Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sometimes, Women are Sexist Against Women

Can We Stop Adultery ?

I have just read an article from The Star. Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Dr. Ng Yen Yen called to hold plans on ‘little dragon ladies’. Currently, she is opposing the plan of importing chinese maids to Malaysia. Chinese maids was said to cause family disharmony hence the opposition.

This is what she said:
" Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said that unless clear guidelines on the recruitment are laid out and the interests of local women protected, the political party wing is against the move. "

Seriously, I am not questioning Ng Yen Yen's intelligence but really curious with the ideas, plans and guidelines Home Affairs can produce in collaboration with Wanita MCA on...

"How to stop adultery between (local) men and (Chinese) women".

It will REALLY be interesting to read it. Hope that the plans come out in the form of a book similar to the "Dummies" series.

For your information, Adultery not only happens between Mainland Chinese women and local men. Local men and local women have extra-marital affairs as well.

Chinese Women are Home-Wreckers?

The next verse coming from the supposed representative of the Malaysian Chinese women in Malaysia said:
These women are enticing local married men into having affairs with them and are causing family disharmony,” she said after chairing the wing’s central committee meeting here yesterday. "

Am I wrong to say that she is making a sexist stereotype on Mainland Chinese women?

As usual, whenever adultery happens, certain women likes to blame the third-party female as the enticers. Maybe these people should ask themselves the set of questions below before arriving at a poorly generalised conclusion:

1) In certain cases, isn't there a possibility that the man is the enticer? Why must it be mentioned only women? Whenever adultery happens, both the man and woman should be blamed. The judgment should not be one-sided.

2) Why can't they blame their man for not being able to control his sexual urge instead? It takes two hands to clap.

3) Why can't they blame themselves for choosing a man who can't stay true to the relationship?

4) Is it worth keeping a man who knows no loyalty to the woman he loves?

5) There are instances of local Chinese and Malay men committing adultery with Indonesian maids. Are we going to make such stereotypes against Indonesian women as well? Will there be maids for us if all of them are banned according to nationality?

6) Does ALL Mainland Chinese women come to Malaysia for such ill-gotten intention? Maybe majority BUT NOT ALL.

Should we blame adultery only on the women, my dear woman representative of MCA? What kind of woman are you?

Rude Remarks

She further added:
" Ng, however, stressed to Bernama that Wanita MCA was in no way showing disrespect to women in China but was rather taking a realistic stand in looking after the well-being and happiness of local women and ensuring family values were safeguarded. "

Perhaps, Ng Yen Yen, all affected parties and Malaysians should put themselves in the Mainland Chinese women's place. Then, read and feel the words made. As a Mainland Chinese woman working in Malaysia to earn money for your family in China, you would be disappointed that others view you in such a perspective.

There is a high possibility that Ng Yen Yen, as a high-post politician would probably say that her statements are directed only against "little dragon ladies". Read the article from The Star and understand the implications carefully.

Am I wrong to say that the phrase below is the summary for the article?

" Ng Yen Yen told Home Affairs Ministry to hold on plans to import (Mainland) Chinese maids because of (Mainland) Chinese women wrecking Malaysian families "

Tell me that is not a generalised disrespectful statement towards Chinese women? Try to convince me if her words do not sound accusative and stereotypical towards (Mainland) Chinese women. Try to assure me if her words do not sound discriminatory towards Chinese nationals.

Sometimes, women are sexist against women.

Why can't we use a more Refined Approach?

I appreciate Wanita MCA's stand against the sexist MPs from BN regarding the "Bocor" comments. Ng Yen Yen described their deeds as "vulgar and crude".

It is probably true that there are incidents of adultery concerning local men and Mainland Chinese maids. It is mostly true that Wanita MCA in the form of its chief claimed they were unable to do anything to resolve the local women's plight.

Perhaps, stopping the import of Chinese maids may be a temporary solution.

The main problem is, as a major educated leader of the Chinese community, she should have used a more refined approach to halt the plan...

1) She should have said this:

" Wanita MCA requests Home Affairs Ministry to halt the plans of importing Mainland Chinese maids due to family issues voiced by local women "

" Local women complains of adultery between their men and Chinese maids. Wanita MCA aims to voice these concerns and attempt achieve an amicable solution with Home Affairs Ministry that will be advantageous to all parties "

instead of this:

" Ng Yen Yen told Home Affairs Ministry to hold on plans to import (Mainland) Chinese maids because of (Mainland) Chinese women wrecking Malaysian families "

Whoa there!!! Would you like to be a Mainland Chinese women after that statement? I wouldn't want to.

2) Otherwise, she should have met the Home Affairs Minister and try to get him to halt the plans behind-the-scenes. Provide better reasons for halting the plan such as legal issues, etc. etc.

Bear in mind, China is fastly becoming a major trading power. Ng Yen Yen should be reminded that 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year.

As a representative of a constituency and the women community, educated politician, I am very sure that Ng Yen Yen could have issued more professional, polite and refined statements rather than using insensitive and blunt comments.

Malaysian, especially Ministers should be courteous at all times.


Reference websites

Dr Ng Yen Yen's official site
KTemoc -Wanita MCA: "No, no, no to Suzie Wongs"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anti-ISA: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This is my comment in the article ‘Riot’ at Kamunting: The real story of Malaysia Today . The article describes the plights of Norlaila Othman, the wife of ISA detainee, Mat Sah Mohd. Satray published as a Special Report on 17 March 2005 of Aliran Monthly Vol 24 (2004): Issue 11/12.

For those not in the know, Kamunting is the detention center ISA. Wikipedia has a detailed entry on ISA of Malaysia.

As reported by his wife, Mat Sah was elbowed and choked when UKP personnels were reported to "orchestrate a riot" among detainees on 8-9 December 2004. Other detainees were beaten up. NST and Berita Harian placed the news as front page.

These are the words that Norlaila wrote pertaining to the "orchestrated riot"
" The “riot” actually started from a spot check, a normal procedure carried out by the Prison Security Unit (UKP), at Block T-2B, one of the blocks in the camp. At 9.00 am, the detainees in the block were shocked to see a large number of UKP officers dashing into their block and simply taking their belongings, especially tools and material to make handcraft. They tried to stop the action of the UKP but there were too many UKP personnel and 12 detainees inside were beaten up badly. "

Internal Security Act (ISA) was formed in the early days of independence to counter communism in the country. ISA is under the umbrella of Emergency Ordinance Act. When the State of Emergency was over, ISA was not taken off. Instead, it became a tool of oppression and propaganda.

These are the websites relating to the Abolish ISA Movement

A person by the nickname of josh made a comment on the Malaysia Today article. Raja Petra replied him and I commented accordingly....

josh wrote:
huh, old b4
28/05 19:17:28

Raja Petra wrote:
Dear josh, and what did you do about it when you read it before? Oh, kalau pasal Operasi Lalang in 1987, engkau semua bangkit and ungkit sebab orang bukan Melayu yang kena tahan. Kalau Melayu yang kena tahan, engkau jawab 'old story' and 'these Islamic extremists deserve it'. Yang kena tahan pada 1987 orang jenis apa? Government kata Chinese extremists yang hendak bunuh orang Melayu. Is that so?
29/05 09:09:17

My comments:
Yup, Raja Petra, you are right about this.

Sad isn't it? Malaysians only fight for their own race and religion. Not for the rest of the people.

It is high time for us to change our thinking. Josh, please repent.

The other day, I was reading a book about ISA by Khoo Kay Peng in MPH Mid-Valley.

There were pictures inside from the early days. All sorts of people were detained. Some do not even have the chance to get out of the prison. Sometimes it feels as if certain people have been given life imprisonment without going to the court.

Imagine your, being imprisoned for life without a fair trial? Without a chance to defend yourself with a jury and judge present?

In the pictures there were old grandmothers (in droves) wailing, begging for their children to be returned while armed police officers drag them away from the road.

