Sunday, February 25, 2007

Interesting Bangkok Local Snack

I visited Bangkok and visited the Sukhumwit area. There are many stalls by the road side and we chanced upon one that sells some local delicacies snack.

Do you see something that resembles your Twisties, Cheezels or Pringles? Hehehe ....

Let's see, in the middle, the one with the long legs is actually "Something" that resembles a small frog. There is a cricket, a cocoon or a worm, a mini lizard and of course the locust.

All of them fried !!!

Me and my friend actually wanted to buy the locust only. The seller asked us whether we wanted to mix. As it was night, and we were a little drunk, we agreed.

Question, did we try any of those? We tried the locust. It is crunch, something like eating a crunchier version of french fries. The taste is okay only. As for the rest of the snacks, we were not adventurous enough, especially when it concerns the frog. We can still see its eye and face.. hahahaha.. imagine putting that thing into your mouth ..

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food said...

Thailand Fried Frog! haha...
by the way, the Siamese are very bad people if we talk about their cuisine. But the tomyam is delicious.
huh, what a bad taste..