Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Babi-Buta and Pig Farms

I can't help it but laugh after reading something about Membabi Buta in Aisehman's page. It is related to Pig farm fiasco: S’gor gov’t reveals photos in Malaysiakini . Read the links above for more information.

Perhaps, in all matters which may or may not be related above, we should not oppose something for the sake of opposing as someone once said. We should investigate first, especially whether we have done anything earlier that may be affected by what we are currently opposing. It is not wise for one to be seen by others to be opposing oneself by an initial intention to oppose others. Read the links above for more information.

If I were to say that the construction of pig farms in Selangor will not affect anyone, it would be false. However, the most important element would be to do the best to ensure the surrounding areas unaffected by the faeces or remains of the pigs. Pollution should be kept at a minimum.

Now, should the government and people ensure pollution is avoided only in pig farms? What about duck farms, chicken farms or any other type of farms?

If there is any new project concerning any type of farm, pollution should also be kept at a minimum. That should not be limited only to pig farms. I am sure most religions and races place cleanliness as an important element. Therefore, we should not see the potential pollution issue limited only to Muslims but Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and so on so forth as well. It affects all and sundry.

I personally see the consolidating of various smaller pig farms scattered across Selangor into one location as suggested will potentially minimise pollution provided the consolidated major pig farm is managed properly. Having one major farm would be easier to exert control if there are pig diseases and such. For your information, animal diseases are not only limited to pigs.

Since the State government led by Pakatan Rakyat had made a promise on this, I call for all citizens to give them a chance. Citizens should see whether the promise is delivered in time. If all else fails, I am sure everybody would know the right thing to do come PRU13 or beyond. I think we should view this issue objectively.


Surind said...
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gundohing said...

That's right. Be it any animal waste for that matter, all religion advocate cleanliness. Pork is haram to be eaten - that is all!. If a muslim touches a pig or a dog just wash off the affected area as prescribed. No, it is not sinful if a Muslim happen to get into contact with these animal. Unless he intend to make them his loving pet with the intention of frolicking, kissing and hugging with it then that is another matter. Having a pig farm next door is no different from having a goat's farm - anyone no matter what religion you are will not like it. The UMNO idiots don't have to drag religion into it.

Sagaladoola said...

Hi gundohing,

UMNO did not specifically or directly drag religion into it.

However, I do not know why protests have to be held to highlight this as a serious issue.

Not that they are wrong in doing that but whether the protest is appropriate.

I feel that I have to speak up on this matter so that Malaysians can possibly view the issue in a more utilitarian perspective.


Scott said...

Sag, the latest anti-freedom move by the will-never-change BN:

Newspaper Banned After Publishing Frontpage Coverage of Anwar Ibrahim Black 14 Rally

Anonymous said...

1. Umno goons protesting because they did not get any benefit$$$ in this integrated farming project after all their initial "hardwork".

2. Protest for the sake of protesting as they have "no place" in the decision making process now.