Thursday, March 08, 2007

What is Integrity? NST's Version and Mine

This is my comment based on the article "Racking up the muck" in Malaysia Today.

Integrity is in essence an ethical question rather than a structural problem, and requires a personal makeover in attitudes and values rather than changes in institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a big round of applause to New Straits Times Editorial for such Refined Language.

Good spinning there, dear doctor.

Let me reword the sentence above:
Integrity is in essence an ethical question and also a structural problem.

The government needs to create and practise a structure (or system) that promotes and defends integrity.

As such, this requires a personal makeover in attitudes and values of the Head/Leader of the structure (or system).

"Sincerity of the Head/Leader" is the keyword in the "makeover". Otherwise, there will be no changes in corrupt institutions.

Without sincerity, the corrupt will stay corrupt and Integrity is violated. Perhaps, citizens should think of changing the governing institutions instead to instill Integrity in the country.


young n foolish said...

i'm been reading local political blogs lately. the more i read the more i feel helpless and angry. i want to do something to change it already! it seems that its all in the out but where are the action?

Angry !!! said...

Well young n foolish.

Glad that you are concerned with your own country.

At the most opportune and anticipated yet unpredictable moment, the CHANGE will come and shake you awake and change the country in one night.