Saturday, March 08, 2008

Terima Kasih dan Syabas Rakyat Malaysia !

Poster from mob1900 -> Barisan Rakyat: Terima-Kasih & Syabas!

Looks like the results are starting to appear. It is time to see how the People's Power works. No matter what the results are, congratulations to all elected ones. Thank you as well for those who blogged in Malaysiakini .

Syabas Kawan-kawan Semua ......

Malays , Chinese , Indians United ! Bersatulah Rakyat Malaysia !

We must remember to take care of the Elections Commission Chief Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman after this on the last minute indelible ink cancellation.


Anonymous said...

Yor da man!

Anonymous said...

No Bro... my heartfelt thanks go to YOU & all those fantastic bloogers who opened our eyes & educated us. YOUR efforts will go down in assured. Syabas guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your dedication towards a better Malaysia - keep this up! We can all do it together!