What did their children do to deserve such treatment? To my surprise, some of these people are actually fighting for society. Some workers were dismissed unfairly by factory tycoons without proper compensations back in the old days.

Do these people deserve ISA?

Bear in mind, that ISA is non-discriminatory when it comes to race and religion.

ALL are victims.

There are many cases like the above where some families lost all their money because some detainees are the sole breadwinner of the family.

I am not saying that all detainees imprisoned are good people. What I detest is, these people are being locked-up without having a chance to defend themselves through proper legal channels.

For me, ISA is a form of Dictatorship. Dictators lock-up people without trial. Why hasn't ISA been revoked? Isn't the State of Emergency over? Isn't Malaysia a Democratic country?

United we Stand, Divided We Fall.

The main reason that ISA still stays is because there were no "Unity" when it comes to protest regarding any detention.

Remind me if what I say is not true.

Reformasi was regarded a Malay issue, therefore many Chinese did not stand together with the Malays when ISA was applied.

Some chinese (non-BN supporters) even label Tian Chua as a troublemaker for purportedly "mingling with Malay affairs".

Is that right to judge Tian Chua that way considering the fact that PKR was attempting to fight against corruption, an ubiquituous issue?

Operasi Lalang were considered a Chinese issue, therefore Malays did not give any support when ISA was executed.

The Chinese were only demanding for their rights as described in the Constitution.

Tell me if I am wrong to say that "some" Malays labeled their Malay friends who protested against ISA during Operasi Lalang to be a traitor.


Dear josh,

This article is to highlight the effects from the tyrant and cruel ISA.

Perhaps, you should give a token of support rather than provide such statements.

Having more articles to raise social awareness is better than a lack of it minusing the fact that the story can be repetitive.

For me, the concept of Malaysian Malaysia is to band together to fight against tyranny rather than looking at one's personal advantage or disadvantage in the shades of race and religion.

Please do not view people of different races as "worthy" of ISA.

Josh, I hope you understand and repent.

First, ISA take the Reformist Malay away, you say you are not a Malay. Then, ISA take the Reformist Chinese away, you say you are not in politics.

One day, when the situation worsens and you protest. ISA comes to take you away and you realise, there is no one to help you.

This situation is applicable to the Malays and Indians as well.

Yes, this is an old phrase.. but it still rings true to this day.

Think Utilitarian, Think General.

We are Malaysians, We are Not Enemies of Each Other's Race.

I have written too much......

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Don't Want to Sleep Alone / Hei Yan Quan (Tsai Ming-Liang) Review

Master-Painter and his Societal Art

Last Saturday, I went to Cathay Cineplex in Bandar Utama to watch this particular artistic movie. It is the only cinema showing this movie. Being a Malaysian who loves movies of such genre, I am absolutely glad that "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone" passed the censorship board. To top it off, the setting of the movie is in Kuala Lumpur, where I was born, bred and staying. Such a combo is irresistible. This is Mr. Tsai's first movie that made it to a Malaysian cinema.

Biography of Tsai Ming-Liang

A KL-ite who owns no private transport, I commute to KL at least twice a month. I have to pay visits to HSBC to settle my monthly instalments or sometimes for the mere purpose of having cheap local delicacies or CD browsing in record stores. Going to the centre of the town, despite its business, noisy traffic and at times, shoddy surroundings is very much a soul-fulfilling experience. It is hard to explain why but that is how I feel.

It can be said that I know every nook and cranny in KL, its alleys and its well-kept secrets. I have been there during weekends, seen the antics of foreigners. Bangladeshi workers frequent the street near the Mydin departmental store. Indonesians often sit at the stairs of Kotaraya. The stairs leading to this store is particularly tall. These foreigners would be watching Bollywood films broadcasted from stores with its music blaring loudly. Otherwise, they would be standing in front of lottery shops, watching cars and people go by.

Seeing them makes me wonder sometimes, how do they feel and what is their livelihood like? They come from afar, away from family, with no money. Do they feel bored with their lives? Do they have longings, desires and expectations for the future? At times, I do feel bored with my work and reserve some hopes for a better future. As humans, I do not expect any less from them. Reservation of hope and the eventual destiny to be able to fulfil them are two different things... Do they really have any "hope" of getting what they want in their current situation?

I would say "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone" is a movie that addresses the emotional aspects of foreigners at its "core" and "soul". Lightly-layered elements of "social awareness" is being slipped into its association with the "core".

A movie with speech almost non-existent, Tsai Ming-Liang, the master painter unleashed a surrealistic art-piece with realistic issues and surroundings.

A painting is without heard speech, but it can definitely say a thousand words.

1) Emotional aspect of the characters
2) Social awareness issues
3) Realist-surrealist artistry, filming style and the use of music

For the time being, please visit Jeremy Heilman's Moviemartyr @ TIFF to see his review

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Suspicion On AllMalaysian Blogger Project by The Star

There is a new blog portal called AllMalaysian Blogger Project.

This portal is, managed by The Star, in association with Genting....

I feel very skeptical when it comes to projects organised by "The Star" concerning blogs and portals. A search through the net landed me in a wikipedia page about this tabloid:

" ..... The Star is majority-owned by the Malaysian Chinese Association, the second-largest party in the ruling Barisan Nasional alliance.... "


This is the most important point taken from the project page that I wish to highlight with regards to my skepticism:

" ..... The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) is an undertaking of the folks behind the website, all of whom believe strongly in the freedom of speech..... ".

Let's say, I have articles that are "NOT" pro-government, for instance, criticising certain ministers and policies from the ruling party of Barisan Nasional or open discussions about May 13. Will AMBP help me promote? Will the owner of The Star give privilleges to only pro-government blogs?

Again I stress, I do not trust what was being written on the "freedom of speech" area. Not to mention, there were numerous attempts and ideas to "control bloggers", "register bloggers", "classify bloggers" from Barisan Nasional Ministers. Some even called bloggers as liars and unemployed.

To exert control is the opposite of freedom of speech.

If the ownership of The Star as mentioned by wikipedia is true, that would mean AMBP is directly (or indirectly) controlled by a component in Barisan Nasional. With those "tough statements" mentioned by ministers, I am curious as to what extent this so-called umbrella site will be allowed to function. Is this an attempt from the ruling party to register, classify and control bloggers? I am asking with confusion, some words used were in ambiguity?

Of AllMalaysian Blogger Project might not be a friend of free speech, writes Hafiz No Shams in his highly recommended analysis of the portal.


Currently, I only believe in the Bloggers United project. A gathering was held on 19th May 2007.

As for my daily dose of socio-political articles, I would recommend these three blog portals:

SOPO Sentral
Malaysia Today

I am sorry for AMBP. There is too much suspicion.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Islam: The West's Suspicion

I have just read an article by Mark Alexander, posted in Malaysia Today titled "The West’s commitment to freedom of religion will be its undoing"

Sad to say, I understand the writer's concern pertaining to this matter. He is trying to say that the whole world's religion has freedom in its practise excluding Islam.

Islam is a good religion. The problem is, many Muslims try to put themselves in an uncompromising position with the adoption of certain Medieval Arab cultures or selectively opt for "hardened" approach towards issues.

They MAKE Islam intolerant. They MAKE Islam a religion that does not support freedom. Why was the word MAKE used?

I sincerely believe Islam does tolerate choice of faith. It was written in Quran, albeit 'indirectly'. By making Islam a "one way street" (you can go forward, but not backwards), the West is concerned that their countries will be taken over by a deviated intolerant version of Islam. A "one way street" affair equals to a disproportionate scale.

Currently, freedom of religion meant the West can accept all forms of faith including Islam but certain Muslims will again make this a "one way street road". You can / must accept all that I practise, but I will not accept anything from you (the West).

Would anyone use a disproportionate scale?

The world is moving towards globalisation. Secular laws are made to be fair to all cultures, religions and races alike, a natural process of integrating the nations on earth.

Religious laws may be good for its religious practitioners but may not be fair to people of other religions.


