Monday, March 03, 2008

Woman Sexist Against Another Woman in Seputeh

... and I thought only men are sexist against women.

Picture from Jed Yoong's Seputeh Seat Sizzles .

I would like to plead to Carol Chew Chee Lin, age 27 of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) which is a component party of Barisan Nasional (BN) to use a more gracious way of campaigning. As a person of the opposing party in Seputeh, you can attempt to question Teresa's capabilities but please respect an individual from the same sex.

Carol should bear in mind that Seputeh people are educated enough to know sexism is unacceptable. I recalled there was one particular year someone actually made a highly sexist remark on a lady. Seputeh people were deeply shocked. That guy lost in the election terribly. I hope that is not Carol's aspiration for her first ever election but one would never know what is on another's mind.

I wonder whether Carol would like it if Seputeh people were to discriminate her on the basis that she is young and new therefore stereotype her as incapable? That wouldn't be fair to her, right? I urge the Seputeh people not to judge Carol based on that.

I respect and trust that capable ladies can manage two seats with the help of her assistants. I am willing to give it a try. Besides, Gobind Singh Deo is contesting in Puchong.

Please read Teresa Kok's recent post : Carol Chew Made Sexist Cartoon Billboard Against Me . Please check out whether Malaysiakini is featuring this piece of news .....


wisdom above said...

Carol Chew (Belianiswan )& Ng Yen Yen’s MCA failures,should remember the sacrifices of Women.

… as the real change comes from power,…

‘Parliament’ & … state assembly has a lot of power over the people’s life…

…“We have to compel the.. “Federal Govt & “.. state government and private sector to react fairly to the people.
But we can only do it with the people’s support,”

Women Power , 8-3-2008 is International Women Day.

A real brave ‘Patriot’.An 89-year-old grandmother..for the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat..oldest candidate, Maimun Yusuf .grandmother of seven said @
>> “I want to right the wrongs and bring down the price of essentials,” she said in her thick Terengganu Malay accent.

MCA women's wing should teach girls to uphold & respect modesty at all time.

MCA should remove the 2 billboards now..Shameful to MCA's women wing

Women Power , 8-3-2008 is International Women Day.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Klang Valley Pot Holes said...

The tactics deployed by Carol Chew is really uncalled for. As a father of 3 children and I think this dirty tactics win only damage her chances of capturing more VOTE. I feel MCA is so desperate and worry of losing more seats to opposition. I have been voting for ruling party BUT NOT THIS ROUND. SURE ENOUGH BN WILL NOT GET ANY VOTE FROM MY FAMILY!!! SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON MCA.

Anonymous said...

Can we expect someone like CAROL to defend women rights and stop others seeing women as sex objects?

How childish. Berpoya-poya. MCA is one to talk after Soi Lek's BLOCKBUSTER SEX DVD....And he didn't even sound repentant just regretful that he used the same room in the same hotel cos he thought it was "convenient"....