Tuesday, February 20, 2007

deviantART - where ART meets application

Just discovered a new art page called deviantART: www.deviantart.com

Discovered it in "Men's Health" magazine for the month of February (2007). The one with Sean Ghazi as its cover boy/man. Surprised that "Men's Health" would have such a thing in its pages.

It is a great site, with all sorts of popular art such as:
1) Photography
2) Digital Art
3) Artisan Crafts (wait till you discover the Culinary Arts subcategory)
4) Flash
5) Designs and Interactives etcetera etcetera.

The subcategories are even more interesting. I mean, look here, for example, we have Culinary Arts, Body Art, Textiles and Pumpkin Carving.

The site is updated periodically. When you reach the page, it will show you the latest posted art.

Not to mention, if you like certain works by certain people, there are links for you to access that person's page.

So, for artistes-wannabe or art-lovers, Enjoy and introduce it to your friends !!!

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