In the past, around 15th to 16th century, the West experienced a period similar to modern-day Islam. The West, being majority if not, all, Christians imposed similar religious laws on their society.

Priests played a part in determining if certain sciences are acceptable. Galileo Galilei theory that the world is circulating around the Sun was dismissed by priests who conducted no scientific research for their own part. Citizens had to believe the priests because it was said their words are "the words passed on by the Almighty God". How absurd !

Isn't this similar to the perception of majority Muslims of the current mufti or ulamas position?

Without proper scientifically logic reasons, some nationalistic warriors are declared as heretic. For instance, there is Joan of Arc who was burnt at the stake due to the conviction. Would certain deviant muftis announce his enemy "heretic"? Human is easily overruled by emotions.

Priests determine what should and should not be banned according to what they think is right. It does not have to go through a proper democratic process for decision.

Inquisitions were ordered for those who are considered as pagans. For those not in the know, Inquisition is "the mass killing" of heretics. Doesn't that sound equivalent to certain Muslims that supports the executions and stoning of murtads?

The Saint who brought Christianity to South East Asia, Francis Xavier ordered an Inquisition in India against the pagans he regarded as enemies of God. Bishops ordered Inquisitions in Spain against Spanish Muslims too.

Whatever utterances by the priests and bishops said were law. Inquisition by past law standards is actually legal.


Mankind certainly never learns from past mistakes.

Those are the best examples that highlighted religious law may not be kind and fair to people who do not practise the "main" faith.

The West threw away the religious laws later after the Enlightenment because it was not beneficial to the society and mankind at large. In place, secular laws. Turkey's Kamal Attaturk and its supporters chose secular

Instead, many Muslims these days, want laws of their countries to be enacted according to Islam.

It would be unfair if I mention Muslims alone. Even majority Hindus of India want their country to be declared as a Hindu state, with it the "faith" laws. Notwithstanding, there is already a divisive caste system embedded within its government ruling influenced by the Hindu faith. Wouldn't that be unfair to the Muslims in India? It is not hard to answer this question.

It is a norm that scripts in all religious books to be ambiguous in meaning, at times, flowery. With ambiguity, variants of interpretation will be derived. Is it brilliant to implement a law based on ambiguous understanding? Conflicts may arise resulting in more division to the creation of tolerant global society mindset.

Can Islamic Law religious law be fair to other religions? How can there be a guarantee if there is not even freedom of changing religions under the law?

Religion should be a matter of personal understanding, a personal communication with God for its followers to get to Heaven. Choosing Heaven is an option and personal willpower. Implementing religious laws is an attempt to "force" someone to get to Heaven. Highly contradictory approach. People cannot be "forced" to go to Heaven.

Why aren't we learning from the history that religious laws will not be suitable for the world?

NOTE: This is an Anti-Intolerance article. This is NOT an Anti-Islam article. Islam is a liberal religion. If a person chooses liberty, liberty will come unto him. If you choose hostility, be rest assured to expect the same from others.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stop the Hassle, Zainuddin Maidin ! Enough is Enough !

Zam said: Few people read blogs. Zam is Zainuddin Maidin, Malaysia Minister of Information. The Star writes.

He made a SURPRISE claim that there are ONLY 20,000 bloggers in Malaysia !

“Only that number out of the 11 million Internet users in the country are actively involved in political blogs. The political bloggers just write for each other to read; they are not a threat,” he added.

This is certainly a mind-boggling figure ! I thought Tengku Adnan (Ku Nan) said it was only 10,000 people, liars (in his exact words), of which 8,000 are unemployed women ? You can read it in a Malaysia Today article dated 13th March 2007.

That, at the end of the day Ku Nan claimed that he was 'Misquoted'. For your information "Misquoted" or "Misunderstood" are two popular words used by Malaysian Ministers. Sometimes it is surprising whenever the press was unanimous and display similarity in their "Misquoting". A problem of the information-giver or those who quote? An issue of misquoting by the press or misINFORM by the ministers? I am sure Malaysians can decide themselves on such matters.

So, who misquoted this time around? Ku Nan (10,000 bloggers) or Zam (20,000 bloggers)?

Coming back to the original story, Zam further stated that bloggers should not try to incite to disintegrate national unity. So, now bloggers are being told not to incite? Previously Ku Nan said bloggers are liars.

Zam, if you intend to maintain harmony, try to INFORM people like Hishamuddin to stop waving the keris around and the Son-In-Law to stop giving controversial remarks. These are public figures. Their words and deeds are more significant.

Judging by this situation, I would conclude that the Administration likes to create a hassle over trivial matters. 20,000 compared to the 22 million population is but a small fraction of the population. Not to mention, Zam even added that bloggers only read about bloggers as if the rest of the population will not view their articles.

If that is what you think is right, I will take it. So, Zam stop hassling bloggers.

So, please do not create a Mountain out of a small Molehill?

Stop saying that you want to "Control" the Internet because of Bloggers!
Stop saying that you want to Register Bloggers
Stop saying that you want to Classify Bloggers as "Professional" or "Amateurs"

Most of all,

Tell all ministers to STOP harassing bloggers by saying they are liars, inciters etc. All the attempts above are technically impractical.

STOP ALL THAT. Stop pulling the bull to shit all around since this is a trivial matter.

A blog is like a personal diary. Some bloggers write about daily life, cooking, gadgets, sharing pictures, their views on socio-politics. Do you seek to "control" 20,000 people's opinions and diaries that share among themselves? Is it worth "controlling" people over such matters?

It is high time for Malaysians to read and think for themselves. Stop pushing people around and tell them what to think. Aren't we living in a democratic country?

What are you afraid of Zam? Why are you so frightened? Is there anything wrong?

There are more pressing issues that encompass the whole nation, such as Corruption, Transparency, Accountability, Economic Improvement Plan, Eradication of Poverty.

For your INFORMATION, Zam, you as an INFORMATION MINISTER should know that the Administration had promised (at least four years back) to solve those issues? Time is running out. Someone's got to walk the talk?

Corruption is still rampant. Transparency is poor. Accountability, talk to "Semi Value" and Kak Fidah. Economy has stagnated. Poverty is at large. Cost of Living is going up. Zam, why didn't you talk about this?

Why do you not give attention to these?

"Cakap ada Serupa Bikin kah"?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Poem of Keris Silau, Salary Naik, Barang Naik, Income Tax Naik Juga?

Keris Silau , the pemantun blogger has written a latest entry on his website about the recent civil servants 35% hike and civil pensions raise (highest in 15 years time).

Question: Are we supposed to be happy with this?
Answer: YES and NO (I'm 110% sure, hehehe.... 110% = bullshit...)

Gaji Naik

Senyum dari telinga ke telinga
Hari ni semua mereka gembira
Dari peon hingga anggota tentera
Dari guru hingga professor madya
Dari polis hingga pegawai istana
Dari hakim hingga pegawai penjara
Dari buruh hingga Menteri Kerjaraya
Terkilan pekerja-pekerja swasta
Mereka pun akan bising meminta

Namun janganlah terlalu happy
Cukai pendapatan tak boleh lari
Tak bayar tak boleh ke luar negeri
Begitu juga dengan makanan asasi
Gula, tepong minyak masak dan roti
Semua akan naik tak lama lagi .....

View the rest of this pantun in the Gelanggang Keris Silau .

The Happy Hike Poem by Sagaladoola

I shall translate the bolded words of the 'pantun' into English according to my understanding:

Surprising raise, civil servants salary
Today, they are VERY happy,
Non-civil ones are "NOT" unhappy
Will ask for raise too, predictably

Salary raise is dandy actually
Cannot escape Income Tax, put it blandly
Do not forget staple food, basically
Sugar, flour, oil and bread category

Let me add my own words:

Children love sweets and candy
Chocolate and cake, oh so tasty!
Tastes as good as raised salary
Can get their "support" quite easily
No bread, eat cake, said Queen Marie
Bread and cake need flour, became costly
French became angry in history

Goodnews from the Fat Lady
Country improved in productivity
Year by year increase steadily
More work, more money, logically
Is there any use of raising salary?
When everything becomes so pricey?

