Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No More Partisan MSM : Introducing NEWSKini

In view of the report in Haris Ibrahim's website on " Close encounter with The Star " , I will refrain from buying any papers with such way of delivering news. Malaysia needs a massive change, not only in governance, but in the context of MainStream Media (MSM) as well.

As a Malaysian, I have had enough of pro-Barisan Nasional media. I do not want any pro-Pakatan Rakyat (the soon-to-be-official PKR-DAP-PAS coalition) media too. I do not want media that reports half-truths or biased spins. Say no more to "selective" news publishing that tends to marginalise any group of people not associated with the publishing company.

I want Fairness, Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

Promoting boycotts will not work unless we give newsreaders some alternative sources.

I would like to introduce to the public of this "news spider system" called NEWSKini .

It has been there for a decade. It has everything you need : headlines of recently posted local online news (Asia Sentinel, KLPos, Sun2Surf, Malaysia Today), foreign news (Chinadigitaltimes, Reuters, Chinapost, Atimes, International Herald Tribune) latest major blog and Youtube (of Malaysian news) entries. Not to mention, several categories of Entertainment, World, Business and Tech have been listed.

The most interesting part of all NewsKini even has an MGG Pillai Archive !

My blog links are listed in Newskini. The system is quite efficient as it has automated periodical updates to refresh its content.

Enjoy... !

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Anonymous said...

yeah. newskini is hapz. i shall list it. i know what u mean by pro-pakatan press. sometimes it's just like the other side of the MSM coin. ;)