Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Zam, Dr M, Umno Runtuh ?

1) Malaysia Today : Zam: Dr M to blame, too
2) Malaysia Today : Dendam dan marah Mahathir punca Umno runtuh - Zam

Somebody said, Umno is on the verge of "collapse" just because of Dr. M's continual criticism. I can't help it but make this important statement.... Hope, someone can convey it to Zam....

In English :
" If the government/party (of big number of members / ministers) collapses or becomes unstable just because of a criticism from one person, then that government/party is not a good government/party. It is extremely weak and should be changed from bottom to the top "

In Bahasa Melayu :
" Jikalau sebuah kerajaan/parti (yang mempunyai ahli yang ramai) boleh runtuh hanya kerana kritikan satu orang, maka boleh dikatakan kerajaan/parti itu tidak baik dan lemah. Sudah sampai masanya kerajaan/parti itu ditukar dari bawah sampailah ke atas. "

Blaming other people for one's weakness is not a brilliant thing to do. Malaysians are not stupid. They know how to judge. They will not solely base their voting decision on Dr M's criticism. There are many factors if one cares to source the net and Malaysiakini for more information.


Death Note said...

"you you you you i this this this this... we are strong party. we are not like MIUP, like MDP, like PPP... we have erections for our our our our party posts....

you you i i i want to kong kong kong congratiulate you for for for your good story writing... this is sagaladoola attitude isn't it?"

HAHAAHA.. just thought I remind us all about our favorite clip. Gotta laugh on April Fools after all..

Anonymous said...

Agree! If the Govt falls just because of a few people's criticisms, there are already real cracks in place.

Sagaladoola said...

Death note, that sounds like someone speaking in Al-Jazeera.... Hahaha

Anonymous said...


Sorry bro off topic a bit.
I ve noticed most of the Malaysia-Today's bloggers never stop bashing on NEP, Malay, UMNO & Tun M especially.

I smell a lot of rats there everytime there is an article on Tun M & Ku Li, these bashing comments came rushing in on the average of 40 to 50 in nos.

They never stop comparing how great is LKY's Dinasty administration & not surprisingly even during the GE 12 campaign our brother DSAI & his DAP brothers were very proudly boasting it to the people.In fact i cant recall any critics at all from
DSAI & DAP on WPI issues & all those dubious dealings between PL/KJ & TEMASIK groups.

Im being practical here. If it wasnt because of Tun M consistently voicing out againts Pak Lah & his HP6 cabinets administrations, i guessed the rest wont have the guts to follow thru.

To those who thinks that Singapore administration is so great, just open up a bit & surf around some of singapore's political sites to see whats happening down there.

Try read some of the articles (e.g Lee Kuan Yew administration a big Divide,If You Think Singapore is Great at http://singaporedissident.blogspot.com)

Its not surprise though, when reps of both side PL & Anwar are very fond of meeting & updating
each other & probably their master down there. Seems more like the master is changing the infamous & useless puppet.

Just when we thought we finally see the light, to me its more like LARI DARI MULUT BUAYA MASUK MULUT SINGA, neither way we are doomed.

Rats Sensor