Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will PAS Embrace Islam Hadhari or Join BN?

July is indeed a busy week. Therefore, time to blog is extremely scarce, with exams and office projects progressing at the same fast pace.

However, politics in Malaysia is at all times boring, slow and at its utmost unpleasant.

Will PAS Embrace Islam Hadhari?
1) I have been reading many articles about PAS having dialogue with UMNO over something called "Malay Unity". Perhaps, PAS has forgotten a few things, particularly of the events that transpired before the 12th General Election of 8th March 2008.

2) PAS has forgotten that it gained its biggest win in the Malaysian history resulting from the support through votes of Malaysians disregarding race and religion although PAS is typically a party leaned towards Islam. The proposed Welfare State (Negara Berkebajikan) is indeed more welcome to all rather than the concept of a purely theological State based on supposed interpretation of Islam and Hudud laws.

3) Since Malaysians have placed away many of their suspicion on the party, PAS should have discussed "Malaysian Unity" which by its own virtue include Malaysian Malay unity instead of concentrating on the latter, alone.

4) Ironically, PAS, a Pakatan Rakyat component is in talks with UMNO, the chief of Barisan Nasional on such matters. Why can't PAS speak with PKR, PSM or DAP on this matter and formulate plans to strengthen the unity of all races?

5) Why should it be UMNO? It is hard for a Malaysian not to view this negatively. After all, such talks arouse much suspicion, which brings us to the question : Will PAS eventually switch over to BN?

6) Even Sheih Kickdefella, a PAS supporter does not sound too happy in his post Baling Batu Tangan Sembunyi Dekat Belakang. I echo his words :

"I run to PAS not to be with Abdullah, ......."

and on top of that, I shall add, in my own volition, "and definitely not for it to be with Barisan Nasional".

7) If PAS switches over to BN, I shall personally conclude that PAS is no different than the UMNO it criticised pre-12th General Election. Any PAS leader, member of supporter should take note of this.

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mob1900 said...

AMNO has already sliced and diced the pie to its cronies, nothing left for any negotiation with PAS. Me thinks PAS won't be that stupid to give up what they had won on PR's ticket.

If PAS joins BN, elections has to be held again and that's exactly what we want inorder to make sure the Political Tsunami is no fluke.