Friday, April 04, 2008

New Blogs of BN Politicians

In my previous article, I clarified that ICT Is Not The Main Cause of BN's Failure . The main source is actually "dissatisfaction with mainstream papers and administration". When one approach a solution to a problem, it should be through the evaluation of its source and not its symptom.

Nevertheless, despite the great amount of dislike I have over the performance of both these people, it should not be a reason to deter me from welcoming them to the blogging world.

Mohamad Khir Toyo - Ex-Menteri Besar of Selangor (UMNO-BN)

Mohd. Ali Rustam - Menteri Besar of Melaka (UMNO-BN)

I would recommend for people to read the explanation of these guys over several issues. Mohd. Ali Rustam wrote about Pakatan Rakyat while Mohd. Khir Toyo on the issues in Selangor. I am not convinced with Mohd. Ali Rustam's opinions on Pakatan Rakyat. I am considering whether I should provide a counter-explanation to Mohd. Ali Rustam's writing titled Pakatan Rakyat... Untuk apa? . Yes, do not forget to read the hot and spicy visitors' comments and be prepared to leave your own there... hehehe....

Anyway, I congratulate both the Mohamads for having the courage to pick up the new media. Now, where are all the MCA , Gerakan and MIC people and the rest of the UMNO MPs

MPs' blogs that I am looking forward to :
1) Hishammuddin Hussein
2) Samy Vellu
3) Rafidah Aziz
4) Ong Ka Ting / Ong Ka Chuan
5) Khairy Jamaluddin (Weird, he is rather silent these days. Not really his character)

If there is any of their friends or followers reading this, please remind them should they have an intention to setup a blog, please keep the comments section open. I am sure the Malaysians would have so many things to question and that includes me. For example, Samy Vellu, why are you still here after 30 years? Isn't that more than enough already? Hishammuddin, can we call you Kerishamuddin? Things like that.


Anonymous said...


Ali Rustam is "Ketua Menteri" of Melaka not "Menteri Besar".

Maybe typo?

Sun Tzu said:

Know not the other and know not yourself
Every fight is certain defeat.


Laksarian said...

Lol, nobody seems to be visiting Ali Rustam's blog.

TOBENG said...

No point of visiting Ali Ketam Blog... Coz there were nothing to Comment... If we comment also the comment does not bring any good.. Just a looser... No Agenda "so call" just a day dreamer Ali Ketam... He with his STUPIDITY....