Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Contest for PM and DPM in UMNO

Malaysiakini reported PM to declare no contest for Umno top 2 on Jul 10, 08 12:12pm
breaking news : According to Umno sources, Abdullah is also widely expected to announce that he would hand over the reins to Najib in two years. MORE
-> Ku Li, Muhyiddin affected
-> PM worried about nominations

The President and Vice President of UMNO are respectively the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. If the above news is true, would that be good or bad news?

For readers of this blog who knows my style, would have thought I would say it is a bad news. Perhaps, it is. Let's talk about the top spot, the President-cum-Prime Minister of Malaysia spot.

So, we will at least have Abdullah there for another two years. After Abdullah, who? Najib, perhaps.

At least we get Abdullah and not Najib for now. However, like it or not, if the political situation does not change, we shall get Najib around 2010.

Should I feel happy? Hmmn .. well .. seriously I do not know how to feel now. As for year 2010, "sigh".... we shall see how... "sigh"

We haven't got much choice anyway. Certainly ironic that this country is a so-called democratic nation but the top posts are not contestable.

I spoke to some of my Malay friends. They asked me ... if the posts are contestable and Malaysians do not want both Abdullah and Najib, who else can they nominate within UMNO?

Muhyiddin? Some say he is not Prime Minister material. Ku Li? Not enough support. Not much of good choices, they say. Now, that's really sad.

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Gabriel Lai said...

That's why Malaysia need a change in the entire government! I support opposition to