Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Clarification : Economy and Anwar-Najib Ding-Dongs

On my Sunday, July 06, 2008 post : Malaysia Circus Politics: Bloggers Declare Strike-Disgust , a reader sent me this e-mail ...
No body needs you really. Don"t put such a high value in what you write. There will be many others who will continue.No man is indispensable. Just take your ego to new heights. Cheers

My reply
I do not put a high value to what I write neither do I feel egoistic that my opinion must be embraced by everyone. This blog is written by a commoner, the average worker with average income who has a weekday job to make ends meet.

There is no intention to terminate this blog from socio-political issues but only having a temporary pre-empt (that's what the strike is all about) from writing about the Anwar-Najib ding-dongs.

Anyway .. if readers care to read the whole article in the post linked above, I wrote the statement "Instead, I shall put more concentration on economy and administration". The global economic crisis is coming and Sleepyheads in the Administration are plenty. That is where the concentration would be for this blog now, the Bread-and-Butter issue. Malaysians will suffer horribly if its economy collapses.

That is more important than the Anwar-Najib ding-dongs.

Everything else, BAU (business as usual). In fact, there are two entries today, about media, of which, one correlates with the PROTES rally.

Hope this clears up the issue on "strike".

To all readers, please put in more efforts in educating your fellow friends, families and relatives on what is happening. It is good to know there are Malaysians who care about the nation.

"Towards a Better Malaysia!"


Sambal Tumis said...

Hi Sagaladoola,
Yes I fully agree with you... whilst the country is rocking with Najib/Anwar saga (but Badawi looks to win in the ned...) we the ordinary rakyat are faced with hardship who would care.. only ourselves. So lets just talk about us..and our struggles...

Sambal Tumis said...

Do visit my blog... remember it you who encouraged me to blog in blogspot via gmail... what do you of my postings..