Friday, March 14, 2008

Criticising DAP

This blog will return to the state of neutrality. It is high time for that. Why?

Being a supporter of the unofficial opposing front of Barisan Rakyat ( PKR-DAP-PAS ) , I find it disheartening to read about the blunders made by all these parties specifically DAP.

In order to make things work and not waste my four years of hope of forming an alternative front to have a check-and-balance governance, I think I need to do my part to remove all sorts of chauvinism , be it from the religious (Islam, Christian, Buddhist) or racial (Malays, Chinese, Indians) point-of-view.

I hate to do all these but I think it is necessary because over the past 5 days, I have been reading all these stupid actions which is totally absurd. If one wants to be a Government, one needs to act like a Government. One can't do it as if one is still an Opposition party !

The very first party I would not like but have to criticise is the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Issue 1: Perak MB and Excos Dispute
First of all, just when I thought the Menteri Besar Perak issue was over and by 4 or 5 p.m. the swearing-in would take place, I reached home from work only to check out Malaysiakini and found the ceremony cancelled !

Now, the main reason for Perak MB's swearing-in put off is because of another disagreement on top of an earlier one on the appointment of a PAS MB instead of a DAP MB (who holds the most seat in the state)

According to Malaysiakini :
" But in another twist of never-ending problems, PKR today issued a statement threatening to pull out from the state administration on hearing that eight of the 10 executive council posts will go to DAP while the remaining two going to other parties.

Originally it is believed that an agreement was made whereby DAP would get six exco posts and two each for PKR and PAS.

However, there was a last-minute change where DAP was given eight seats in the exco, while PKR one and PAS one. "

Now, who is that "brilliant" person who suggested DAP to take eight seats? I cannot conclude if it is DAP is the one who insisted but looking at the situation, the party that would get the most advantage is DAP with an increase of 6 excos to 8 excos .

Okay, regardless of what it is, we should all not harbour that kind of greediness ! The most that you should take is 7. PKR should retain 2 and PAS 1. No more 8-1-1 . That is very unfair to PKR, who is holding the second highest number of seats.

Why can't these parties discuss before doing anything like deciding on a swearing-in ceremony? DAP, now tell me what the hell are you doing? First, because you were not careful, words said about DAP CEC not giving mandates to PAS MB is damaging the unity of the PKR-DAP-PAS loose coalition, giving a leverage to mainstream media for a happy moment of criticising. Then, whoever that greedy person is , 6-2-2 becomes 8-1-1 . Now, that will be a second set of bashing. Goodness gracious !

Issue 2: Short-Sighted Demonstrators
Furthermore, Malaysia Today reported in the article Yellow card for the opposition :

" Supporters of Teng Chang Khim, Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu are locked in battle. Each has their clique that wants to see their candidate installed as the Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. But there is no Deputy Menteri Besar post and His Highness the Sultan of Selangor will not appoint one. So why bother to squabble over who should be the candidate to fill a post that does not exist? Yesterday, Teng's supporters held a demonstration to demand that their man gets appointed as the Deputy Menteri Besar. In spite of the announcement that there shall not be any Deputy Menteri Besar, today, they plan to hold another demonstration and MCA and Gerakan are going to send their supporters to help Teng mobilise a crowd of 10,000 to prove that his support is overwhelming. Can we please remember this name and come next election we send him to where Zakaria Deros now resides? "

Well, is that really necessary? That is so ugly. First, such position does not exist. Second, I am sorry I have to be rude, not to the MPs but to the supporters : Are you mad, stupid or something ? You are demonstrating for a position that does not exist. Third, another question to the supporters : do you know that your actions are not doing any good to the name of the party as well as the members? I thank God that His Majesty, Sultan Selangor is polite and understanding enough not to shout away the demonstration. Fourth, do you have brains? Oh great, now MCA and Gerakan are helping you. Do you think they are helping you to achieve your goals or to highlight your insolence? If you said it is the former, I will not be surprised.

I am sorry but I have to say this. I think a portion of DAP supporters are out of their mind, think only of themselves, short-sighted and do not think of the bigger picture before they act. Likewise, please take out all that primadonna attitude. It is really sickening.

Issue 3: Insensitive to Malays
DAP has to know that it is now A GOVERNMENT in two states. Frankly, I do not like the idea of the early announcement of the NEP abolition. PKR has an alternative Agenda Baru to assist the poor of all races. No one would be marginalised. Why can't the Penang GOVERNMENT announce the abolition of NEP coinciding with the launching of Agenda Baru ? Why can't it be announced after a new solid coalition between DAP-PKR-PAS is formed? Why should the announcement be premature?

DAP has to understand its success in 2008 is through the support of many Malay comrades. The community had shunned DAP for so many decades until the overwhelming internet campaigning and spirit of nationalism make them give a chance to the party. It is a chance of a lifetime. When you speak or do something, you have to think of the Malays as well. DAP can't use the "MP being jailed for championing one Malay girl" issue forever as a justification for their effort.

It is about the way you speak and the timing planned. DAP has to be pragmatic. DAP has to read "The Malay Dilemma" by Dr. Mahathir . Yes, you may not agree that he is a good guy and you may not want to view the affirmative action section but there are many other points that you need to read in order to understand how the Malays feel. Therein lies the secret that you can vest to help the people and gain their permanent and not temporary support.

DAP MPs have to be careful with the words used to describe matters of Islam and issues related with Malays. This is not about racism but the method of communication. Remember, DAP is a political party. MPs are politicians. Politics is all about perception. Your choice of words will affect perceptions. Every culture has their own flow of thought.

updated 16 March 2008 2.22 a.m.
The Star had just reported Penang CM did not say he would do away with NEP, says DAP chairman

He said Lim’s statement on March 11 after being sworn in as Chief Minister, that he wanted to run the state government administration free from the NEP that breeds cronyism, corruption and systematic inefficiency, does not amount to sedition.

