Friday, March 14, 2008

The Last Sensible Man from UMNO (Yes, There is Such A Thing)

Yes, the kind is rare. Endangered species. Certainly worth to make a mention. Malaysiakini posted Zaid: Stop pitting Malays against non-Malays by Nash Rahman & Chan Kok Leong on Mar 14, 08 4:33pm
Important excerpt :
" Former Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim has called on politicians - both government and opposition - to stop fueling racial sentiments in the wake of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition's unprecedented election setback.

“The political landscape has shifted so much and it's a dangerous time for mischievous people and racists in this country to exploit,” he told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview.

“At this stage, when it's still a very volatile, (with) our ethnic relations not good and national unity non-existent, both sides should avoid political grandstanding and emotive outbursts.”

Zaid, who was not picked to defend his Kota Bahru parliament seat, revealed that he had received a lot of SMSes lamenting that the Malays had lost political power.

“And the mainstream media are not helping matters either when they say that the Malays have lost the ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. We've just lost an election, for God's sake. And there is another election coming.

“Don't get emotional. We've another four years. If the Barisan Nasional does its job then we can win again.” "


Now read these other posts on Zaid Ibrahim :
1) Haris Ibrahim : YB Zaid, you don’t belong in UMNO!
2) Rocky's Bru : Zaid Dropped

Yup, I am as shocked as Haris Ibrahim. According to Rocky's Bru (Ahiruddin Attan) post, Zaid Ibrahim , previously a Member of Parliament was dropped from contesting in Kota Bahru in the recent Election. Come to think of it, could this be a blessing in disguise judging by the poor performance of Barisan Nasional this time around (denied 2/3, lost 5 states in Election 2008)

Perhaps, it is true that Malaysia is experiencing brain drain. It is only time before he moves on. Barisan Rakyat should absorb him (provided they don't self-destruct). Otherwise, would he be good on the other side of the fence, UMNO to speak up and balance off all the keris-wielding , amok shoutings of supremacy ?

One would never know. Until Barisan Nasional changes its stance, my opinion is Zaid will forever be placed in the underdog category for his non-racial stance and intelligent debates on national issues. We have lots of Hishamuddins and Nazris type in UMNO but certainly not Zaids.

Rare species, endangered. May be extinct soon. Preserve while alive.

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