough to adjust itself. Now, there is no Islamic State. Its Manifesto for 2008 is Welfare State (Negara Berkebajikan), which, in a way is feasible and fair to people not from the Muslim community as well.

Reading the statements above, PAS is practical enough to consult non-Muslim communities before implementing any form of law or making any final decision. It is only concerned with Muslims. Hadi Awang has said it. There is always DAP and PKR to rely on.

We should all understand PAS has survived all this while because there is still support from Muslims. They believe that this party can fight for their cause. It is similar to DAP. Although there are people who speak about its irrelevance, we have to know DAP exists until this very day because there is support from the public. We can't just simply "deny" PAS and DAP and think they would disappear into thin air. That is not really sensible. I think DAP may be willing to be pragmatic but the problem rests not with the party but its supporters.

The latest method from certain lapdogs is to break the understanding between PAS and non-Muslim supporters. The way of doing it is easy. Since the mainstream media is controlled by Somebody, Somebody would play all these classic 1980s (28 years ago) stuff, painting PAS in an extreme way to the non-Muslims. For the Muslims, certain Malay papers could be made to paint DAP as this chauvinistic chinese party who will demand for everything and suppress the Malays. Standard divide-and-rule approach. The idea may be old but who knows it may work?

Anything minor or potentially exploitable will be capitalised. For instance, the Menteri Besar of Perak decision. Actually, the truth is, PAS havs just nominated a candidate for Menteri Besar. Due to the nature that the Perak state majority can only be established through the combination of 3 opposition parties, each party would provide a candidate for the Sultan of Perak to choose and DAP only said they would discuss with PKR for decision on a related issue.

Somebody actually tried to make it look like PAS and DAP cannot agree on anything. The point is, the spin doctor failed to realise PAS proposing a candidate and DAP discussing with PKR on this issue doesn't mean they are disagreeing. It is not logic to paint it that way. Of course, this show is catered for the non-Muslim audience of which a portion may be stupid enough to think DAP does not want PAS candidate to become the MB of Perak therefore a decision has yet to be made.

The Chinese often said the community is pragmatic. From the way I see it, this may not be the case. If they are far-sighted enough, they would have seen through the trick easily. Indians are more open to PAS and Malays to DAP than Chinese with PAS. To change one's fate, one has to collaborate with others. Perhaps it is high time to write about the kiasi and short-sightedness of Malaysian Chinese. Should add one more term too : "Not Pragmatic".

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thank you Bloggers !

Rocky's Bru posted this :
Sunday, March 09, 2008
Dr M: Thank you, bloggers
This morning, after telling Pak Lah to take responsibility for the BN's heavy losses in yesterday's general election, Dr Mahathir said while we shook hands: "Someone told me that we should thank bloggers ... I don't know for what." He said it with a cheeky smile.A lady blogger behind me managed, "You're welcomed".

Hehehe . Well, there are no statistics to prove this but I would like to say Malaysian bloggers are Malaysian citizens who are concerned with the nation. This is the same group of people who go out and vote, spend time to read news, analyse the socio-political and economic situation in Malaysia and write articles on them. This is the same group of people who speak to their friends, forward e-mail and do voluntary work for the benefit of the nation.

I would say, never underestimate the power of the people. I suppose this could be a lesson learned for Zainuddin Maidin , the EX-Information Minister of Malaysia. He is an ex-now, he lost in the election. Perhaps, now he has more time to try on blogging to discover its phenomenal influence. That is, provided he does not use internet solely for the purpose of "booking airlines ticket".

With the advent of internet technology, citizens are able to know the news from "both sides of a story". News is no longer something controllable. Ironically, even bloggers made it into the parliament as candidates. Certainly amazing.

Election 2008 is historical by itself. Barisan Nasional was terribly denied a 2/3 majority, a feat achieved only in 1969 before that. 5 states, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah fell to DAP, PAS, PKR. I am still on a high as if I have just finished 20 cups of coffee, that kind of feeling. Hehehe. I slept at 5.30 a.m. in the morning. Everyone was so excited and shocked !

I would like to express gratitude to the people who established Malaysiakini , Malaysia Today (Raja Petra Kamaruddin), Mob1900, Bakaq @ Penarik Baca, What a Lulu for their efforts.

We should be loyal to our nation and make sure everything is alright ! Bloggers Unite !

