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All statements below are extracted from Malaysia Today:
Free Trade Agreement:We need your time and action on 3 Jan 2007

On the surface, bilateral FTAs are fair and square to the two nations committed to the agreement. Both countries can buy and sell whatever products and services between them on the same set of rules and conditions. It’s a level playing field so to speak. But the problem lies in the unequal strength of the two countries. Just like a 5 footer with a body weight of 60 kg has to fight with a 6 footer of150kg in the boxing ring. Yes, they both have to compete under the same set of rules and conditions. But even a child can tell you that such a fight is lopsided and unfair to the weaker opponent.
The minute we enter FTA with America, Malaysians would not be allowed to buy generic drugs anymore.Can our patients here afford to buy the patented drugs which were much more expensive?
Many countries have suffered badly after entering FTA with US. Mexico, Australia, Latin America and Singapore, just to name a few. For instance, some 2 million farmers in Mexico lost their jobs because they could not compete with the American farmers.
So, we need AAB to gives us a report on the pros and cons of entering FTA with America. Malaysians have a right to know how much we will gain and how much we will lose if we sign the FTA. We will then decide whether we should support or reject the FTAs.
That’s in the interest of all Malaysians and the Umnio-led BN Government has no right to keep us in the dark before signing the FTA with America.The AAB administration must be condemed for signing a lopsided FTA with Japan quietly without consultation with the rakyat and the Parliamentarians. They now wanted to rush into agreement with the US, again without consultation with the rakyat and the Parliamentarians. Minister Rafidah Aziz has not bothered to respond to the coalition of NGOs despite of numerous requests for meeting and dialogue.
Here’s a campaign which need your participation. Your participation will certainly make a difference from GABUNGAN RAKYAT MEMBANTAH FTA US-MALAYSIA ( )
Dear Friends of NGO, Community Organizations and Concerned Individuals The Malaysia -US Free Trade Agreement talks is proceeding to the 4th round of negotiations, which will take place from the 8th -12 January 2007 in San Francisco US.
Despite numerous letters and memorandums sent on our concerns, the government has not addressed our concerns. The government is just pushing through the talks very fast without getting feedback from the civil society, unions, NGOs, parliament members and the people of Malaysia.
In this process, the Malaysian citizens or the parliament are not aware what is being negotiated and what we are trading off. We are not even sure whether they have done their cost and benefit analysis as they claim to have done and what is the outcome.
If the FTA is signed next year, Malaysians are going to face more economic problems, increase in medicine prices, job losses, local industry unable to compete with US companies and the list goes on. (To know more:
Thus in order to intensify our campaign and also to pressure the government to stop and listen to us, a NATIONWIDE FAXING CAMPAIGN is being planned on the 3rd of January, 2007.
The Coalition Against FTA is urging all NGOs, community organizations and concerned citizens to fax in their protest letters against the Malaysia-US FTA on the 3rd January 2007 to the Prime Minister’s office and Dato’ Rafidah’s office. Fax in as many protest letters as you can, if possible please get each member of your organization to fax in the protest letter to the PM’s office and Dato’ Rafidah’s office. A sample letter has been included for your reference.
Details of the campaign: Date: 3rd January 2007 Time: 8am-5pm
We in the coalition hope that you will give full support for this campaign.
If you have further inquiries please call Kohila: 0192275982. Please mail us a copy of your protest letter to Thank you.
The sample of protest letter can be found here:

Gabungan Rakyat Membantah FTA US-Malaysia

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