One hand, hike salary to give money
Other hand, raise tax to take money?
Plus minus times divide frantically
Losing more than we get, initially?
People scratch head terribly
Asking "will that happen?" with curiosity.

This is super crazy, I mean, really
Having money feels like "No" money
People ask "what kind of economy?"
Administration always feel sleepy
Sexist and racist remarks a plenty
Can we say "sleepy" not seditiously?

Are we supposed to feel happy?


On one hand, I think the civil servants should get the raise. I congratulate them. On the other hand, I am unhappy because of the potential "issues" that lies ahead. I hope you catch the drift.

Please read Jeff Ooi's aptly titled General Erection and Shagadelica's Fingers of Fury to get a list of items going for the hike / increase / raise.

Thank you (Terima kasih) Keris Silau, you have been a good inspiration. Keep on writing... cyber warrior. At least this keris is put to a good and noble use than somebody waving it around in meetings like a barbarian.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Car Accident Case Closed: Kenny Sia Fulfils Social Responsibility

The wait is finally over.

Kenny Sia has eventually fulfilled his social responsibility as the most popular, automatically rendering him as one of the most influential bloggers in Malaysia as well.


Previously, many commentators in his blog remarked that he should not post the photos of a deceased in an accident, to respect the unfortunate who passed away in a car accident in Kuching. He was coincidentally at the scene.

For more information, you can read these in sequence before proceeding:

and The Drifter's Rants blog entry: "The Kenny Sia Controversy"

He remarked in the comments section in one of the links above, requesting me to check my mail:

We discussed with details on the issue at hand and came to a conclusion. You can view his blog for the outcome, and get to see the "Public Service Announcement". The announcement proves that he acknowledges and undertakes his social responsibility to send the right message to his viewers and loyalists.

*~*~*~* Public Service Announcement *~*~*~*
Please note that has received permission from the involved's direct family to publish the photos of the car accident on this website. wishes to advise anyone reading this entry that not everyone may wish to have these photos published as such. If you encounter a potentially fatal car accident in the future, please always ensure that the victims are safe first and foremost.
*~*~*~* Public Service Announcement *~*~*~*

In his mail, Kenny described at length that he indeed tried his best to save the victims involved with the skills that he had. Diagnosis was performed to decide whether the victims have died or otherwise. The photos were taken after rescuing all potential survivors of the tragedy.

With this, the confusion is cleared that he placed the importance of a rescue operation before photography.

Typically, I do not find the publishing of the deceased kid with protuding legs appealing. Since the family of the victims have given him the permission to publish (I have seen the letter), it would be acceptable as well.

My condolences to all related to the tragedy.

Previously, an issue was made out of this because many commentators (that includes me) dislike the fact that the combination of Kenny Sia's supporters' remarks and the content of this blog entry tend to justify that everyone in this world would be able to accept to see the pictures of their loved ones being photographed and published in such a way in a blog.

It is indeed untrue. As my blog is a socio-political blog, I feel the urge to note this to Kenny and he has agreed that everybody should be sensitive to anyone involved direct or indirectly in any form of tragedies. If those involved dislike the pictures of them or their loved ones to be photographed, then the photos should not be taken. Similarly, if those involved dislike such publishing, then their photos should not be blogged for all to see. This is an ethical thing to do. It is a human right of the deceased and its relations.

He has stated his agreement on the "sensitivity" part in his public service announcement as a token of social responsibility. Considering that a chunk of his viewers are teenagers of pre-teens, he has shown a good example in this case alone. Before we perform deeds in a tragedy, we should consider the consequences and emotions of all involved.

Kudos to him for this case alone.

P.S. Bear in mind Sagaladoola Blog is a socio-political, arts and art-music blog. The content is different than those of . Sagaladoola Blog had never written or interfere in issues except for this case, as there are issues of social ethics, rights and responsibility involved.

Next: Institute of Global Ethics, Princess Diana and the car accident tragedy. How does Diana and the Kuching car accident case tally? An analysis shall be provided....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Waiting for Kenny Sia's Reply: Car Accident Not "Unethical" Issue

On my article on Kenny Sia's pictures of the deceased ("NOT" Unethical Pictures of Car Accident from Kenny Sia), I received the comment below

Kenny Sia said...
Sagaladoola,I have sent you a message to your gmail. Please check.
Monday, May 21, 2007 4:34:00 PM

I have since made a reply to Kenny. I am waiting for him to come back with a 'socially' responsible answer.

Hope he thinks ahead.....

COMING SOON .............

Consumerism and Car Accident Pictures of Kenny Sia's Blog

A continuation from my previous article:
"NOT" Unethical Pictures of Car Accident from Kenny Sia


Please read the above before proceeding.

Let's see what the man has to say in his blog:


KENNY SAID: The guy is the real hero because...? He chanted some Muslim prayers to a dead girl? Please explain why you think the man holding the dead girl after we have already ascertained that they were no survivors is a real hero.


This is the photo.


Yes, he is a hero. He helped the victims in need, dirtied his hands while SOMEBODY took picture for his blog (consumerism).


KENNY SAID: I took photos during my father's funeral as well. There is nothing wrong in that.

COMMENT: The pictures that he took wasn't funeral photos. Wonder why he answered it this way.


KENNY SAID: There is no need to ask. It is a news item. Does newspaper need permission to ask when reporting the news? For God's sakes, the family is grieving you still wanna ask that type of question? And for your information, The Borneo Post posted the news item on their website first before I did. Do you think they asked?

This is Borneo Post picture, no blood, after the accident. China Press posts similar pictures as Borneo Post.

This is Kenny's picture of a victim, with blood, leg and pain. Taken EXACTLY at the accident scene.

So, which picture will make the family suffer the most? You judge yourself. Are they the same genre of pictures? No, right?

He hasn't quite replied that if he were the one involved in the accident, would he be able to accept it that we are taking his picture provided he is dead.

If he say it is ok, then we can understand where he is coming from.

So far he is avoiding the question. Wonder why?

Is he doing it for consumerism? Is his blog getting money for hits? Will this kind of pictures generate hits?


KENNY SAID: I helped before I took any photos.

COMMENT: Refer pictures above and read below on consumerism and whether he can accept his photo being taken in that way (read above).


KENNY SAID: In this situation, if they are still alive they would be crying, or screaming, or making movement. If they are unconscious then they are in no danger of becoming dead. As long as the area is safe (ie, no danger of the car blowing up), it is perfectly alright to leave the unconscious inside the car.

COMMENT: An unconscious but STILL alive person would not be crying nor screaming nor make any move. An unconscious person MAY NOT be a dead person. Look at his answer. That is how he assumed they are dead. Guess what, he said he had first aid skills. He has not answered us on how he made the diagnosis on whether they are dead or otherwise. Wonder why?

Keep on snapping pictures for consumerism and blog after that.

He said he panicked, but the strange thing is, his pictures look perfectly well. Perhaps, panicky makes good pictures.


KENNY SAID: You can name me EVERY SINGLE code of ethics that press photographers follow and I can prove to you that I followed EVERY SINGLE one of them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF THEM.

Let's read what comes from NickTay's blog:

Journalist Creed:

Sentence 1: "I believe that the journalism which succeeds best — and best deserves success — fears God and honors Man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed of power, constructive, tolerant but never careless, self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid.... "

Sentence 2: "I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentleman; that bribery by one’s own pocketbook is as much to be avoided ....... "

Perhaps, we should all read and understand what Sentence 2 REALLY means. Perhaps, Kenny should tell us that those pictures on his blog is not available for consumerism? From what I gather, Kenny gets some money from his blog, not sure, maybe a rumour. How did Kenny get the Samsung X something something to take the pictures by the way? You tell me.


