Monday, April 07, 2008

BN is still essential for a Two-Party Country

Malaysiakini published : Author: Help, not crush, Umno
by Soon Li Tsin Apr 4, 08 1:49pm
Author and academician Dr Ooi Kee Beng said Umno should be assisted and not crushed in its attempt to reform itself yesterday.

Launching his book entitled ‘Lost in Transition: Malaysia under Abdullah’ in Kuala Lumpur, Ooi expressed concern over the future of Umno which may resort to fascism.
-> Umno like Taiwan's KMT
-> Abdullah's main challenges

It cannot be dismissed that there are indeed people out there who speaks against Umno. I think it is a reality of politics that people on one side often try to do something like that to the people of another side. Applies to both sides of the fence.

It is indeed true that in order to preserve a two-party system, it is still necessary that Umno and BN be retained as well. However, judging by the current situation, only the combination of Umno leadership, its seniors, members and grassroots can solve their internal problems so that they can stand on their own feet again.

There is not much outsiders can do in terms of assistance on that matter.

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