Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bloggers United: Support Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan

Raja Petra wrote in his Malaysia Today:
See you at Wisma Denmark, Jalan Ampang, at 2.30pm on Thursday, 22 February 2007. The New Straits Times and four others are suing two Bloggers, Screenshots and Rocky's Bru. Please turn up in full force as a show of solidarity.
Timestamp: 20/02/2007 13:16:37

The owner of Screenshots ( ) is Jeff Ooi, a freelance journalist and Rocky's Bru ( ) is Ahirudin Atan, a former editor of The Malay Mail before a major restructuring coming from the direction of New Straits Times.

For those not in the know on why they were sued, view here:

There are links right after the article. Read what other Malaysian bloggers have to say about this suit, which is first in Malaysian history:

As a blogger myself, I will be there to show support in tandem with the official statement from "Bloggers United" here:

Please be there, do not let Suits silent us.

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