Sunday, July 06, 2008

Malaysia Circus Politics: Bloggers Declare Strike-Disgust

I am joining this chorus of bloggers to express my extreme disgust, frustration, discontent at the recent Malaysia Circus Politics involving the below:

1) No end in sight to handing in and revoking Statutory Declarations. The only one acceptable to me is RPK's Statutory Declaration.

2) Police reports after police reports, allegations after allegations, denials after denials.

3) Endless "Bollywood Drama Minggu Ini" : Keeping evidences and giving out little by little.

4) Flip-flopping : Somebody said they did not meet someone, the next day Somebody said he actually did.

5) Liwat-Meliwat. Fretting over anal intercourses.

6) Suggestion on army to be involved in streets. Why do that? That should be the police's job. Somebody used to say Malaysia is not like Pakistan, not like Myanmar. Malaysia is not a military government (yet).

As a Malaysian, I would want "Justice for Altantuya", the Mongolian lady who was killed and body destroyed using a C4 bomb. In my opinion, it is still necessary for Najib to put national and party interest as priority by taking a leave and clearing his name before resuming his job.

As for Anwar, if he has any other evidences, he should for once and for all expose everything. Otherwise, make lesser episodes.....

In this day and time, we should place more attention on bread-and-butter issues, inflation, a potential looming global economic crisis/recession and a dwindling economy.

What is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his Administration doing to all these crucial issues? Can Pak Lah step up to the plate?

It is useless if one is only smart in playing politics but not on administering the welfare and economy of the nation. After all, poor administration is not a wise political move. This statement is dedicated to all politicians.

All these politicising has taken away our attention on the bigger threats/issues. I am too lazy to keep up with the circus politics. Tell me when the story is near the end. That is how I approach boring serial dramas. There is more to life than this. Instead, I shall put more concentration on economy and administration.

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tris said...

yes! I agree with you. Malaysia's politic is overboard. It's very unhealthy. It's realy DIRTY POLITICS