Friday, March 07, 2008

First-Time Voters Guide and RCER Petition

I was requested to post this subject : People Are The Boss : How do you vote? A Picture Guide for First-timers?

Thank you to the person for producing such an important document. However, I was told that the boxes above will be transparent and there will be no serial number on the election slip this coming election.

By right, Malaysia is supposed to use indellible ink for Election 2008. It was even agreed upon in the first place. However, this fella, Election Commission Chief by the name of Rashid Abdul Rahman made a mind-boggling last minute about-turn decision of revoking the usage of the ink with an explanation which sounds more like an excuse than a reason. Not a single point from the main four points of BERSIH demands are being fulfilled.

One wonders why he did not make a proper research on this issue earlier before making a decision months back. I hope Barisan Nasional people will forgive him on this issue. I condemn the moves of Vandals who splashed paint on the election chief's house.

Meanwhile, if you feel you should support a Royal Commission for Electoral Reform (RCER), you can sign the petition here. Someone informed me on this by e-mail:

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported Nine buses stopped by PAS in T'ganu ( Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Mar 7, 08 11:11am )
Allegedly, PAS supporters in Terengganu stopped the buses near Kuala Ibai this morning on suspicion these were ferrying phantom voters for the general election tomorrow. MORE
-> Believed to be students
-> PAS to hold PC

To all, please vote wisely tomorrow ......

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