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Terima Kasih dan Syabas Rakyat Malaysia !

Poster from mob1900 -> Barisan Rakyat: Terima-Kasih & Syabas!

Looks like the results are starting to appear. It is time to see how the People's Power works. No matter what the results are, congratulations to all elected ones. Thank you as well for those who blogged in Malaysiakini .

Syabas Kawan-kawan Semua ......

Malays , Chinese , Indians United ! Bersatulah Rakyat Malaysia !

We must remember to take care of the Elections Commission Chief Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman after this on the last minute indelible ink cancellation.

Friday, March 07, 2008

First-Time Voters Guide and RCER Petition

I was requested to post this subject : People Are The Boss : How do you vote? A Picture Guide for First-timers?

Thank you to the person for producing such an important document. However, I was told that the boxes above will be transparent and there will be no serial number on the election slip this coming election.

By right, Malaysia is supposed to use indellible ink for Election 2008. It was even agreed upon in the first place. However, this fella, Election Commission Chief by the name of Rashid Abdul Rahman made a mind-boggling last minute about-turn decision of revoking the usage of the ink with an explanation which sounds more like an excuse than a reason. Not a single point from the main four points of BERSIH demands are being fulfilled.

One wonders why he did not make a proper research on this issue earlier before making a decision months back. I hope Barisan Nasional people will forgive him on this issue. I condemn the moves of Vandals who splashed paint on the election chief's house.

Meanwhile, if you feel you should support a Royal Commission for Electoral Reform (RCER), you can sign the petition here. Someone informed me on this by e-mail:

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported Nine buses stopped by PAS in T'ganu ( Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Mar 7, 08 11:11am )
Allegedly, PAS supporters in Terengganu stopped the buses near Kuala Ibai this morning on suspicion these were ferrying phantom voters for the general election tomorrow. MORE
-> Believed to be students
-> PAS to hold PC

To all, please vote wisely tomorrow ......

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Barisan Somua Naik Election Discussion

This is a piece of good news for Malaysians :
Malaysiakini goes free for one week (Mar 4, 08 2:02pm)
updated 9.20pm In view that the country is going to the polls on Saturday, Malaysiakini has decided to make its website free beginning today for the next seven days.MORE
-> Reaching out to all
-> Growth in readership

Meanwhile, let's enjoy something I found in my e-mail this morning.....

Once upon a time, in a faraway nation called Bolehsial, various organisational leaders of Barisan Somua Naik discuss the up and coming election.

Bapak Tidor: This is the last meeting we are going to have before I make my decision on who our candidates are. First of all, I would like to thank KY-Cream Air Liur of Parti Gelak or voluntarily backing out. You are truly gentlemen. Anyone else wants to back out? Think of the party, not of yourself.

C4-Jeep: I think Semmi Value should back out la.

Semmi Value: Apa Pasai? Why you think I should back out? Why not you?

C4-Jeep: You are a liability to Parti YindYind and Barisan Somua Naik la Semmi Value, accept it la.

Semmi Value: What do you mean liability? Give me proof?

Krissham: Ayo Semmi Value, our intelligence report say, we will lose almost 100% of YindYind votes if you still lead Parti YindYind. If you get lost, maybe we can bring it down to 60%.

Semmi Value: Bapak Tidor, don't listen to this two young punks la. Let me read this report just sent to me. After extensive intelligence gathering, we find that 20% of the YindYinds hated Semmi Value. Ha, only 20% la, where got 100%?

BodoBodoBodo: Hey Semmi Value I also got the same report la. Why don't you continue?

Semmi Value: Okay, I'll continue, 40% cannot stand to see his face and 35% will kill him if they were to meet him. 5% believe that he is a good leader. Ha, I still got 5% what?

Bapak Tidor: Come on la Semmi Value, you've been around for a long time already; you have made your money. You are even richer than me, so back out la. Think of the party la Semmi Value.

Semmi Value: Yes, I am richer than you but C4-Jeep, 2 deals only is already richer than me, why not ask him also to go? His submarine and Sohai, I mean Sohoi. Anunya also make him a liability what.

C4-Jeep: It looks like me, it sounds like me but it is not me. Kau diam, Semmi !