Ladies and gentlemen, should we capitalise suffering? Can we justify it is OK to take pictures of the dead (without the face, but with blood and body) draw hits for our site and use it for consumerism? Is it ethical to do so?

If you were involved in an accident, would you want to have such photo of yours taken and be used for consumerism in blogs?

The picture:

Should we respect the dead and the family of the deceased? Is it tasteful or distasteful to do such a thing?

I do not know, you decide and judge.

The meaning of 'Consumerism':
1) A materialistic attachment to possessions
2) An economic theory that increased consumption is beneficial to a nation's economy


"NOT" Unethical Pictures of Car Accident from Kenny Sia

Some Commentators asked:

When you are dead in a car accident, do you want pictures of yourself taken and published in a blog? Pictures of everything, your leg, your car, your blood. Everything but not your face?

Ask Kenny Sia, he and some of his supporters said it is NOT unethical to do it. Does 'NOT unethical' means 'ethical'? Close but not really the same.

Read his account and comments:

He was there during this accident:

For Example, I would assume that if I were to (touchwood, only an assumption, example) see them (Kenny Sia and supporters) involved in an accident, they would not mind their photographers being taken and put in a blog for everyone to see (provided they are dead and cannot be saved).

Would you mind (the photos and blog) if that happened to you?

Would you mind being photographed like this and published in a blog?

Please view the picture above before proceeding. He equate himself to the China Press journalist. Kenny Sia is a celebrity blogger in Malaysia.

It seems China Press only have photos of grieving members of the family and POST/AFTER ACCIDENT scenes. Kenny Sia has the live photos of the event. Taken when live saving is critical. Did China Press provide photos such as the above?

That is the difference.

Quotes from Spider-Man: With great power, comes great responsibility.

I say: With great authority (Technorati's words)/popularity, comes greater social responsibility.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Malaysian Cows, Politics and Government: Democracy, Bolehland Style

Due to boredom over repeating racist rhetorics from our government, some users posted some funny comments in the article 'The classic divide-and-rule strategy' in Malaysia Today

Let's take a look and enjoy.

nasigoreng wrote:
Cows & Politics Explained

A CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT: You have two cows. You keep one and give one to your neighbor.

A SOCIALIST: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.

AN AMERICAN REPUBLICAN: You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. So what?

AN AMERICAN DEMOCRAT: You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. You vote people into office who tax your cows, forcing you to sell one to raise money to pay the tax. The people you voted for then take the tax money and buy a cow and give it to your neighbor. You feel righteous.

A COMMUNIST: You have two cows. The government seizes both and provides you with milk.

A FASCIST: You have two cows. The government seizes both and sells you the milk. You join the underground and start a campaign of sabotage.

DEMOCRACY, AMERICAN STYLE: You have two cows. The government taxes you to the point you have to sell both to support a man in a foreign country who has only one cow, which was a gift from your government.

DEMOCRACY, MALAYSIAN STYLE: You have no cows, but the government has two. The Cabinet has a meeting as what to do with the cows. After a lengthy debate, it was agreed that the two cows be given to your poor neighbors on a pawah system. Before the meeting ended, the Pak Lah reminded Muhyiddin the Agro-Industry Minister to make sure that the cows have their rumps (buttocks) branded with ‘UNDILAH BN’ and ‘SATU LAGI PROJEK BN’.
18/05 20:23:48


shiver wrote:
nasi goreng, to add to your cow & politics explained for malaysia.

DEMOCRACY, MALAYSIAN STYLE: The two cows was with one race, then they were forced to give one cow away for many years, and now they realized that the first cow wasnt productive so they plan to hold the cow longer while demanding for the 2nd cow. Parliament discuss in length what to do with the cows so that the cow's milk can be protected. However, the cow's milk price has gone down but the Govt has not said anything about the price of milk and have kept quiet on that. And then when there is a by-election, one of the cows is promised to the people with the promise of free milk.

Finally, now that the two cows are nearing the age of dying, they looked for more cows overseas to joint venture with them.

---50 tahun, dah cukup lama la tu...---
18/05 21:36:46


Sagaladoola (that's me) wrote:
Hahaha ... I have to add too...

Got two cows. One cow government say must reserve for one special group. One cow government say reserve for a non-special group.

One cow, government say all the free milk will give to the poor. End up, out of 100% milk only 5% go to the poor. Where did the rest of the 95% go? No one knows.

Someone from government come out and pull the bull around. Bull starting to shit. So smelly. Then force this 'special' cow to perform, have to come out 110% milk. Found out 'special' cow guardian is special friend of the government. Very 'healthy' fat guy but dunno how to take care of 'cow' (inefficiency).

People make noise. Government say OK OK, Semuanya OK. Take the other 'non-special' cow (for another non-special group), Perah sama dia cukup-cukup. Perah, perah, perah, milk until this non-special cow half-dead to get 110% milk. The 'non-special' group get only 10%, the rest of the milk go back to the Government.

But then, at the end the poor and non-special people still dun have enough milk. Government blame non-special group for not sharing milk.

Where did the 'non-special' group's milk go? Where did the milk for the cow go? No one knows. The one who knows may have to answer to Jesus's Malay name: I.S.A. The milk is not there, but the bull is there, shit some more. What is the shit of a bull called? Bullshit. Hehehe.

So, everyone fight lohh.... but who is rich? Siapa yang kaya? Hidup dalam Istana dengan jual satay saja? Who is sleeping, but can possess stables of cars and rows of international houses?

The poor becomes the peasants and non-special group becomes pariahs. They can keep on fighting until cows come home while the Fat Lady and friends stay rich "dahulu, kini dan selamanya" (past, now and forever and ever), "dulu, sekarang dan masa depan" (past, present and future).

19/05 18:46:48



Saturday, May 19, 2007

Racial Riot 13 May 1969: Malays' 513 Experience and More Appetisers for Dr. Kua's Book

In tandem with the recent 'illegal confiscation' of the legal 13 May 1969 declassified documents book from MPH Mid-Valley, there is much hoo-hah and interest with both the book and the tragedy itself in the blogsphere.

Before I proceed, let's taste more appetizers from the book "MAY 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969" by Dr. Kua Kia Soong


However, I do not quite agree with her view of the actions of Robert Mugabe as being justifiable. I do not agree that the way the perpetrators launched the offensive in 13 May 1969 just because certain quarters are poor as being justifiable.

I do agree that no one, regardless of race should be left in poverty in Malaysia. The execution on such eradication must be through proper non-violent channels.


I have read much about non-Malays' personal accounts and experiences (Malaysian Unplug blog) in 13 May 1969. It is time to read more from the Malays perspective. If anyone has some ideas, thoughts or hearsay, please e-mail me at or post in the comments section of this article.


Collection of "13 Mei 1969" experiences by Nooryahaya

“Apa punca asal 13 Mei tu tok?” I asked.
“Alah, Parti Pembangkang Gerakan, parti orang Cina menang 14 kerusi kat Selangor, jadi, dia orang Cina eksen buat perarakan kat Kuala Lumpur. Dia orang laung “Melayu balik kampong!”, itu yang orang Melayu marah tu."
“Tiga hari kemudian, askar Gurkha kelilingi KL atas lori ‘Raja tembak! Raja tembak!’ Lepas tu okaylah, aman."


"May 13 - Before and After"Excerpts of this book by (the late) Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of malaysia, published in September 1969 May 13, 2003


Below is an excerpt from Marina Yusof's comment in 1999. She was (or is) from the Opposition Party Parti Keadilan Rakyat during the height of the 'Reformasi' movement.

