Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Negative Cyber Reactions on Keris Wielding Apology

[by Sagaladoola]

Perhaps, it is time to decipher why the public is not endorsing the apology by Hishammuddin . It all boils down to one word : Sincerity.

1) Apologising only after a massive Barisan Nasional defeat in various seats in PRU 12.

2) Not apologising after the first keris wielding incident but promise to repeat it the following year to de-sensitise the non-Malays despite a massive outcry from the public.

3) Previous statements made to justify the keris wielding. The Star: Keris Tradition to Continue (Tuesday October 30, 2007)

4) Compare points 1, 2 and 3. An important question to ask Hishammuddin : Is the apology made just because the non-Malays feel hurt on a matter that they should not be sensitive about or because Hishammuddin had done something really wrong ?

5) Is the apology done only with party interests in priority? Principle number 2 of Rukunegara : Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara (Loyalty to the Raja and Country / Nation)

6) Since Hishammuddin has so-called "apologised", is it necessary for Mohamad Rahmat, Azimi Daim, Hasnoor Sidang Hussein and Hashim Suboh to make a similar public apology for their racially slanted statements when the keris was waved by Hisham?

Meanwhile certain (not all) Malay quarters say that Hishammuddin should not apologise for the keris-wielding incident because it is a cultural item and accordingly everyone has a right to do so.

As a Malaysian who loves culture, I see keris as a unique and symbollic utility of art. I have many non-Malay friends who respects Malay culture and regard that keris is a beautiful cultural element with expensive diamonds attached onto it. The Sultans of Malaysia brought keris-es along for official palatial functions. Keris is part of the coronation of Agong. Not astonishingly, the public did not make any noise.

I have no qualms of seeing it (or Panca Warisan) being raised or used in public if it is for peaceful or/and, positive ulterior motives.

Are Malaysians angry because they are suspicious of negative ulterior motives (towards a specific group of people) associated with the keris-wielding incident or purely of the cultural elements it represents?

When one approaches a problem, one should solve it from the root and not its symptom. When one apologises, it should come from the heart. That is where Sincerity lies.

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Anonymous said...

It's time for Krismuddin to resign!!! His apology is not an apology, not SINCERE. He said "If I hurt the non-Malay's feelings...". What does he mean "IF". He certainly DID. He also apologize to the Malays...that is double speak. He speaks with a fork tougue.

AC said...

Why didn’t he said he will defend Malaysia with the Keris until the last drop of his blood?

mob1900 said...

Hasbullah Pit wrote a very clear explanation on the real issue, it was never about the Keris, it's 'How he threaten to use it'.


Anonymous said...

He apologised on the ground that you could not understand his agenda.
What kind of apology is this ?

He forgot that it was the agenda that many were pissed.


Frank said...


Very good analysis.

Hishamuddin is trying to cut his losses.

If he had apologised soon after the incident when there was an outcry, it would have helped his standing.

Now it is too late, 3 years too late as one blogger said.

What irks the public is that Hishamuddin is not a Minister for sports or finance, he IS the MINISTER for EDUCATION.

He should have resigned as the Minister for Education for showing a poor example of the kind of leadership we want to see in our younger generation. His actions encourage our young to be violent, weapon-based mentality and racist in tendencies.

Hishamuddin has lost his entitlement to be the future PM. I can bet my whole life savings that he will NEVER become the Prime Minister, partly for this incident and the fact that he allowed his Deput UMNO Youth chief to hog the limelight for the wrong reasons. He is responsible for the actions of his deputy, no matter that his deputy is the son in law of the PM. The buck stops at his table on the actions of UMNO YOuth.

amoker said...

Basically, he apologized that he is too clever and the rakyat is stupid that we can't understand him.

I dun understand this Ketuanan Melayu thing even after explaination by Hishammudin, AAB and latest Shahrir. After we are liberated from calling British "Tuan", you want me to call someone else "Tuan"? I have no TUan other than my God.

Scott said...

Posters 2 and 19 at Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

Anonymous said...

Generally, no one have problem with the "Panca Warisan' being waived in The GA. However, one should play the 'clip' on 'U tube' to witness how Hishammuddin weilded, shouted and words used! Then all should understand of how it wrenches the non muslims' heart!

His un-sincere apology is still laced with arrogance. Eventhough,all knows he action is one of the main reasons for BN's poor showing at The 12th GE.

Personalities like this is similiar to those is Middle East & Western Europe that fuel to wars and killings!

Is this an example of the future leaders of our beloved multi racial country? God Bless Us!