Sunday, April 13, 2008

After Fitna , New Movie Schism ?

I was checking out Malaysiakini and chanced upon a shocking blog entry.

Reading the blog, I proceed immediately googled for the movie. I found the 9 minutes plus movie titled Schism in Youtube . Spiegel Online International reports Saudi Blogger Releases Christian Version of 'Fitna' .

Accordingly, Schism is the reply to the movie Fitna. For those seeking more information on Fitna, I have posted an entry before, titled Controversial Fitna and The Boycott on Dutch . Geert Wilders' Fitna sparked a massive outcry worldwide. There were demonstrations and call for boycotts on Dutch products in Islamic nations. It is ironic that I have to thank God because Malaysian Muslims are more civil in voicing their dissatisfaction.

The author of Schism is Raed Al-Saeed. In the same fashion of Fitna, the movie quotes the Bible text instead of Quran. The verses are then related with scenes of violence. Among the things mentioned are the Srebrenica incident , Ku Klux Klan , the Jonestown massive death tragedy in Guyana and boys being beaten by soldiers. The most prominent feature is a female speaking in TV comparing "Islamic terrorists with Nazi war-machines". Immediately, an old clip depicted Nazi troops reciting "I Swear By God this holy oath" is shown.

Towards the end, the screen image describes: "It is easy to take parts of any Holy (sic) book that are out of content (sic) and make it sound like the most inhuman book ever written. That is what Geert Wilders did to gather more supporters to his hateful ideology. To create schism". The images of this movie is as disturbing as Fitna's

There are a few things going on my mind after watching Schism :

1) If this movie is created by a Saudi blogger, would Malaysian officials or/and Malaysian Muslim common citizens call for a boycott on Saudi goods in the fashion of calling for a boycott on Dutch goods after Fitna ?

2) Will Christians respond to this criticism by launching big demonstrations worldwide in the fashion of certain Islamic nations after Fitna ?

3) Will Christians condemn this movie as a misrepresentation of Christianity and the people who promoted violence in it?

I hope there will be no boycotts and demonstrations and I advise those who plan to do so to drop the plans. I shall be posting another entry on my opinion and related observation on both movies.

P.S. Wondering when will others start posting movies on Buddhism, Taoism, the Jewish religion and Hinduism. That would certainly be interesting... Is that an evil thought? Well, that really depends on each individual's perspective. All religious institutions, no matter how supreme one thinks it is, must not be free from criticism.


Scott said...

Don't worry, we sinner-stoning, children-burning Christofanatics will march along and kill all the blasphemers soon enough. Well, according to the media anyway.

After all, it only took us 35 years to murder 7 abortionists. That's like, some kind of modern day record!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, we Christians have more worries trying to make ends meet, happy in my job, avoid being a hypocrite, admit being a sinner, avoid lying, cheating, all those negativism around us.. than to play God... we have left history behind being reminded not to repeat the mistakes of the past and feeling sorry there are those who use history to justify their evil acts and invoke or use the name to sanction such acts as God's call... Peace to all men of goodwill. My love for my God and faith are strong enough to surpass such onslaught of extremism claimed to be done in God's name by any religion whatsoever and really jaded small minded holier than thou people. It would be interesting if we at least have the same people who condemned the other side, do likewise now that one of their brethren also crossed the line and drew a line on the sand evoking some reaction.. my reaction.. grow up please.