Hishamuddin Hussein (from UMNO) alleged that Marina Yusof had said some seditious remarks which warranted for a police report by invoking the Seditious Act. It is a strange thing that no one from UMNO was penalised (using Seditious Act) when Hishamuddin waved the keris frantically with some remarks from delegates asking him 'when the keris would be used?' and 'bathing in blood'. One ponders, is UMNO made to abide the Malaysian Law or Malaysian Law made to abide to UMNO? Below is Hishamuddin's claim on Marina Yusoff's words:

"Mahathir is trying to frighten the Chinese that if BN loses there will be a May 13. But I want to ask, why be scared? If the Barisan Alternatif comes to power we will arrest him (Mahathir) if he causes trouble. I want to tell the Malays, Chinese and Indians, the cause of May 13 was started by UMNO and Selangor led by Dato’ Harun. So, those Chinese who support the Barisan do not think this is good because in the past UMNO, which is in the Barisan, killed Chinese. The Chinese must note that we do not want to create trouble, we do not want turmoil in the country, we do not want our children killed. This is Mahathir’s final threat. He wants the Chinese to be frightened that there will be trouble, business will decline and their children’s safety will be in jeopardy. We give a guarantee that if all the Chinese support us we will look after their safety. We want the Chinese in the Chinese areas to look after the Malays, and the Indians in the Indian areas to look after the Malays. We do not want to segregate the Malays, Chinese and Indians. We want a Malaysian race."


Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today shared his experience and views on that tragedy.

I would like to bring the attention to an excerpt from his article:
" But don’t blame the Chinese. Don’t blame the Malays. Don’t blame the Indians either. Blame all three; the Malays, Chinese and Indians. All are to be faulted. All must be blamed. And blame the gangs and secret societies for enforcing this segregation and territorial wars. And blame the government for losing control of the streets to the gangs and secret societies. "


Sang Kelembai with his "Rusuhan 13 Mei atau peristiwa 13 Mei" article

"Ini memberikan gambaran, yang membawa isu perkauman sempit adalah UMNO itu sendiri. Mereka ketakutan akan kehilangan kuasa dalam masa sama dia cuba membina UMNO sebagai satu entiti berjuang untuk Melayu tetapi bilangan Melayu yang berkhianat kepada Melayu banyak terdapat dikalangkan orang yang memakai lencana UMNO."

"Masih ingat lagi peristiwa 13hb Mei di depan Jalan Raja Muda, Kampong Baru dan masih terbayang Dato Harun Idris berucap di atas bumbung Bas Sri Jaya. Pembohongan besar jika dikatakan pada petang itu tentera telah masuk ke Kuala Lumpur hanya selepas darurat diisytiharkan lalu RAMD membuat khemah di dua buah bulatan di Jalan Ipoh iaitu persimpangan Jalan Pekeliling dan Jalan Pahang persimpangan Jalan Tuanku Abd. Rahman. Elok rasanya kerajaan lepaskan rakaman filem rusuhan 13Mei yang tersimpan di Filem Negara Malaysia untuk tayangan umum... segalanya ada di situ."


MAHAGURU58 aka Zainol Abideen attended the book launching. He said something which I truly agree on.


"As a Malaysian, I pray that our nation does not have to see a repeat of such a massacre ever taking place here again.Idiots in politics however seem to love stirring up trouble every now and then in our Parliament and in the online websites.

The key to that is of course - mutual respect and commonsense to prevail to those who can think rationally with their God given brains unlike some idiots we see jumping up and down in this nation's House of Parliament. I seriously hope the idiots will never be voted back to power in the next GE!"


For Malays and non-Malays alike, please post your experiences and comments below or e-mail to me @ .

Friday, May 18, 2007

Racial Riot 13 May 1969: Personal Experiences, 513 Book Appetisers and Declassified Documents

The Star Online reported that Deputy Insternal Security Minister Fu Ah Kiow claimed the 'illegal seizure' of the book 'May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969' )written by Dr. Kua, published by Suaram) from MPH Mid-Valley was for the intention of 'studying' whether it would cause disruptions to social order.

Whoi, pay for the books lah! If you are supposed to study the book, you should buy it formally instead of 'illegally confiscating' 10 books. MPH is running a legitimate business for your information !

Why do we term it as 'illegal confiscation'? Does that mean the book is 'illegal'? Hell, no. The book has a permit. Any stores, person or organisations can sell it legally. Only banned books are illegal. The book is not banned. Dr. Fu Ah Kiow can stop pulling the bull around.

This is a poor justification from Dr. Fu Ah Kiow's side. Rumours circulated that MPH was told not to sell that book as well. Why Dr. Fu? Is that how a 'study' should be conducted? Hell, no !

After all these years, freedom to speak and write is still very much limited in Malaysia. Pessimistically, I would say the government would eventually ban this book.

There is a press statement by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee on book confiscation

I am a third generation Malaysian. Much had been said about May 13, but all were one-sided stories. I really want to know. I mean there are MPs from UMNO like Badruddin_Amiruldin who brandished another book on May 13 incident while declaring, "if it were disturbed, these hornets will strike and destroy the country," receiving what one observer described as "rapturous applause" from the assembly.

I need to learn. I really need to know.

How can I be sure that this books is not lopsided? I am not sure. It is said that the "declassified documents" reproduced were written by British High Commission and foreign press. I am sure there should be a certain level of truth in it.

Prior to this, Malaysia Today published some articles. Readers shared their experiences. Some sent letters to Malaysia Kini. The blog Malaysian Unplug have summarised them with reference links. Appetisers to the content of the RM20 book is available as well:

Read them. If you try to look for the books in major bookstores or Suaram in Malaysia, your effort will be wasted. The first 1000 copies were sold out in a mere 2 days after launching. The publishers are frantically doing a reprint before an official ban, I believe. You can try your luck by ordering online here:

I am buying one. Try to learn up about May 13 so that some 'culprits' in the Parliament cannot use it as a basis for intimidation anyone anymore.


"Fainted": Pak Lah's Administration and Heavy Sedition Act on Bloggers

I have to make a HIGHLIGHT from an article in Malaysia Today "LKY: Govt can't go after bloggers unless they break the law" :
.... bloggers posting wrong information about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was hit by heat exhaustion on Sunday.

The original incident happened in Perak. He came to close the BNBBC community programme. Pak Lah said he is going to use Sedition Act for the word "FAINTED" as reported by a blogger.


Is he saying a person (that's himself) who looks dazed, feel dizzy, losing balance, and had to be held by people around him is not "FAINTING"? He was probably right. He can only be considered "FAINTED" if he was rendered unconscious. As for the other descriptions, it looks like he is on the verge of getting there (almost but did not 'reach').

I mean, seriously, does he have to use Sedition Act for such a matter?

Surprised that he did not use Internal Security Act or Emergency Ordinance Act. Detention without trial. 'Tangkap tanpa bicara' instead. ISA is commonly used on people who speak up.

Let's analyse what does 'Sedition' mean?

1) The organized incitement of rebellion or civil disorder against authority or the state.
2) Insurrection or rebellion

Is Pak Lah saying that if we consider him as "FAINTED" although there were symptoms, that would mean we are having a "REBELLION" against Malaysia? That is why he is using the Sedition Act?

Now, what is "REBELLION"?

1) ARMED Resistance to an established government or ruler.

Sheesh.... Did the blogger use some Arms against Pak Lah? I mean like 'Bazookas', 'Machine Guns' or 'Grenades'?

Despite "feeling dizzy, losing balance, almost collapsed and had to be held by Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali and BNBBC acting chairman Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar", he has not "FAINTED" but had to use Sedition Act.

All I know is Pak Lah go for ECG, High Blood Pressure check, Blood Test after the blogger mentioned or in Pak Lah's words "misinformed" using the word "FAINTED".

Strange, really strange.

Yes, that is what the only thing the blogger did. He said "FAINTED" but he did not use a "BAZOOKA". Let's Overreact, shall we?

Pak Lah, I am not very sure about your intentions, but I hope there is no element of "INTIMIDATION" involved (I am not sure). Be rest assured, I am certainly SHOCKED by the usage of the Act!

However, be informed that I will keep on writing despite that. I am more AFRAID that my country will be "SOLD OUT" and of CORRUPTION instead.