Bapak Tidor: I know that one, but he is from Parti MakNor, that is the difference. The Merr-yus will accept corrupt Merr-yu leaders, as long as they potong, its okay.

Semmi Value: Oh, kalu chunik potong kalu, berapa banyak rasuah pun takpa ka? Mana adil ini macam Bapak Tidor?

C4-Jeep: That is the way it is in this country Semmi Value. We all from Parti MakNor got immunity, you people, tadak potong punya, don't.

Semmi Value: No, saya akan tetap bertanding.

K-Vee: Adei Semmi Value, listen to them la, what they say is true la. Don't talk about justice all la, as if you are concerned about justice. This is not the place to be talking about justice la old man. We want to win. If that means you will be dropped then so be it.

Semmi Value: Dei K-Vee, ass, you just shut up la. You budak lagi la, you apa tau? What you want to be champions of the YindYinds ka? If I am forced to back out, I make sure you go down with me. Hey, Mahatin also cannot force me out la.

K-Vee: Tengok Bapak Tidor, tadak guna punya YindYind. Think of himself only. Just shoot him la Bapak Tidor, don't give chance. C4-Jeep, itu C4 lagi ada ka? Mari kita sekarang taroh itu C4 sama dia. Cilakak punya orang.

Krissham: Yes, Yes, Yes. Correct, correct, correct...

KY-Cream Air Liur: Semmi Value ah, enough la. So long already you in the cabinet. You want to stay until you die ka? What you think they will bury you in the Makam Pahlawan ka? Every time people curse you la. Now even your own race cannot stand you, give up la Semmi Value. Come join me la. We all retire. After all, we are not sure if we are going to win this time around. Barisan Somua Naik also not sure going to win or not.

Bapak Tidor: What are you talking about Ky-Cream? Why you say like that? Lu jaga lu punya mulut ah Apek.

KY-Cream Air Liur: No la Bapak Tidor, If everyone wants to deny us 2/3 majority, then all of them would not vote us la. We may lose more than just 1/3 la. Haiya, that one also cannot see ah?

Bapak Tidor: Maybe the Zhina or YindYinds la KY-Cream, not the Merr-yus la. The Merr-yus love Parti MakNor.

KY-Cream Air Liur: Are you sure ah Bapak Tidor? Now, even the Zhina and YindYinds are willing to vote Parti Yisleh if it is the only opposition available to them, don't you think that there would be Merr-yus willing to vote Parti Demo? Don't be foolish la Bapak Tidor. Until now still cannot get negeri Kerangdon despite all the dirty tricks. Who are majority voters in Kerangdon? Merr-yus la, some more what.

Bapak Tidor: Betoi ka dia kata tu C4-Jeep?

C4-Jeep: Jangan dengar cakap orang tua penyembur tu la Bapak Tidor. Orang Merr-yu takkan lupa Parti MakNor punya. Orang Merr-yu rela mati untuk Parti MakNor.

BodoBodoBodo: Ntah la, ada lojik jugak cakap KY-Cream tu. Memang la orang Merr-yu rela mati untuk Parti MakNor tapi rela ka dia mati untuk kita?

Bapak Tidor: Apa yang orang Merr-yu tak puaih hati lagi dengan kita? Kita bagi macam-macam kat depa, apa lagi dia mau?

Kata-noThing: Lu mau tau ka? Dia olang tengok sumua itu Parti MakNor punya olang besar manyak kaya. Bikin lumah banyak besar. Keleta 4, 5, sumua mahal-mahal punya. Dulu punya Merr-yu punya Parti MakNor punya olang tak buat itu macam. Kalau dia kaya pun, dia tak tunjuk sama olang. Sekalang punya Parti MakNor punya olang manyak sombong oh. Dia kaya, dia selalu tunjuk. Dia tak takot punya. Itu olang Merr-yu biasa tak suka la ini macam punya sombong punya olang.

BodoBodoBodo: Kata-noThing, lu pulak macam mana? Apa, salah ka dia beli rumah besar dan kereta besar? Apa orang Zihna saja ka buleh beli rumah besar. Bapak Tidor, letak Kata-noThing kat Tanjong tengok. Jom kita tengok orang Zihna suka kat dia ka tak?

