Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corruption: Culture, System, Norm, Human Nature?

This is my comment on Malaysia Today for the article The trouble with the word "culture"?

It is not human nature at first, but when one does something too often it becomes a culture.

From Culture it becomes a System. The intricacy and strength of the system depends on how long it is practised.

The longer it gets, the deeper it becomes, the harder to get rid of it.

With the Depth of the System, it becomes a Norm or a Requirement. That would mean if you do not practise it, you will be considered as Out-of-the-norm or Abnormal. Society will look at you as an Outcast, a Pariah because you do not what they normally do.

Reasons of executing certain actions is no longer important because it has become a Norm. You just have to do it. Do it or you are considered against the society.

Some intellectuals may question the Norm and try to remove it if it is bad for the society. However, it will be dealt with much challenges from the public and in some cases a lot of death to remove this Norm.

So, if corruption and bribery is a culture, and it becomes a norm with system and procedures governing it; YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED AS ABNORMAL if you do not practise corruption.

Let's say, for example, Corruption is a Culture in Malaysia. If you are not Corrupted, you are not normal, then you may be considered as not a Malaysian.
When we practise a Norm for a long period of time, it will turn into Human Nature. At this point of time, if one does not do something according to Human Nature, he may become mentally unstable.

Are we there yet, fellow Malaysians? I hope we are not in trouble with the word "Culture" and "Human Nature"


zewt said...

so you're the famous sagaladoola from MT eh....

oh well, i think ppl wanna make corruption a culture. let's face it... a lot of us, despite us hating corruption, we choose the easy way out when we're facing the music.

Sagaladoola said...
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Sagaladoola said...

Well, zewt. Somehow or rather what you say is quite true.

Perhaps that is the Asian mentality.

It has now become a serious culture that we need to do something with it.