Keep on "Battling with Words" dear Cyber-Warriors. Keep on Writing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Poor TM Customer Service: My 45 Minutes 'Interrogation' Experience to Lodge a Simple Report

The blogger A Voice was dissatisfied over the bad customer service and slow yet inefficient turnaround of TM when his phone line was not functioning for a week. Trying to lodge a report and getting it solved feels like living on a small deserted Pacific Island with no food and slim hope of getting saved.

Telekom, Does It Have To Be Sooo ... Complicated?

Upon reading A Voice grievances, other bloggers share their own dramas of their calls to TM customer hotline.

Complaints about TM is nothing new. Since its privatisation about 10 plus years back, their level of service is generally terrible. As for TMnet, users have to pay a hefty price (more expensive than First World) for using a poor Third World facilities.

I had several experiences that Streamyx isn't working. Each time i have to spend at least 2 calls.
First call, they will request you to check the Splitter (telephone and modem splitter). That is the tiny box that allows you to use the phone and modem at the same time. To do that, you will have to disengage the current call. Test the modem without the splitter.

Remember to plug back your splitter, otherwise you have to make a 3rd call.

2nd call is done when you realise your splitter is not spoilt. 5 TO 10 MINUTES to reach the operator, another 45 MINUTES to 'follow instructions' from TM. Almost one hour there.

Among which,

"Have you made sure the cable is plucked into the correct hole."

"Are you sure your network card is working? Explain why you think it is working, technically."

"Are you sure your configuration is correct?" I had to perform reconfiguration on the spot to prove it. Have to explain how I can be sure my reconfiguration is correct, technically. In short, I have made the troubleshoot on the spot.

"Are you sure your firewall is not blocking?" You have to explain to them why you are sure your firewall is not blocking technically.

By this time, you can almost sense that TMnet has placed a 'BIG FIREWALL' in their customer service and call center. Almost impenetrable. Pun intended, literally.

"Are you sure your modem is still working?" You have to explain why you think your modem is not spoilt. "How do you prove it? Which light is blinking and not."

"Are you sure your cable is not spoilt?" That you have to tell some lies because it is ridiculous to prove it on the spot

"Are you sure your all devices are configured correctly?" Prove it! I will tell them that in the device properties, I get to see the phrase "Device is working properly"".

I thank God Almighty that they do not ask me how sure am I the phrase "Device is working properly" shows that the device is really working ! I mean that is a Windows message. I can't do the work of an EnE (Electrical and Electronical) engineer.

Of course there are a lot more questions that I can't recall already.

That is to 110% ensure that it is not my computer and line's problem so that they can lodge an official report with a servicing level authority of 3 days. Note that I am using "110%" instead of "100%" to illustrate my point. Guilty customer until proven innocent.

As you can see, I will normally get the appropriate report after the ALMOST ONE HOUR "INTERROGATION". That is because I work in the IT line.

I know it when my modem is not working. When I call, I can be sure that the network or line is down.

As for my friends in the music, arts or other lines of work. They are not so lucky. I mean it to both sides of the operator and the caller.

When faced with such questions, they will Scream. You are asking someone from the Music line to do those IT stuff?

Well, sometimes, my friends request me to make the call. It is lucrative you know. I will normally ask for a treat.

Many dread the number 1300-88-9515. I don't even have to search for this number on the net, it is all in my head.

This is my experience.

The confirmed thing is after 3 working days, the problem will be solved (only for Streamyx). A call will be made to inform me.

Hahahaha, Good luck people. Happy calling TM.

Besides, do you have any other companies as choices if they give you such poor service?

No, right? Well, you have no other companies, but you have the other 2 choices. Use it as shoddy as it can be or be totally disconnected. Pick one.

I wouldn't blame the operating staff answering the TMnet customer calls. I tried to be patient, because I work in the "Operations" area of IT. There are well-defined standards and procedures that Call Center staffs have to abide. The method of asking was defined by the management.

Therefore I understand their position and took pity of them and with my maximum capability followed through the "interrogation" process.

If I were to scream, I would make those small salary earners suffer for procedures they themselves may even detest.

The problem is with the management. How could they let this happen? How could this happen (Taken from the article above):
"Those days one team can fix some 40-50 house a day. Now the Telecom team can only do at best 20 a day. We contractors just take orders when called on." He continued.

As usual, in any corporation, these executive staff will be unfairly "penalised".

Time to change the poor management !

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: No Formal Apology Yet !

I am apalled and shocked !

I thought Jamaluddin Jarjis (JJ) had apologised personally to Sheela / Sheena Moorthy !

I didn't know that until I accessed Mr. Lim's blog. I checked that some visitors came from his address and came to this shocking realisation.

Mr. Lim Kit Siang wrote the article " Jamaludin Jarjis - stop censoring the press and be man enough to make public apology to Sheena Moorthy " in his blog.


Dr. Sheela responded to Mr. Lim on the 'apology given' issue:
Well, neither me nor my sister have received a formal apology from him. There are rumors circulating that he apologized and I saw them on some blogs, so all I know is what the rest of you also know. I have also NOT received any news from any of the officials that I have written to.

She added:
I agree the problem my sister and I have highlighted might be the tip of the iceberg of all the misconducts going on in our country but people have to learn to stand up for their rights and beliefs, politics aside. It just goes to show the basic upbringing we have had.

I am ashamed of how this whole issue was handled or mishandled I should say. I would like to hear the PM’s say on this. Does he think it’s funny too??? Please remind yourself that the world is watching and to just ignore issues like this just paints a BAD picture internationally. My colleagues are already questioning the integrity and sincerity of a Government that condones such behavior.

Apparently, Dr. Sheela had written complaint letters to Pak Lah, several Ministers, especially the chief representative of Indians in Malaysia, MIC president, Samy Vellu.

The strange thing is Samy Vellu is still mum over the issue. Isn't he supposed to stand up for the Indian community?

According to the article, Dr. Sheela had given interviews to Bernama, New Straits Times and the Star. None of the interviews were published. Is there a blackout or one-sided censorship of issues in Malaysia? Otherwise, how could this happen?

Dr. Sheela commented that this is “a sorry and scary state of affairs” and “So much for World Press Freedom Day”. I can understand how she feels. Freedom? Come on. Malaysia has almost no freedom for the press. Check out, investigate who owns the major papers in Malaysia. Not to mention, the annual license renewal exercise of Printing and Publishing Review Act does not make it better.

Not only the Press is under threat of unfair censorship. These days, Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin is talking about 'controlling the internet', 'registering bloggers' or 'classifying bloggers' for fear of his so-called 'lies' from the internet. We thought internet would be free. We thought Malaysians are wise enough to think for themselves. Think again !

Coming back to the original story, I have read that JJ had indeed apologised, but not directly to the sisters. It was said in "Rocky's Bru" blog that he did that in a gathering of a few hundreds students but not in the presence of the Moorthy sisters. Sheena was away in Boston at that time.


Perhaps, JJ should have apologised in the presence of the sisters. Maybe the government should issue a formal statement.

That would have minimised a lot of confusion or further misunderstanding.

The Moorthy sisters also wanted to make sure that the government condemns racism formally. The government should do something about this. The image of the country is at stake. 2007 is 'Visit Malaysia Year'. What would Americans and Malaysian students perceive Malaysia and communicate to their friends and relatives?

All in all, at least, somehow or rather JJ apologised, a quality missing from most politicians in Malaysia.

Please read my other entries on this issue:
JJ and Sheela/Sheena Moorthy in California: Racism and the Shallowness of Skin Colour
JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Ministers Should Think Before Speaking
JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Should We Accept JJ's Apology?

Black Dot 13 May 1969, "513" Racial Riot Revisited

13 May 1969, a Black Dot in Malaysian History.

Malaysian Chinese and Malays clashed on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and several towns in Peninsula Malaysia.

I should have posted these links two days ago on 13 May 2007 in remembrance of this tragic event. One should never forget history, as one would be bound to repeat them.

In light of cases in recent years where Members of Parliaments in Malaysia have a tendency to play with racial cards to trump up support, maybe it is time for us to reflect on 'possible consequences' of doing so.

