Saturday, February 24, 2007

NST is Right !

Below is the comment that I have posted on Malaysia Today. The article is titled "Hello Mr. NST, that’s a bloody cheap shot!" by Biggum Dogmannsteinberg .
NST wrote an article that made Biggum not very happy.

Dear all,

I think there is nothing wrong with NST posting this article.

If you read the words carefully, they are only highlighting certain usages of the blog.

They say blogs are good for advertisements and it is free. They even put it in the "U Buy U Sell" page.

So, from a logical point of view, I would recommend to all bloggers to tell the readers of NST to post all their advertisements online to save money. Even NST said blogs are great for that ! NST is right !

From what I gather, when NST put up that advertisement in "U Buy U Sell", that is what they are trying to do. Informing their readers of a better advertising avenue.

So, bloggers, from today onwards, I will not waste money by paying for advertisements in printed press like NEWSPAPERS.

Moreover, why post in CERTAIN newspapers that CHEAT, LIE, PLAGIARISE AND PROVIDE LOPSIDED news. Why give money to a newspaper that is NOT ETHICAL in journalism?

Whoops, NST, you are an ethical newspaper right?

Hahaha, yeah right. Hmmn, right, yes, yes, yes ok, good ahherrmm.. (Cough cough, sneeze sneeze) .. sorry i gotta go to the sink to spit (Ptui, ptui)

Just make them go broke. We all post online.

Thank you NST. What a sound advice you have given. You are right. Government is right.

Pak Lah never tell any lies, yeah, hmmn, ahherm, yeah, that's right, my throat is itchy, gotta go to the sink again. I drank a cheap shot of alcohol last night. This is the result.

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BigDogDotCom said...


I am not defending my article. Just to clarify why it is called "Mr NST, that's a cheap shot".

NST, thru U BUY U SELL, published the "info-tisement" just a few days after Rocky's application to strike out was postponed to a later date, as the plaintiff needs more time.

Rocky's application is about his blog, "Rocky's Bru" and 'conveniently', they decided to 'educate' the public about these blog thingies.

Now, isn't that a cheap shot?

Just becoz you have the means, you opt not to play this the cricket way????