Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MCA members Never Reject, They Only Accept

The comment below refers to the article 'MCA always open to criticism and feedback' in Malaysia Today.
For your information, OK Thing is the nickname for Mr. Ong Ka Ting, the President of Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). He is called so because he will say "OK" to everything that UMNO said even though there are racist rethorics or unfair policies being implemented.
The article is a transcript of an interview between a New Straits Times reporter with OK Thing. To read the entire interview, please access this link:

OK Thing said:
Anything that can help to alert and create an improvement in ourselves, we are willing to look at to improve our position. I feel we cannot just reject everything that is not in our favour.

OK Thing also said:
"From there, we will have to work hard, strategise and go deeper into understanding the whole political atmosphere, find out what had made the respondents feel that way. We will face it and not brush it aside."


My opinion:
Well, the problem is MCA will not reject. They will just keep in quiet, when "everything that is not in their favour" occurs.

Ohh yeah, by the way, isn't keeping quiet on critical issues equals to "not facing the issue" and "brushing the issue aside"? Is that a lie from OK Thing or a contradiction or both? Take your guess.

For instance, when UMNO members talk "RACISTLY" in their general meeting, MCA did not reject (maybe only Mr. Ong Tee Keat), but kept quiet. In cases as such, later, MCA may "accept". In this case alone, MCA said they accepted Hishamuddin's Keris Wielding episode as "Not Racism". MCA said it is OK. Yes, "Semuanya OK" !

They say that even though almost all Malaysian Chinese except for MCA core administration say it is "Racism".

I know the word "RACISTLY" does not exist in dictionary, but I find the word RACIALLY is too polite, too tame to describe UMNO's statements.. need to be direct for all to understand

Malaysian Chinese jaws dropped nationwide, surprised at how MCA still unashamedly claimed they represent chinese, adding more kerosene to the already brightly burning fire. The fire of immense anger and hatred.

So, tell me, when is it that they every REJECTED? They have always ACCEPTED or KEPT QUIET. For me, silence means agreement. Keeping quiet/mum basically it is the same thing as acceptance.

I think he is still sleeping in his job, just like Pak Lah.

If the whole nation can feel so angry, and you still do not know, it means you are sleeping.

Let's talk about maturity. If someone can think a few birthday greeting cards can reduce the amount of restlessness on the ground, the maturity level must be very low.

Birthday greeting card is cheap. Talk is cheap, OK Thing. You can talk, bullshit, lie, spin but it is still cheap. The extent of restlessness now is even the uneducated Malaysian Chinese do not believe your stories anymore.

They know Rights are "expensive". The Malaysian chinese have paid for it badly through stupid MCA with its poor selfish management for decades.

So, it is time for you to get lost. I can assure you many feel the same as what I have described above.

I hope appropriate actions are taken to get rid of these useless people in this useless party.

Having a label "Malaysian Chinese" as the name of your party does not mean anything. It is just a screwed up advertisement. Advertise using the head of a "Cow" but you are actually selling "Dog" meat.

If there is anyone that destroyed the image of MCA, it is MCA itself.

Ptui.. Pui (spitting sounds), rubbish... Nuff said.

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