Sadly, some politicians are immature and not professional by using such risky approach. As a Malaysian citizen, we should be reminded not to fall into these culprits' trap and jeopardise the security and harmony of our nation.

Malaysia Unplug blog has some international magazine 1969 archives on 13 May
Far Eastern Economic Review's 1969 reports:

Time Magazine 1969 reports:

I was not born yet when this tragedy happened. There were not much of mention in history books. The fact that this event matters is because national policies such as NEP and education are built around it.

I do not have much knowledge about this incident. What I can be sure is, whenever sour notes (such as economic downturn) hit the nation, "13 May 1969" also known as "the 513 incident" would be talked about. When the economic pie shrinks, the non-bumiputras would blame the NEP as being unjust. Accordingly, Bumiputras will claim that the non-bumiputras are refusing to share the economy.

Initially, all parties agreed to NEP to reduce poverty in the nation. These days, public saw it as an opportunity for the elite ruling parties to 'enrich the filthy rich', causing much resentment. The Malay politicians, particularly from UMNO would then invoke and remind the Chinese about "513" as a result for the complaints.

Badruddin Amiruldin, the infamous UMNO MP from Jerai brandished a book on the May 13 Incident during an UMNO General Assembly and exclaimed, "if it (NEP) were disturbed, these hornets will strike and destroy the country".


One thing attributes to the other. Commonly, the Malays blame the Chinese and the Opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) and the Chinese blame UMNO for 'choreographing' the event. Sad to say, with the minimal lack of evidence, everything is hearsay and one-sided assumptions.

With that in mind, it is good that Raja Petra Kamaruddin of Malaysia Today shared his experience and views on that tragedy.

I would like to bring the attention to an excerpt from his article:
" But don’t blame the Chinese. Don’t blame the Malays. Don’t blame the Indians either. Blame all three; the Malays, Chinese and Indians. All are to be faulted. All must be blamed. And blame the gangs and secret societies for enforcing this segregation and territorial wars. And blame the government for losing control of the streets to the gangs and secret societies. "

Perhaps, whenever "Civil War" happens, everyone involved should be blamed.

Dr Kua Kia Soong has written a new book, "May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969 (Suaram: Kuala Lumpur, 2007)". The book was launched at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (SCAH) on Sunday morning (coincidentally, Mother's Day is on 13 May 2007). Some speakers were present at the event: Dr Syed Husin Ali, Dr S. Nagarajan and Ms. Beth Yaph.


His version of the event is based on declassfied documents. It was said that DAP was not the cause of the riot. May 13 was purportedly a successful coup attempt against our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman by people within his party. Sad to say, the victims and pawns were the commoners.

Rustam Sani attended the book launch.

The book will be sold in major bookstores all over Malaysia soon. I would get a copy of it. I would advise anyone I know to read it.

Like what I have said previously, one that does not learn from history, would be bound to repeat the mistakes. My prayers to the solemnly departed in "513". May God bless us and not allow such tragedy to ever happen again in Malaysia.

Monday, May 14, 2007

JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Should We Accept JJ's Apology?

I would encourage visitors to read my other two articles as well:
JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Ministers Should Think Before Speaking
JJ and Sheela/Sheena Moorthy in California: Racism and the Shallowness of Skin Colour

Perhaps, Jamaluddin Jarjis used the wrong words to highlight that the government will only help the 'poor Indians'. We can never be sure about that.

However, we can be sure it is definitely wrong for a minister to generalise based on fairness of skin colour.

Was Jamaluddin Jarjis's apology sincere? I do hope so.

Least of all, he is one of the very few ministers who apologise. He made an apology in front of 500 students.

In the very least, he sets a good example (only for the apology action) that these people should instead follow:

1) Bung Mokhtar and Mohd. Said (Batu Gajah 'bocor' every month),
2) Hishamuddin Hussein (keris waving),
3) Tengku Adnan (8000 bloggers are unemployed women),
4) Samy Vellu (publicly announce someone to "Go To Hell')
5) Khairy Jamaluddin (Chinese will make demands if people do not support UMNO)

Of course, there are those who so-called 'apologised' many times but still repeat similar offensive remarks. I am sure the apologies are not sincere:
1) Badruddin Amiruldin (keling jual roti, keling botol, "I talking about Muslims, not keling")

For the time being, regardless of what it is, I will accept the apology and as a Malaysian forgive Jamaluddin Jarjis for the blunder.

At least, he is a 'real man' (who admits that he is wrong) and not a 'pussy' like SOME PEOPLE who always claim they are 'misquoted' or 'misunderstood'.

JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Ministers Should Think Before Speaking

I would say that, as a 'Minister', who is also a Member of Parliament and representative of citizens, one should always be careful with his choice of words.

Words of a blogger may account for the views of the person alone which may bring no major impact. The public views the words of a minister as a stand and policy of the government.

If the public perceives the words of a minister as threatening or offensive, it will be no surprise to witness an outcry.

Let's analyse...

1) I believe indians who may be from 'other (be it higher or lower) caste' (than Samy Vellu's) but have low income do not want to be discriminated.

After all, caste is not supposed to be recognised in the Malaysian Constitution.

From what I recall, government's stand is to help a person based on his/her income level regardless of caste.

Does JJ mean, those from Samy Vellu's so-called lower caste would be helped? The higher would not? Only people who know Samy Vellu will be helped? Class = Caste? I am not sure.

Perhaps, everyone should read this and judge:
"Incident 3 – After saying he is going to get MARA to help the Bumiputra students, he looked at her and asked “How many Indians are here?” Sheena did not keep track of number of Indian students so she mentioned that in the room there were two (pointing to another Malaysian Indian friend, who is fair skinned) and Jamaludin looked at him and asked “Oh. You are an Indian? Which means you are an upper class Indian and she is the lower class one” (pointing at her). Jamaludin went on to say that, “Oh, I am not going to help upper class Indians, I only help the lower class ones. They are the ones that need it’."


2) It is still rude and wrong to stereotype anyone who is lighter skinned as higher class and darker skinned as lower class.

If I were to mention that the Europeans are higher class than the Chinese because of skin colour, would the Chinese like that? If I were to say that the Chinese are higher class than the Malays or Indians because of skin colour, would the Malays or Indians like this statement?

The answer is obviously 'NO'.

3) I am sure no individuals, in any sense would like to be associated with the phrase 'low class'. It is simply degrading. I believe, even 'lower caste' people would not like to be called such.

Continued in JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Should We Accept JJ's Apology?

Malays and Muslims Should Make Noise if Non-Malay or Non-Muslim Ministers Make Racist Statements

This is what I commented in Raja Petra Kamaruddin's "Of Pariahs and Pan-Asians" in Malaysia Today.

Today’s Blogs to see how everybody; Malays, Chinese as well as Indians; insult not only Malays but Islam as well. And while this alleged insult of the Malaysian Indian student in the US is splashed all over the newspapers and websites plus raised in Parliament, do you see even a minute squeak from anyone when Malays and Islam are insulted?

To be fair, I would say there is truth in what you wrote.

It is pretty obvious here in Malaysia Today.

There are extreme non-Muslims and non-Malays here in Malaysia Today itself.

Instead of promoting the spirit of understanding, they see this as an opportunity to hit on other people's religion (Islam) or the Malay race.

They fail to see that, while they label Malays as racist, they are being racist themselves by making such stereotype. Horrible and insulting names were given. They fail to see that some Malays call for reforms and they forgot that they are posting in a website hosted by a Malay Muslim.

A person who has good parentage and educated does not go to another's home and insult the owner's ancestry and faith.

Such action is considered 'kurang ajar'. One can criticise but should not offend using 'uneducated' ways (calling certain races as pigs, cursing, etc.)

If there is any Malay or Muslim feel that he/she is insulted by politicians, MPs or Ministers, it would be good that he/she bring this up as an issue and cause a ruckus in the parliament. It is the right of every Malaysian to do that.