Monday, March 03, 2008

To Be Fair To PAS, DAP, PKR : Divide and Rule Strategy

I found out part of my article PAS, Samy, Hindu Temple Demolition was published on Husam Musa's (of PAS) blog. Husam Musa made a copy of an original article from Anak Bapa blog : PAS dan Isu Kebebasan Beragama (PAS and the Issue of Religious Freedom)

Husam Musa's article :

Much has been promoted in the mainstream media on PAS being an intolerant party. PAS has been terribly tarnished by certain parties without much chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public. Are those who tarnished PAS as a 100% intolerant Islamist group the same parties that tarnished DAP as a 100% intolerant chinese chauvinist group and PKR as a 100% party made only for Anwar? Who is the main power behind all these things gets the most advantage from doing all that? These are questions that we should ponder.

Teresa Kok just held a press conference slamming a mainstream press who twisted her words. Allegedly, the press tried to put this DAP candidate against PAS on ethics. Teresa Kok did not even utter any form of statements on PAS during her campaigning. According to her blog , she is considering legal action on this mainstream local press if an official apology is not given for putting words in her mouth.

Somebody created the impression that PAS is very intolerant towards other religions. However, the biggest Buddha statue in South East Asia is in Kelantan, a state controlled by PAS. How can that be happening if PAS is intolerant? PAS could have actually demolished it 18 years back when it first assumed control. Besides that, PAS did not declare any fatwa to disallow any contruction of worship places of other religions. PAS even gave out permits. Even Hindraf leader, Uthayakumar, who is born in Kelantan said he does not bear any grudges with PAS because PAS does not tear down Hindu temples in gangster-like manners. PAS Chairman of national unity, Mujahid Yusof Rawa disagrees with violent treatment and proposes diplomacy on temple issues. Pork is still on sale in Kelantan for non-Muslims. Males and females swim in the same swimming pool. People regardless of gender queue up in the same line. PAS did not do any keris waving with questionable remarks on non-Muslims. In fact, PAS feel that it is not the right thing to do. So, how could PAS be considered as intolerant if all these are happening?

It is indeed strange that Chinese and Indians in Kelantan can speak better Bahasa Melayu than their counterparts in West Malaysia. In fact, Kelantanese are more engaged in muhibbah (racial harmony) than West Malaysia. Visit Kelantan and see it for yourself.

As for DAP, Somebody painted them as chauvinistically chinese. However, everybody forgot that Lim Guan Eng went to jail for a case during the course of helping a Malay lady. If Saudara Lim is from DAP and DAP is only for chinese then how could that happen? Certain people abused NEP to enrich their cronies. Common poor and working class Malays are marginalised because of such abuse. If DAP is criticising NEP because of that, how can they be considered as chinese-chauvinist? DAP has been exposing issues on corruption for years. Corruption is destroying Malaysia. Majority Malays and Indians being the poorest in Malaysia will suffer if the economy goes down because of corruption. If that is the case, how can DAP be regarded as chauvinist and not patriotic? If DAP people wanted to make money, they could have joined the fray as a crony party of this Big National party but why didn't they do it?

Somebody even painted that PKR is a party created specifically for Anwar Ibrahim. Before his release from jail, Somebody said PKR was maintained as part of the Free Anwar movement. After his release, Somebody said PKR is only for Anwar to further his ambitions and nothing else. I feel disgusted with such tagging by Somebody. It is of course not 100% the fault of Somebody. Malaysians are equally stupid to easily believe in such low IQ rethoric.

Now, why are Malaysians foolish? Consider this. PKR is not a small party. It has an NGO president in the form of MTUC president Syed Shahir. There are people who quit Barisan Nasional to join PKR. If the party is made specifically "just for Anwar", don't you think it will be impossible to get NGOs for working society to join in. The NGO could have chosen to join Barisan Nasional. Don't you think it is silly that people would quit a lucrative party to join a less lucrative party to further only the ambition of a person who is not even their relative.

The fact that certain Malaysians believe such a twisted branding by Somebody on PKR is certainly intriguing.

The main aim of such consistent painting of false impression on PAS , DAP and PKR is part of the divide-and-rule strategy.