Malaysia Today reported
21 NGO Islam puas hati penjelasan KM P.Pinang mengenai kedudukan Melayu dan Islam (21 Islam NGOs are satisfied with the explanation of Penang Chief Minister on the position of Malays and Islam)

I still think that Lim Guan Eng should be careful on the usage of words as there are many people out there who wants to see the failure of a non-Gerakan governance in Penang therefore would engineer an oust.

DAP has to wake up. I would like to see Barisan Rakyat to be succesful but everyone has to tolerate and collaborate.

If one wants to be a Government, one needs to act like a Government. One can't do it as if one is still an Opposition party !

P.S. Sagaladoola is not associated or a member of any political organisation. Sagaladoola is still a supporter of Barisan Rakyat for the time being. Sagaladoola would not like to be placed in a position for running a massive "Criticism Campaign" on Barisan Rakyat. Please do not put him in a spot.

Next : Criticising PAS, PKR


PabloPabla said...

I don't see anything wrong in your voicing your opinion and criticisms. Many of us have done that on BN and non-BN parties should not be immune to criticisms. Whilst previously the amount of feedback from the general public was difficult to be heard by these politicians, we now have blogs to put across our views.

You don't need to be apologetic about it.

CP Waterman said...

I think all of us must calm down and put in our constructive & encouraging opinion we are sure the various heads of this loose coalition will take heed unlike that bulldozing BN (hope they have changed by now).

We can appreciate what kind of awesome teething problems & challenges they will be facing (eg. democracy principles on the DAP side and Islamic principles on the PAS side and trying to get the 2 to yoke together).But we can see (Riz Khan's interview) they are doing their best to find workable solution for the sake of the rakyat,I say may be on a social economic platform.

Lets gently encourage this very young coalition with kind words & support, they should get behind closed door & work out a working pack and hold a big press conference to report to the rakyat that they are ready to rock.Those over zealous DAP party memebers who took to the street should be correctly reprimanded.

We wish this young group all the best.

Anonymous said...

No need to be apologetic - u got the points down right! DAP - and BR - listen! We want you to succeed...not for you politicians but for all of us Malaysians!

I think this piece should be retitled "Constructively Critizing DAP" - what say u? ;o)

East-West said...

I believe that we are too harsh and too fast in criticizing the BR. The guys elected in are new, with no experience in handling the affairs of state and, in the opposition, really never had to work together. All they had to push them forward was the need to preserve their parties from oblivion under the onslaught of the BN. Once in, the spillover from that old mentality is to be expected.

Give them time. They are all like the new kids having their first go at being school/class monitors and school prefects.

However, they will soon learn that they have to work together if they want to be able to fulfill the expectations of the people who voted them in and to be voted in again at the next GE.

Relax - let them prove their worth and our trust in them.

Anonymous said...

many things happened lately. i just read about this…

things are not bright as it seems to be.

Pure Faith said...

really, i think sagaladoola was just too keen to join the nerd mentality to comment with unsubstanted facts...

Sagaladoola said...

Well, Pure Faith ...

Maybe you can tell us here which one is unsubstantiated.

Pure Faith said...

sorry, incorrect of words: replace 'unsubstantiated facts' with 'MSM news'...

in doing so, it leads to one falling victim to the spinmasters...

Sagaladoola said...

Well, which part?

Pure Faith said...

esp issue 3: when LGE has made no ref to NEP...
read bernama apology to lge

Pure Faith said...

Press Statement by Anwar Ibrahim (SAT - March 15, 2008) :

I am therefore deeply concerned with the attempt being made by certain elements to stoke the flames of racial hatred in the aftermath of the March 8th Malaysian elections. We have reason to believe that this vicious campaign is being orchestrated by a small number of very wealthy Malays and UMNO leaders who are themselves guilty of squandering and abusing the NEP to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the general public. These people are now using the UMNO and government controlled media to incite fears among the Malays and deflect attention away from their electoral defeat and from UMNO’s historic failures to address the needs of all Malaysians including the poor and marginalised Malays.

I ask my fellow Malaysians to reject the desperate attempts by some UMNO members to salvage the remnants of a broken party by pandering to people’s fears and sowing divisions and disunity among the people of our nation.

Pure Faith said...

Bernama apologises to Penang CM

March 14, 2008

YAB Sdra Lim Guan Eng
Chief Minister of Penang
28th Fl, Komtar
10502 Penang

Dear YAB,

On behalf of my colleagues in BERNAMA, I would like to congratulate your team and you for the recent victory in Penang.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sloppy editing in the news story of March 12, 2008, which we mistakenly quoted you as commenting on the May 13 incident as well. The inclusion of the fact was intended to give background on the establishment of the NEP in 1971. Nevertheless, upon a thorough review, the inclusion of that fact along with your quote may have been inappropriate.

As we move forward, I would like to ensure you of BERNAMA's co-operation for your newly-formed government and shall always endeavour to help you promote the well-being of Penang and its people.

Yours sincerely,


Sagaladoola said...

You mean this:

Screenshots: Utusan and Bernama

This is the only part mentioned:
"I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sloppy editing in the news story of March 12, 2008, which we mistakenly quoted you as commenting on the May 13 incident as well."

Bernama apologising on May 13 quote only.

Pure Faith said...

also lge statement in malaysiakini in reply to aab statement a few days ago....

Alan said...

Chong Eng said :"to criticise the government is patriotic." So, go ahead & criticise the governments in the 5 states as well as the other states & our federal gov.

Anonymous said...

Its about time everyone settle down and think,pray for one another. D trouble with homosapiens is that they like to scruntinise .criticise instead of honouring one another.