KY-Cream Air Liur: Tak salah, tapi baru 2, 3 hari jadi menteri sudah kaya ka? Dia punya gaji berapa? Dulu jaga gate keretapi sekarang boleh bikin Istana, orang tak heran ka la Bapak Tidor? Your weakness ah, is that you think the Merr-yus are stupid. They are not la Bapak Tidor. Many have opened their eyes la. Many are not ignorant anymore.

Bapak Tidor: Alah, kalau kalah pun, kalah sikit saja. Close one eye lar (*Blink blink*)

KY-Cream Air Liur: Sorry ha Bapak Tidor if I say something. You have been sleeping too much, you have lost touch with reality.

Bapak Tidor: I think ah KY-Cream, you don't resign la. This year you stand in Bermatang Baoh, mau ka?

Semmi Value: Bapak Tidor, saya macam mana?

Bapak Tidor: Meeting adjourn la, semua balik dulu. Saya mengantok ni. Nanti lain kali la. zzzzz.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Carol Chew's Sexist Billboards : NGOs and Seputeh Reacted

Previously I posted the entry Woman Sexist Against Another Woman in Seputeh . Carol Chew of MCA enacted several billboards around Seputeh in a campaign against Teresa Kok of DAP.

Oh Carol, what have you done? Now, you are in trouble. The major Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) has started condemning your actions. People of Seputeh are already alert on this. It is only 5 days away from the Big Day 080308.

CIJ's Stand (got this in my mailbox)
CIJ condemns BN sexist approach to attack opponent

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) condemns the tactics used by MCA candidate for Seputeh Carol Chew in launching extremely sexist billboards against her opponent from DAP and incumbent Teresa Kok.

Chew was said to have launched the billboards which depict Kok as a "loose woman" who would two time her constituents.

"It is very disappointing that Chew, herself a woman, has stooped so low to attack her political opponent. Chew is like her colleagues in the Barisan Nasional who show disrespect to women and thrive in a patriarchal and sexist environment.

"We urge Chew to remove the billboards and apologise to Kok and all women in Malaysia as we take offence to the kind of politics the BN chooses to promote," said CIJ executive director Gayathry Venkiteswaran.

She said there is no meaning to the BN's decision of fielding more women candidates if it does not promote gender sensitive candidates, be they men or women. It is doubtful that the BN will be able to advance gender equality as their agenda if their candidates do not make an attempt to challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination.

Gayathry also expressed regret to the aggressive treatment shown to representatives of the Women's Candidacy Initiative 2 (WCI2) who were attempting to meet Sungai Siput incumbent and MIC president S. Samy Vellu on Sunday.

According to reports in Malaysiakini, the women were shoved and had their placards damaged as they tried to ask Samy Vellu his stand on gender equality.

"The agenda by WCI and the experiences faced by women show that there is an urgent need to demand for greater gender equality. If candidates like MCA's Chew cannot prove that they are different from their peers, then they must be rejected," she said.

JAG's Stand
From Sassy MP and Malaysiakini : Kok raps rival over ’sexist’ posters

Conduct ethical campaigns

In a related development, the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) today expressed its disappointment with the two cartoon-styled billboards in the Seputeh constituency.

JAG said that the billboards depicted Kok in a manner that degraded her as a woman and trivialized her work as an MP.

“The sexualized cartoons of her (in a tight, bright red dress, red high heels and flitting from one “lover” to the next) sets women up as sex objects,” said the group in a statement.

“Sexist comments demean women and when made in relation to their work, violate their right to a safe working environment.

“This incident highlights again the need for mandatory gender sensitisation programmes for all members of political parties and MPs,” it added.

JAG urged all political parties to conduct their election campaigns on a more ethical basis.

People of Seputeh's Stand
Protest Against Sexist Caricature Bill Board

Teresa Kok's statements : This morning I called a press conference together with a group of residents and supporters at Happy Garden adjacent to the two offending sexist caricature on bill boards erected by MCA Seputeh. In reply, we have put up a banner with Chinese and English wordings stating: “MCA uses women to discriminate women”

Some women folks who came to the press conference were most enraged over the offending caricatures which appeared in the China Press today and took the MCA to task in the presence of many journalists.

Quite a number of reporters and photographers showed up, including main stream media like the Utusan Malaysia, The Star, NST, RTM2 Mandarin News and etc.

