Friday, April 13, 2007

The Racist Propaganda: Racism, Bigotry and Supremacism

Never before have I met a person as racist as a person by the nickname of Statsman. Statsman dislikes East Asians (Orientals) and tend to post racist remarks to put these people in a bad light.

He likes to say that Caucasians belong to the superior race and Aryans are supreme than everybody in the lines of beauty which is quite untrue as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

It is evident here:

Luckily Topix does not tolerate racism and removed his racist items after me and another Malaysian lodged a report. My accusation on him remained intact on page 66 of that page

I happen to chance upon other websites where he propelled his "screwed up intentions" at racism. Some posts date back 2005. I have his biodata. However, I will not put it up unless it is necessary.


Ohh dear, Statsman, 49 year old then (2005), now should be 51, old man behaving like a child, terrorised Singapore forum.


With his ridiculous and ugly words, Singapore was culture-shocked !

If Statsman is reading this, I dedicate this message to him: "Statsman, guess what, we have further information about you from somewhere,where you worked before and stuff. I mean you said it there, but we are notgoing to post it because we respect Topix, but not you."


Goodness gracious, look at this. Statsman , look at what he had posted here.

JAPAN and TAIWAN versus STATSMAN in Asia Times

Same racist rethorics as in Topix. Japan and Taiwan found that they can't reason with Statsman, which is downright opinionated. At the end of the day, Japan and Taiwan was so furious with the racism of Statsman that they equate him to as something equivalent to a zombie; a new unique species that requires biological research.


INDIA and CHINA versus STATSMAN in Asia Times

India was so furious that they scolded him and cast him as a pariah.


UK versus STATSMAN in Asia Times

UK was so sick of Statsman's war mongering and racism that the person decided it wastime to leave.
I feel like registering in Asia Times too.


MUSLIM versus STATSMAN in Asia Times

Here, you can see him insulting someone by the name of Khalid by bashing on Islam.


MALAYSIA versus STATSMAN in Asia Times

Harimau is Malaysian. It means tiger in Bahasa Malaysia.


The amazing point is, such person can have that kind of persistency to post ill-gotten remarks and intentions in so many forums over the years despite being criticised by people of all nationalities, religions and ethnicities. Perhaps, that is what we call a reincarnation of Hitler in the new century. He supports Aryan-ism.

It is true that humans are made unique, as evident by the Statsman character. Sometimes people are unique and can be stupid in their own ways.


NEXT: What Statsman actually said (RACIST REMARKS 1 to 14). What Asia Times, Hotspots and Topix visitors say about Statsman.

Sagaladoola blog battles Racism !
NEXT: Sagaladoola will not report Statsman to Asia Times as Sagaladoola realised members of the forum had lodged multiple complaints against him for his racist and insulting remarks since 2005.
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Good work Sagaladoola APU is so dead-meat now. Oh btw i m "i think" from topix.

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good one, Sagaladoola. I am luf. Seems Apu againsts entire human being, the holy monkey.