Friday, February 23, 2007

Life's Like That: Thieves Catching Thieves

This is my comment to the article Life's Like That in Malaysia Today. The Malaysian government is getting more and more ridiculous.

(Datuk Abdul Azeez picture retrieved from

This is the latest undisputably stupid idea where the chief of Umno Putera, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, said the Mat Rempits will have to arrest at least 30 snatch thieves to win a motorbike. On top of that, gang members will also get RM50 for each bag-snatcher caught.

Perhaps this is one of the plans that Datuk Abdul Azeez has in order to change "Mat/Minah Rempits" into "Mat/Minah Cemerlang"

The strange thing here is, Mat Rempits are actually the snatch thieves. How do we expect snatch thieves to catch snatch thieves?

Ladies and gentlemen,

May I present to you ... (drum rolls)



Applause, cheer, people... Good luck !!!

These are the Questions which I have for Putera UMNO. Will try to send it to them by mail:

1) Since Putera UMNO take in Mat Rempits who traffick their women and snatch bags for money, will we, one day see them become our leaders?
2) Will they one day snatch our money only on a bigger scale? Traffick our women and land on a bigger scale? All in the name of UMNO?
3) If this is a good solution to crime, will we, one day, get to see thieves catching thieves, robbers (penyamun) catching robbers (penyamun), Corrupted (Rasuah) catching Corrupted (Rasuah) etc.etc. Is it already happening in Malaysia. Is that why the crimes are still persistent if not more serious?
4) Article in "Life's Like That" describes:
Since UDA introduced the concept of Ali Baba about 35 years ago it has gained popularity amongst the Malay businessmen and many have found that it is more lucrative and less risky to just sell off or rent out their business premises, contracts, licences, permits, etc, to the Chinese instead of actually doing the business themselves where there would be no guarantee they would actually succeed and make a profit.
I hope Pak Lah will answer my questions. Will UMNO sell everything to Singapore and USA ? Wouldn't it be more lucrative this way isn't it?

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