Friday, July 18, 2008

Raja Petra and Anwar Updates

Raja Petra has been freed.

Somebody on the net is talking about something called "criminal defamation" and "sedition". From what I comprehend, these two terms account for two different things under the legal system. I am so confused as to what is transpiring now in Malaysia. It is so mind-boggling.

How could that happen?

Blogger CHARLES HECTOR wrote the entry Why Raja Petra charged? Because if the state wants to it can... . It is necessary to read his blog for more information.

Meanwhile . Malaysiakini reports Still no sign of Saiful's police report . It seems that Anwar alleged that he has not seen the police report detailing the crime he was alleged to be committed. If what Anwar said is true, this brings to two questions : Can an arrest be made on a person without him/her knowing his/her offense? Would that be a human rights violation?

Hopefully people from the legal circle can educate the public on this matter.

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