Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PAS, Samy, Hindu Temple Demolition

I had earlier chronicled the Kampung Rimba Jaya Temple Demolition in my post Deepavali and Bulan Syawal Destruction.

PAS on Temple Demolition
Mujahid Yusof Rawa, Chairman of national unity of PAS had written a letter to Malaysiakini condemning the demolition procedures of the Hindu temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya. In fact, the PAS representative had expressed deep regret over the violent manner the issue was handled.

Surprising isn't it? I mean, this is PAS, the Islamic Party of Malaysia. The temple was of the Hindu religion. It is supposed to be no concern of theirs. Perhaps, PAS is not 100% intolerant as certain parties painted it to be. Kelantan, the state in which PAS reigns, houses Wat Photivihan, biggest reclining Buddha statue in Malaysia. There were rumours circulating that PAS even allowed a Hindu temple to be built in one of their newly obtained constituency. The Hindus were asking for permission from a previous MP of another party for years but to no avail.

Maybe it is high time that people take a deeper look at what PAS has to offer for the people. Put aside some of the negative impression. That is provided that PAS has a complete and clear blueprint on governing the nation for the people to analyse.

Samy on Temple Demolition
In the meantime, Malaysiakini posted another interesting article titled MIC retracts ban on Deepavali events. Earlier, Samy Vellu, the President of the Indian representative party, MIC, with courage not commonly seen, called for a ban on open houses during the upcoming Deepavali celebration.

If Samy Vellu had proceed with such action for the sake of the community he is supposed to represent, in my personal opinion, the Hindu gods must have been compassionate enough to bestow some Light on the greatly marginalised Indian community of Malaysia after witnessing much sadness and grief that they had over the recent event.

And I thought the Hindu gods must have been so understanding that they shone some light on the minds on MIC leaders as well, awakening them so that they will do what they are supposed to do.

Happiness is a rare occasion and difficult to be obtained it seems, the ban was retracted so 3 hours after the initial announcement. There are reasons of course, as KTemoc writes in his article : "Deepavali Open House & MIC - Must I Cancel?" .

3 hours, phew.. that was quick.

Let me make some important extracts from KTemoc's blog:

Samy gave the excuse that there has been an 'overwhelming request' by the members of the community for the ban to be overturned - hmmm, 'overwhelming request' from the MIC community or the entire Indian community? Alas, he didn't bother to elaborate, but I need to ask the question - where's the MIC protest against the demolition of Hindu temples now?

But you know something?

Well, it seems that Mama is still in mourning for his late brother, who passed away early this year, therefore he won't be having an ‘open house’ anyway.

While I respect his piety for his late brother, I certainly don’t his grandstanding - hey, Mama, when you've already planned not to have an 'open house' in the first place, please don't act tough by saying you won't be holding an 'open house'.

It’s little wonder that the other MIC leaders were annoyed at the ban which wouldn't have affected Samy, but which would have denied them the opportunity to ... er ... showcase their ... er ... hospitality


I certainly understand why KT ends his article with a very loud laugh. It is not hard to know why.

Good luck Malaysian Indians. Pray hard..... during Deepavali..... May God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Samy is being so funny that I heard Khir Toyo had to leave the UMNO assembly cos he laughed so loud his nose job cracked !!!!

PM said...

Go to Kelantan and find out how PAS is so tolerant. I have Chinese friends who are working in Kelantan in the construction industry and all of them have said good things of PAS.
As a Chinese, I attended one of his biggest rally and it was pleasing, not a single tone on racial.

The snakes in umnoputra and MCA clowns are the ones painting a negative picture to the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

In Kelantan, MB Datuk Seri Nik Aziz even enters buddhists, Hindu and Sikh shrines, but not in West Malaysia, I was posted to Kota Baru when my peers told me that as a buddhist I must be extra cautious due to extremists but I found totally a diffrent scenario there, PAS respects the other religion and even one kampung folks admitted that Hinduism is the oldest religion and has influence in Kelantenese culture, I now feel more comfrotable leaving in Kota Baru compared to Selangor where UMNO manifests racial tones.

Anonymous said...

Now you know. Not all Muslims are like the ones potrayed by UMNO (if they are indeed Muslims, that is). True Muslims are in actual peaceful and rational people. They will not be biased based on religion, race or ideology. The ones that do all of the above are not Muslims, they are UMNOs.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a post in YOUTUBE the Pas demolition of a church built by orang asli in Kelantan. Till now no rational explantion has been given. I think Pas is only taking a potshot at UMNO to score political points.


Anonymous said...

Now, where is the Youtube? I couldn't find any. Are you sure there is such a thing?

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken the church was demolished by JHEOA - which is not under the control of the State Government.