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MCA is walking a Dangerous Tightrope

I have written a comment and review on the article "Damned if you speak up, damned if you don't" in Malaysia Today.

See, people, if you read the whole article, what MCA is trying to say is they cannot pressure the government although they are the 2nd largest component party. I am wondering what or who else can do that if the 2nd largest can't do so. Ong Ka Ting still unshamefully claimed that everything is done in the dark or behind closed doors.

A sign of obeyance to UMNOputra is they say they cannot "stir up a hornet's nest" (as mentioned in the article). It was Badruddin favourite words. In fact, he is the first UMNO member to use this phrase in public in year 2005. The 'show' was performed along with the brandishing of a book on the May 13, 1969 racial riots

Link: http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2005/12/badruddin-amiruldin-gets-his-way.html
Link: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/30305

That is their explanation to the chinese in public on why they are seen not doing their work (according to my understanding). For goodness sake. can anyone believe this? can you believe this? can you?

This further confirms my writing "MCA members Never Reject, They Only Accept"

Allowance for disgrace
MCA talk about their leaders not banging tables or take to the streets on issues. Well, what they say should be true. After all, Team A and Team B only bang tables and throw chairs in General Meetings among themselves but not on the streets. Fight among themselves for power but no exclamation to ascertain rights on important issues.

They say when they raise sensitive topics, they will put the government in the tight spot. I agree what they said is true. However, by not raising would mean putting the Chinese voters feelings in a tight spot and put MCA themselves in tight spot. The only one in the "Free" spot are the UMNOputras. UMNO members are free to wave keris around, brandish May 13 books, tell the non-Muslims to leave Malaysia or threaten to increase the bumiputra equity from 30% to 70%.

It that a right thing to do? Perhaps, MCA is not emotional. In my point of view, that is what UMNO expects MCA to do. What has MCA accomplished for the Malaysian Chinese in this area? Nothing?

That is what MCA did and the Merdeka centre public opinion poll is the echo. MCA get what it deserved.

Closed Door Solution: Begging or Persuading?
Ong Ka Ting said "Too many public quarrels and a war of words will lead to a lose-lose situation. That is something we want to avoid.". From a philosophical viewpoint, what he said could be true. On the other hand, by keeping quiet/mum over issues by public self-restraint, what has been achieved? From what I can see, most of the time, nothing has been achieved, hence, MCA got what they deserved in the Merdeka centre opinion poll.

Ong Ka Ting claims his approach of closed door solution proves successful when it includes how MCA has successfully persuaded the government to build more Chinese schools. Is he sure about this? From the last information that I gathered, there are no new chinese or tamil schools in Rancangan Malaysia ke-Sembilan.

Only one example has been stated in the 'closed door solution' context. What are the other issues solved? There is only one thin line between begging and persuading. As a saying goes "beggars can't be choosers". Malaysian Chinese is in a serious need of a party who can fight for their rights, not beggars !

Poor Leadership
As the party’s Number One, he admits he has been speaking up a lot more of late, as he tries to assuage the people that he is indeed "respectful, firm and polite".

Respect is earned, not assuaged. Besides, what has he spoken up, I wonder? Perhaps, any bloggers in-the-know here can relate to me?

Last year, Ong Tee Keat raised the issue of funds misappropriation for chinese schools in Parliament. He was reprimanded by the Cabinet. Is Ong Ka Ting's idea of speaking up means saying "Ong Tee Keat's issue has no relation to MCA"? Ong Tee Keat was left to take the fall alone for bringing up matters crucial for the Malaysian Chinese.

Read Shen Yee Aun's comments on this matter:

How does Ong Ka Ting intend get respect with that kind of attitude?

Unclear Image-Building Strategy
As for the image-building, it is futile to just approach English-educated chinese and expect them to follow the tail of MCA. There is only one image for MCA now. Be it Chinese or English educated, they view it the same way.

One wonders how convincing it could be when Madam Chong Eng mentioned that MCA's other synonym should be "Money Collecting Agency".

Unless the rebranding is to remove the word "selfish" from the party, MCA will forever and ever be the same undependable party it is today.

Until a proper Image is built, MCA will be 'damned' in the next election.

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