I told the press that I was quite surprised that Carol Chew has launched these sexist carricatures on bill boards. I said I was disappointed shocked that Carol told the China press yesterday that she did not find the caricatures as sexist or humiliating to women when it was explicitly offensive to women and more so defamatory.

Carol, I believe the females and residents of Seputeh area are waiting for your apology.

Updated 4th March 2008, 11.16 a.m.
The sexist billboards have been removed. The public is still waiting for an apology.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Woman Sexist Against Another Woman in Seputeh

... and I thought only men are sexist against women.

Picture from Jed Yoong's Seputeh Seat Sizzles .

I would like to plead to Carol Chew Chee Lin, age 27 of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) which is a component party of Barisan Nasional (BN) to use a more gracious way of campaigning. As a person of the opposing party in Seputeh, you can attempt to question Teresa's capabilities but please respect an individual from the same sex.

Carol should bear in mind that Seputeh people are educated enough to know sexism is unacceptable. I recalled there was one particular year someone actually made a highly sexist remark on a lady. Seputeh people were deeply shocked. That guy lost in the election terribly. I hope that is not Carol's aspiration for her first ever election but one would never know what is on another's mind.

I wonder whether Carol would like it if Seputeh people were to discriminate her on the basis that she is young and new therefore stereotype her as incapable? That wouldn't be fair to her, right? I urge the Seputeh people not to judge Carol based on that.

I respect and trust that capable ladies can manage two seats with the help of her assistants. I am willing to give it a try. Besides, Gobind Singh Deo is contesting in Puchong.

Please read Teresa Kok's recent post : Carol Chew Made Sexist Cartoon Billboard Against Me . Please check out whether Malaysiakini is featuring this piece of news .....

To Be Fair To PAS, DAP, PKR : Divide and Rule Strategy

I found out part of my article PAS, Samy, Hindu Temple Demolition was published on Husam Musa's (of PAS) blog. Husam Musa made a copy of an original article from Anak Bapa blog : PAS dan Isu Kebebasan Beragama (PAS and the Issue of Religious Freedom)

Husam Musa's article :

Much has been promoted in the mainstream media on PAS being an intolerant party. PAS has been terribly tarnished by certain parties without much chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public. Are those who tarnished PAS as a 100% intolerant Islamist group the same parties that tarnished DAP as a 100% intolerant chinese chauvinist group and PKR as a 100% party made only for Anwar? Who is the main power behind all these things gets the most advantage from doing all that? These are questions that we should ponder.

Teresa Kok just held a press conference slamming a mainstream press who twisted her words. Allegedly, the press tried to put this DAP candidate against PAS on ethics. Teresa Kok did not even utter any form of statements on PAS during her campaigning. According to her blog , she is considering legal action on this mainstream local press if an official apology is not given for putting words in her mouth.

Somebody created the impression that PAS is very intolerant towards other religions. However, the biggest Buddha statue in South East Asia is in Kelantan, a state controlled by PAS. How can that be happening if PAS is intolerant? PAS could have actually demolished it 18 years back when it first assumed control. Besides that, PAS did not declare any fatwa to disallow any contruction of worship places of other religions. PAS even gave out permits. Even Hindraf leader, Uthayakumar, who is born in Kelantan said he does not bear any grudges with PAS because PAS does not tear down Hindu temples in gangster-like manners. PAS Chairman of national unity, Mujahid Yusof Rawa disagrees with violent treatment and proposes diplomacy on temple issues. Pork is still on sale in Kelantan for non-Muslims. Males and females swim in the same swimming pool. People regardless of gender queue up in the same line. PAS did not do any keris waving with questionable remarks on non-Muslims. In fact, PAS feel that it is not the right thing to do. So, how could PAS be considered as intolerant if all these are happening?

It is indeed strange that Chinese and Indians in Kelantan can speak better Bahasa Melayu than their counterparts in West Malaysia. In fact, Kelantanese are more engaged in muhibbah (racial harmony) than West Malaysia. Visit Kelantan and see it for yourself.

As for DAP, Somebody painted them as chauvinistically chinese. However, everybody forgot that Lim Guan Eng went to jail for a case during the course of helping a Malay lady. If Saudara Lim is from DAP and DAP is only for chinese then how could that happen? Certain people abused NEP to enrich their cronies. Common poor and working class Malays are marginalised because of such abuse. If DAP is criticising NEP because of that, how can they be considered as chinese-chauvinist? DAP has been exposing issues on corruption for years. Corruption is destroying Malaysia. Majority Malays and Indians being the poorest in Malaysia will suffer if the economy goes down because of corruption. If that is the case, how can DAP be regarded as chauvinist and not patriotic? If DAP people wanted to make money, they could have joined the fray as a crony party of this Big National party but why didn't they do it?

