Friday, July 11, 2008

Pak Lah 2010

Malaysiakini reported PM hands over job to Najib in 2 years .

Why not now ? Why not 2020 ? Anyway, does anyone believe Pak Lah when he said 2010 ? It seems that Pak Lah wants time to finish his projects (Malaysiakini).

Did anyone remember Anyone saying the price of the fuel price will not rise but immediately raised. Did anyone remember Anyone saying 'getting married' are rumours but not long after that, he announced his marriage? Did anyone remember Anyone saying that he will not dissolve the parliament for election at a specific date only to eventually contradict himself by doing what he promised not to do? We shall never know when "Flip-Flops" would happen.

Previously I had written the entry No Contest for PM and DPM in UMNO . I loathed for the lack of choice that Malaysians have for Prime Minister within UMNO. Sincerely, if I had only two choices, unfortunately, between Abdullah and Najib, I would choose the former.

Sad, isn't it?

I have very pessimistic perception on the future of Malaysia.

In UMNO, my personal choice would be Tengku Razaleigh.... He speaks fluently and economic-minded (proven in the past). Unfortunately, he does not have enough support from the grassroots....

Perhaps, the best would be a change of government. It's high time for a CHANGE. It has been 50 years.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note how much more role the average citizen in the great "syaitan" state, USA has to determine its president.

Hillary and Obama have to travel all over US to convince their party members (while Muhyiddin laments the lack of flexibility here)

We shall look forward to live presidential debate, remember Kerry vs Bush, now we might see McCain vs Obama live.

Here, the next PM of Malaysia is decided by 1 man, an elected civil servant.

Lee Wee Tak

Why said...

Nurul Izza Anwar becomes our first Malaysian woman Prime Minister ?

dano said...

BN will be toast before 2010!