It is a strategy to compartmentalise voting groups into race and religion. Non-Muslims are made to be suspicious on PAS. Muslims are made to be careful on DAP. Mapping Anwar as being the sole figure of PKR is an attempt to totally get both Muslims and non-Muslims to shy away from PKR.

Will the strategy work? It may work in mixed races areas if Malaysians choose to be foolish and believe in such silly rethorics.

Malaysians - Malays, Chinese and Indians should wake up and realise that their enemies are not themselves but Corruption, Mismanagement and People who Divide-and-Rule them.

Blaming race and religion will get us nowhere. Blaming Malays, Chinese, Indians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians will get us nowhere. Ask the leadership who is in control of the information and we may get an answer.

Meanwhile, another story apart from the above is published in Malaysiakini titled : BN lambasted for racial campaign in Klang .

Excerpt: MCA’s campaign of ‘Chinese vote for Chinese’ has angered DAP’s Charles Santiago who wants the race factor to be kept out of the polls.


yapchongyee said...

Khairy Jamaluddin, the hyena roaring like the LION. I read that both you and your father in law THE SLEEPY HEAD PM said of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ( my hero) that nobody now even knows nor hear of Dato Seri Anwar any more. This is not true as we all know it is not true.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a real LION who at the peak of his powers shot fears into the spine of this other fellow Tun Mahatir. My own perspective of the crisis that developed between Mahatir vs. Dato Seri was that at the crucial moment Tun Mahatir lost his nerve and from my own assessment, Dato Seri committed a error of profound misjudgment, Dato Seri with held his coup d’grace. There is a saying that if you pull a gun on another make sure you will pull the trigger. I believe that Dato Seri’s sense of human decency and personal loyalty to Mahatir caused him to drop his guard for just that one crucial moment, and just then his adversary, Mahatir lunged out and STABBED IN THE BACK OF DATO SERI. This assessment of Dato Seri speaks volumes for the humanity of dato Seri. I do believe that had Mahatir been a fair and just person, he would not have done to Dato Seri Anwar what Tun Mahatir did in fact do to him.

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not a nobody, he was the Prime Minister in waiting until he was impaled by the treachery of some one who Dato Seri trusted more than his father. Dato Seri Anwar had been unjustly dealt with by Mahatir and yet when asked by his TV interviewer Tamore Mobile on a programme on Aljazeera, his take on the incident, he made no comment. Her shows the magnanimity of the man; a in let bygones be bygones. A man of great character and a gentleman. I believe if he had been a lesser man Dato Seri Anwar will be Prime Minister and Tun Mahatir will be the nobody; and of course if that had in fact developed Dato Seri Abdullah Bedawi will be a nobody.

I am of opinion that Dato Seri Ahmad Bedawi, the present PM was to the assessment of Tun Mahatir the WEAKEST OF HIS MINISTERS; and that Tun Mahatir was going to use Dato Ahmad Dedawi as his surrogate and through Bedawi Tun Mahatir was or at least thought that he could exert his control of the Malaysian government. I gathered this opinion from an incident that passed between Mahatir and Bedawi at the time of the general election. Tun Mahatir prepared to go out on a campaign for Bedawi (uninvited) but he (Mahatir) was told by Bedawi handlers that Mahatir was not to do any campaigning for Bedawi; this was an insult and a slap on the face of Mahatir. This incident illustrates to me that Bedawi did not want to be beholden to Mahatir. It shows that Bedawi has anticipated that Mahatir would be an unwelcomed interference. That Mahatir had chosen the weakest of his cabinet to succeed him is also Mahatir’s testament of the weakness of Bedawi, both as a man and as the future Prime Minister. Dear Mahatir has gone on shouting that it was an agreement between him and Bedawi that the latter was to hand the PM ship to Najib at the end of the first term. WHE YOU ARE OUT OF OFFICE TUN MAHATIR, NO ONE WILL GIVE SHIT TO YOU !

Therefore Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, you are a mere hyena laughing all the way to the bank and your father in law is the Prime Minister BY DEFAULT; or maybe it is more colourful to say that your father in law because the Prime Minister BECAUSE HE WAS THE UGLY ONE IN A BLIND DATE. Dato Seri Abdullah Bedawi is the accidental Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that ;) It's time we overcome the fears that BN uses to control us...;)

In God, we trust. ;)

Keep up the perjuangan for Malaysia, brother.