Somebody even painted that PKR is a party created specifically for Anwar Ibrahim. Before his release from jail, Somebody said PKR was maintained as part of the Free Anwar movement. After his release, Somebody said PKR is only for Anwar to further his ambitions and nothing else. I feel disgusted with such tagging by Somebody. It is of course not 100% the fault of Somebody. Malaysians are equally stupid to easily believe in such low IQ rethoric.

Now, why are Malaysians foolish? Consider this. PKR is not a small party. It has an NGO president in the form of MTUC president Syed Shahir. There are people who quit Barisan Nasional to join PKR. If the party is made specifically "just for Anwar", don't you think it will be impossible to get NGOs for working society to join in. The NGO could have chosen to join Barisan Nasional. Don't you think it is silly that people would quit a lucrative party to join a less lucrative party to further only the ambition of a person who is not even their relative.

The fact that certain Malaysians believe such a twisted branding by Somebody on PKR is certainly intriguing.

The main aim of such consistent painting of false impression on PAS , DAP and PKR is part of the divide-and-rule strategy.

It is a strategy to compartmentalise voting groups into race and religion. Non-Muslims are made to be suspicious on PAS. Muslims are made to be careful on DAP. Mapping Anwar as being the sole figure of PKR is an attempt to totally get both Muslims and non-Muslims to shy away from PKR.

Will the strategy work? It may work in mixed races areas if Malaysians choose to be foolish and believe in such silly rethorics.

Malaysians - Malays, Chinese and Indians should wake up and realise that their enemies are not themselves but Corruption, Mismanagement and People who Divide-and-Rule them.

Blaming race and religion will get us nowhere. Blaming Malays, Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians will get us nowhere. Ask the leadership who is in control of the information and we may get an answer.

Meanwhile, another story apart from the above is published in Malaysiakini titled : BN lambasted for racial campaign in Klang .

Excerpt: MCA’s campaign of ‘Chinese vote for Chinese’ has angered DAP’s Charles Santiago who wants the race factor to be kept out of the polls.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Election 2008 : Syed Shahir, The Voice for The "Working People"

As everybody knows, The Big Day of Election 2008 is 8th March 2008. Much has been going around the net. Some sites placed in pictures of nominations (that includes me). Some publishes videos of ceramah campaigns.

Main internet news-sites Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today are active with commenters expressing their hopes and aspirations for the "new" government. I am saying this intentionally as a joke. I don't place my hopes too high but one's got to start from somewhere. It is good having some hope and working towards it rather than having none at all. Results get better with effort. Decades of continuous work will probably yield something useful one day.

That aside, despite repeated denials of Ministers (from BN) on the importance of blogs and bloggers, this election witnessed a big number of these people nominated as candidates in various areas. This is definitely a good sign. Bloggers started out as concerned common citizens writing for their community. Net surfers can comment on Members of Parliament or criticise racist, sexist remarks or any form of wrongdoing. Politics has returned to the grassroots.

One of the bloggers that I am vouching for is Syed Shahir . He is running under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat banner. The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) president functions as an activist for the working class for many years already.

He has been blogging since 2005 :

If I recalled correctly, Syed told the crowd during Nat Tan's Candlelight Vigil that he was locked up before. I would presume it was because of protests to assert rights of Malaysian workers. I came to such assumption because I have read of an organised protest last year by MTUC to demand a minimum wage for all workers .

The minimum wage was RM900. In my opinion, it is only a small amount of money. I wonder whether our Barisan Nasional government had agreed to this? My confidence is low on the BN government.

I remember reading another article elsewhere where the press asked him whether he is concerned on the racial demographics that he is contesting will affect his chances of being chosen as an Member of Parliament. He replied that it does not matter to him because he is fighting for people regardless of race.

Accordingly, we need a voice like him in the parliament. One that represents workers without biasness in terms of race and religion.

People, please vote for Barisan Rakyat - PKR, DAP, PAS !