Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tutorial on "How to get the IP of a blogger"

A blogger by the name of SBennit has given a guide on "how to get the IP of a blogger" in the Malaysia Today comment section of the article "You condone a Mafia in your website?"

I am not very sure whether it works but here it is.

SBennit wrote:

I'll just do it. I'll give the tutorial anyway as I think some others here might be interested to know as well:

First, let’s sign on to the website, Right now you should be on the “Classic” homepage and signed out of any username you may have with Google. Click on “Personalized Home” at the top. More options on the homepage are featured here. Click on “Make it your own”. If that isn’t available, go to the right of the page and click “add stuff”. If you clicked “Make if your own”, check out the right side of the options list. That’s pretty interesting…there are tons of News and Sports options I can choose that are specifically related to whichever part you are from. Choose “the entire collection” link at the top. This is the page that comes up if you chose the “add stuff” link before. Here, you are taken to a literal mall of features one can choose for their personalized homepage. On the left side of the page, click the “tools” option. Scroll down the list of options to IP Address lookup.

Still with me Qua Vadis. You might see this popup “You are about to add a feature that was not created by Google. Preference settings and other information you enter in order to use this feature may be available to the feature’s provider. Do you wish to continue?” Click OK anyway!
Now go to the main Google page and play with the e IP Address Lookup box. Put in your ip address there and click. What do you see.

Now take my ip address and insert in the box and click. Click also on “more info”. A new page pops up with options you can choose to explore about my IP address. Take some time to check out the various options such as “address information” or “domain owner info”.

That’s it…YOU ARE DONE.

If you find the above information useful. Please thank me.
28/02 17:39:07

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Anonymous said...

Can someone tell us whether it works?

Hello? Hello?

mandelism said...

lol, tat SBennit thinks he is clever.

stupidest way of finding location of IP. there are damn many tools available to find IP locations, if thru online, easiest would be by where you just type in any IP and it will show.

gud luck