Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zakaria Died !

Malaysiakini reported Controversial politician Zakaria Deros dies on Mar 11, 08 10:30am
Former Port Klang assembly person Zakaria Md Deros died early today after suffering a heart attack.
-> Heart attack the cause
-> Dropped for election

Malaysia is never short of shocking news these days ! There was the sex scandal and as if the 12th General Election is not shocking enough, the latest says Zakaria Deros of the infamous Istana Idaman in Klang controversy died !

Right after the announcement of election results, my friends and I were talking about launching investigation on officers. Someone mentioned the name Zakaria and his Istana Idaman. Everybody seconded that would be the best and prominent name to start. Other Malay, Chinese and Indian friends said the same but who would have thought this .........

Anyway, condolences to the family of the deceased.

What kind of news will come next I wonder. The new Members will preside in Parliament tomorrow. Certainly interesting, with new faces like Sivarasa Rasiah, Tian Chua, Jeff Ooi, Gobind Singh Deo and Hannah Yeoh. "Bocor", "Bodoh", "Kera Jantan" would be there too minus "Zam Mamak", "Badutdin" and "Monyet".

Bloggers would be very happy to see the disappearance of "Zam Mamak" from the Parliament. Wonder who will take over the Information Minister role. "Kera Jantan" ? All of a sudden, I feel cold and my hair stood up.


Anonymous said...

what a useless waste of space and oxigen he was. good riddance!

jedyoong said...

condolences to his family.

looks like the UMNO types are not taking defeat well.

i wonder if tajol rosli is still sobbing at the MB's residence...