Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Comparison of Blogs : Pakatan Rakyat and MCA

A reader sent a mail to me upon reading my New Blogs of BN Politicians entry. I was introduced to another site by another BN politician.

The person is no other than the Leader of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) - Barisan Nasional (BN), Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting. The address to his site is .

The banner on his site displayed "Copyright 2006 Ong Ka Ting". With that, I will presume albeit inconclusively that the page was launched as far back as year 2006.

There are a few things I would like to comment.

1) Language : The blog is written only in Chinese. Why can't it be written in Bahasa Melayu, English or a combination of 2 to 3 languages? DAP's Teresa Kok does that beautifully in her blog . From what I gather, Bahasa Melayu is our national language. Not all Malaysians are Chinese educated. Not all Chinese are Chinese-educated as well. In fact, mostly aren't. How are they supposed to navigate the page and decipher its content ?

2) Layout : Is there any layout which mirrors blogging functions of or ? There is no strict definition on what kind of sites are considered blogs but in my opinion the item that makes it entirely different than Malaysiakini is the layout which scrolls all latest post on top of the page. There should also be a function that allows users/visitors comments. Does it actually exist on that page? Otherwise, in my own standards, I shall regard that as a normal homepage.

3) Content : Does it highlight issues according to blog posts/entries ? DAP's Lim Kit Siang , PAS' Husam Musa have continual posts on what is happening in Parliament, main public concerns, his opinions or suggestions and solutions or publications of letters from common citizens. DAP's Lim Kit Siang is so succesful and influential that netizens sometimes call him by his internet nickname Uncle Kit. PAS' Husam Musa even feature other interesting blogs. Most west coast citizens did not really know him until his efforts in his own blog.

4) Interaction : Did Ong Ka Ting use his page to clarify issues ? Did he write to Malaysiakini like his colleague Lee Hwa Beng a.k.a. seasoned MCA blogger ? Did he response to visitors like Tony Pua in his "Philosophy Politics Economy" . Does Ong Ka Ting link up with his supporters like Anwar Ibrahim in his ? Anwar can be linked up using Friendster, myspace and facebook.

I am sorry but I really can't see these items being prominently featured in Ong Ka Ting's site. Perhaps, it has something to do with my limited language skills

Meanwhile, Dr. Chua Soi Lek had set up his own in . Now, this is what I consider a "real" blog.

However, the Best Malaysian Politician Blog for me still goes to DAP Uncle Kit's "Lim Kit Siang for Malaysia" - .

Such is my expectation for an important leader of a political party. Uncle Kit's blog is the benchmark.

A question to the reader who mailed me : If Ong Ka Ting's page was established prior to 2008, can you tell me why hasn't his page made any significance on the net?


MarGeeMar said...
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Sagaladoola said...

Hi MarGeeMar, I need to remove some of the hot stuff from your comment (two statements marked [deleted]). However, the rest of it stays intact, republished below ...

The BN government is increasingly looking like the Titanic. The mud slinging going on between Badawi, Mahathir and Razaleigh is leaving the BN regime in tatters. This is not helped by spineless individuals [deleted] who would cheer on anyone who is PM but immediately chastise the individual once he is no longer PM. (Remember, dear Mahathir and Badawi, "Melayu mudah lupa".) Then, we have the Ong brothers from MCA talking trash while MIC and Gerakan are busy re-inventing themselves in circles.

We also hear that document and files have gone missing in states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat. Personally if you asked me, I don't trust the BN government, the Police, the Judiciary, the AG, the Elections Commission and the civil service.

Due to this, I believe that Pakatan Rakyat must not waste any time to form the government. The BN government is now falling from within. If we as a nation don't bail out from this spiral, we as a nation may end up in the abyss with Badawi and Company! We must have regime change by having a PR government in place. We must not let the BN regime stay in power for another 5 years [deleted].

Some people are against the crossing over of elected BN reps to PR. They feel this is a betrayal of the voter's trust. What I would like to suggest is why not, come April 28, if there are any BN MP's who are disillusioned and dissatisfied with the BN regime, they can declare themselves as Independent MP's and join the 82 PR MP's in passing a motion of no confidence on Badawi and his government.

I think His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agung, would not consent for another GE. Rather, the 82 PR MP's can form a Minority government. Infact, this government can also go on to be a Government of National Reconciliation by having not only the Independent MP's with them but also BN MP's as well, so long as they are clean.

Therefore, there is no need to wait for Datuk Seri Anwar to get to Parliament for this to happen. With Datuk Seri Anwar by her side, I'm sure Leader of the Opposition, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah will make a good PM. Time is of the essence. We must not let this opportunity slip away. Go for regime change now!