Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cybertroopers on the Prowl Again

Aliran reports Aliran website attacked on 1st July 2008 7:10 pm
"Within a three-minute spell, our website was bombarded with 60,000 hits from two IP address in particular. This was confirmed by our web-hosting company, which temporary disabled our website for a few hours. "The account was getting attacked," said the company's network security administrator."

Malaysiakini reports 'Malaysia Today' hacked by Soon Li Tsin on 2nd July 2008 8:00pm
"Popular political blog Malaysia Today was hacked this morning and the poor Internet connection affecting several areas in Malaysia has affected efforts to restore the website. "

Tun Dr. Mahathir's 'Che Det' blog posted an entry titled Note To Visitors on 22nd June 2008, 11:09pm
"On Friday June 19th, was locked by the administration of for what was termed as "suspected spam blog". Following that has not been able to publish any new posting pending approval by"

Anil Netto wrote this phrase in Malaysia Today, Aliran websites attacked :
"Is this all just a coincidence?"

Once upon a time, Sagaladoola blog shared the same experience as Che Det's blog. I was not able to post anything as well. Eventually, after a period of time, it was released after some investigation processes by the owners of . Ronnie Liu's site (of DAP) suffered a similar fate before the 8th March General Election .

With the Anwar issue making big rounds as major headlines on almost all medias, it is certainly mind-boggling the cyber attacks would come at the same time. Perhaps, Anil Netto asked the right question.

There is of course one socio-political commonality between all the attacked sites. Freedom of speech is under attack. It is not hard to guess which group of people potentially executed the moves. The question is, who are behind this group of people? Who will be most advantaged by limiting the access to these websites?

Like what I said just now... That really isn't hard, right? That's really suspicious....

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