Monday, March 05, 2007

Bjork's Follow-Up to Medulla ==> VOLTA

Prior to the announcement by Bjork's official website , this is what I have searched and extracted from Wikipedia


Björk's sixth full-length studio album "Volta", a follow-up to 2004's Medúlla, will be released on May 7, 2007. It has been written and produced entirely by Björk herself and will feature ten new tracks. It will feature input from:

Björk will also be touring for the first time in four years in support of the upcoming album; the majority of confirmed performances so far are at festivals. Drummer Darrin Costin has been working with Björk on her forthcoming tour.[4]

Björk has also collaborated on tracks with the following artists, the status of which are as yet unknown.

  • Michael Pärt has been "assisting at writing stages and involved in production and recording".[5]

  • Damian Taylor, programmer on Vespertine, has worked with Björk on material for her new album.[6]

  • Meredith Monk and Björk have worked together on a collaborative piece.[7]

Björk is also contributing songs to several forthcoming releases by other artists, the majority of which are to be released in early 2007.


This is great !!! My guess is, this album will have a somehow similar "musical jumble" as "Post". High possibility that the music should be more pop-oriented and slightly more commercial compared to "Medulla".

Timbaland and Tagaq (her throat-singer collaborator in "Medulla") mentioned she was producing some strange hip-hop music. In fact, Timbaland produced for 7 trakcs. As for the rest of the involved, there was no information leakage.

Bjork and Hip-hop? Sounds interesting... A hip-hop album written entirely by Bjork with Timbaland helming the beats. Will it sound like Nelly Furtado? I hope not. Hmmnn, curious, curious.. Weirdly interested.

After all, it is a Bjork and in my opinion, there will always be something different than the rest.


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